Bearing Repacking and Grease Seals Installation –
Bearing Repacking and Grease Seals Installation –

Today, well be repacking the bearings on this
trailer. To aid in this, well be using Part Number
rg06-050, the Double-Lip Grease Seal. To begin with, youll want to remove the wheel from the hub, or in this case, it is a brake drum, as this trailer has four-wheel
brakes all the way around. Now
that the wheels been removed, well go ahead and remove the dust cap. With the dust cap removed, youll see that
theres a cotter pin that runs through the castle nut. Youll need to remove this cotter pin.

2 thoughts on “Bearing Repacking and Grease Seals Installation –”

  1. Optimus Prime says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much. Was looking for ages how to remove the drum with the split pin. Thanks to your video I now have confidence in how to remove it.

    I have a question:
    – My car has done over 50,000kms and I need to change the shoe brake. It is making the grinding noise. Do I need to do the bearings and grease seals? How would you know when to change it? Is there a certain kilometers or mileage?

  2. Jane Bray says:

    How many miles do you do this at?

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