BERT Bert Bert bert BErt badger bert bert bert badger bert badger nice to meet you Bert Bert Bert badger in the house hey I’m Bert
Badger and welcome – nice to meet you if it’s your first time joining us nice to
meet you today we’re at the skateboarding Hall of
Fame and we’re gonna learn what skateboarding is all about and where it
came from super don’t forget to stick around to
the end of the episode to see what’s in my magic fanny pack my magic fanny pack
my magic all right let’s go inside with the skateboarding Hall of Fame and see
what it’s all about I’m so excited there’s so many
skateboards in here you guys know what skateboards are it’s this is called a
jet and this is what’s a skateboard on and then we put trucks on top with
wheels and inside the wheels are little tiny balls called ball bearings that
make the wheels go look over here back in the day you can take your skateboard
down this giant slide and go right into an empty swing willing to walk and down
and up and down and up and if you sit down you get a bonus point let’s go
check out some more cool stuff around here these are some of the first
skateboards and were invented circa 1950 Wow that’s all amber badger hmm when you
look at these skateboards you think wow they’re all wood and everything and
thick they’re really thick and now look at how thin skateboards in the cone
these are the first initial models of skateboards gets involved to a sport
that’s worth over hi guys we’re here with Todd the owner
of the skateboarding Hall of Fame we’re gonna ask him some questions why do you
like owning a holiday of skateboarding place I just like to pay tribute to the
people that I looked up to and I was a kid it feels good to honor them and show
the world that they’re important in it what they did as far as skateboarding
matters that’s so cool how many skateboards you think you own
several thousand I don’t know I it’s really hard to count because they’re not
all here some are unknown to other museums or other skate shops throughout
different parts of the world I don’t know a couple thousand honey right all
of them Todd uh one a day maybe thank you so much for letting us into your
skateboarding Hall of Fame and Museum yeah I appreciate you come and check it
out I just made a new friend his name Spencer let’s see where he is Spencer
where are you Spencer come out that’s where are you hello hello hello
hello hello nice to meet you nice to meet you you too cool Spencer is a music
therapist Spencer what does that mean well a music therapist is someone who
helps through music when you want to learn something you can learn more
through music that sounds really cool what a great job to have what do we go
what are we gonna do today well I brought something special with me it’s a
blue backpack blue backpack wait a second blue and backpack start with what
letter I know I know what is it B a B just like wait a second Bert bathroom
that’s me so Bert why don’t you reach in the backpack and pull something out okay
okay all right mm-hmm what is that I think it’s a bear a bear
and bear starts with Albert I want to show you
something that I do with this bear I put it on my head silly and I have a song
about a bear on my head mr. Spencer’s got a bear on his head mr. Spencer’s got
a bear on his head mr. Spencer’s got a beer on his head and he leaves in there
all day I’ll let that sound so much Spencer hey I have I have an idea what
I’d do a segment on this show it’s one of my favorite things in the whole wide
world to do it’s called no you silly goose you put a bear on your head No
thank you so much Spencer is nice to meet you nice to meet you too bah bah
these skateboards are from the 80s when I was just a little boy oh look at how
much batter they are they’re almost shaped like a fish which helps stabilize
more when you’re in pools and right above me is the most famous skateboarder
that ever lived the names Tony Hawk you might know him
because he did a 900 which means he spun around a whole bunch of times more than
anybody else could it was so cool I was in high school when that happened and it
was a huge deal let’s go check out more cool stuff here at the skate park
one of the big things that you got to know about skateboarding is safety
always wear your pads first thing you want to do is put your helmet on this is
the most important thing it protects your head from hitting the ground at the
pool I got mine ready and then you’re also gonna want some pads let’s open
them together and see what’s inside these are elbow pads what do these go if
you guys elbow bonus points they go right on your elbows oh look it’s knee
pads what do you think knee pads protects did you guess knees bonus boy
good job yeah these go right on your knees like
that and so if you fall when you’re on the mini ramp or whatever you can just
slide down or if you’re on just flat ground fix your knees from getting
really hurt let’s put them on let’s go skateboard guys and we’re gonna go stays
for a while with no trace nuts bolts and parents
phyllis face it’s a skateboarding robot from outer space
skateboarding skateboarding all I wanted to go outside get it with my pals
brand-new the scape robot wants to skate with you so good like a cow go
skateboarding territory from outer space he’s here for a while thank God with no
trace nuts bolts and parents village space it’s a skateboarding robot from
outer space Kessel run skating with the robot is fine by the time when it comes
to skating oh my god can you use a banana as a
skateboard and ride on it Thank You Burt Badger as always it’s nice to meet you
I am mr. magical spectacular I travel from a land far away to bring you the
wonders of magic I love magic so much don’t you
it makes me feel so warm inside to know that anything is possible today we’re
going to do some magic tricks let’s pull from the outer realms the
very first trick of the day what have we drawn from the outer realms it appears
to be a very tiny dye hmm but this dye is too small to play with
what shall we do what shall we do shall we make it smaller hmm no what about
bigger did you say let’s make it bigger then you get a magic Y point yes with
all powers we shall magical spectacular it’s much bigger well done everyone
you’ve done a great job in making this dye bigger let’s see what we have for
our next trick who what if we summoned this time it
appears to be a magical rubber band a lid a magic cube and a ball but what
color is the ball hmm did I hear blue if you said blue you get
a you’re not going for it so let’s take our magic ball place it in the cube we
must put the lid on the cube now there’s no way this ball will escape this cube
now you say but to be sure let’s put our magic rubber band over the top so it
can’t escape at all or can it if we are magical spectacular it has escaped it’s
so magical and quite spectacular well thank you so much for joining me
today on magical spectacular for my final trick I shall disappear did it work what is this a night you say
well then I’m off on a quest to save the princess back to you Bert badger hey
guys this is Doug and he’s a pro skateboarder and he also teaches here at
the skateboarding hall finger museum Doug what’s it like being a pro
skateboarder it’s a lot of fun and it’s amazing you field and inspire a new
generation kids and be like the role model really whirring that’s so cool Oh
what what gets you skateboarding every day what makes you want to go out there
and just tear it up well they get like mad at most it can be mastered you can
always improve you know I’ll get better you know improve everything you’re
working on but it’s like I’m doing and I can still get better and that very
motivating those are great words of motivation thank you so much Doug Rohan
let’s go see what’s in my magic fan cache let’s see what’s inside my magic
fanny pack today no way one of my favorite things to play with when I’m so
Lord is a tech deck it’s a mini skateboard if you’re too young to go on
the mini ramps and do all those things you can grab yourself a tech deck and
you can learn how to do cool moves and just have the best time ever
look at this cool tech deck it is just like a skateboard – it’s rough on there
and it’s smooth here it’s got trucks and wheels and it goes tech decks are so
cool if you want to try out skateboarding you can’t get yourself a
real skateboard gonna take that they’re super cool then so which one’s dating with you guys
today was the blast shredding away but unfortunately time to say goodbye don’t
forget we get to hang out again real soon
convert badger and it was nice to meet you
bye bye I’m gonna go skateboard some water thank you guys so much for watching the
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how much fun you had today with the one mr. Bert badger ah nice to meet you bye
bye bye guys okay go outside play do something productive I’m a robot I’m a robot I’m a robot I’m
a robot I’m a robot

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