Best Bang For Your Buck Wheels
Best Bang For Your Buck Wheels

– When it comes down to money, pretty much everyone loves to spend it. Doesn’t matter what it is,
could be those new Yeezys, buying a large popcorn when
you most definitely know your ass is only gonna eat a medium, it’s only a quarter more anyway, but for the most part,
a lotta those purchases can be pretty justifiable. It starts to not carry much weight when you try convincing
your significant other that this $4,500 set of wheels
is most definitely worth it because the bolts around the wheel, you know those little rivets,
they’re purple and black. Right, worth gettin’? No? Maybe? ‘Kay? Uh, all right. If you don’t have a
significant other, I’m sorry, you can cry while you watch this and then smile that you
don’t have to ask permission to spend silly money on
things that look neat. Don’t get me wrong, there’s
some bangin’ wheels out there if you’re lookin’ to go all out, but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I’m Dakota, on Instagram, and today we’re going to be talking about best bang-for-your-buck
wheels, because hey, you may lose that argument to
spend the same amount on a car as you would on the wheels alone. Before we hop into this,
we are so damn lucky. We got to partner with Michelin,
Silver’s, and Cosmis Racing to come out with this
dope hoodie, all right? So you pick up the hoodie,
you automatically get entered to win coilovers from
Silver’s, wheels from Cosmis, and tires from Michelin. How (beep) is that brother? Go do it, all right? You’re missin’ out. Why not? ‘Cause at the end of the day, you get a (beep) hoodie that’s awesome, and you get entered to
win all that good stuff, so let’s hop into it. And of course, as you
jump into this video, don’t forget to subscribe so we can keep making
bangin’ videos like this, and if you’re feeling motivated
to pick up some wheels, or just drool on your keyboard, be sure to check out, where we have it all, wheels,
tires, and suspension, both the big bangin’ stuff and
the stuff for your first car because we appreciate you. Going into the best
bang-for-your-buck wheels, we have to start it off
with probably the one that comes to mind almost
immediately, Cosmis Racing. I know we just partnered
with ’em, but listen to me. Cosmis has come up somewhat out of nowhere in the past few years, and has gotten insanely popular
for a multitude of reasons. They come in about every size
you could possibly imagine, not only that but their
widths and offsets, out of a cast wheel
company, are pretty killer. If you don’t see people buying
Cosmis wheels for the sizing, then it’s probably for their finishes. They come in so many
awesome, unique finishes, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that people just ask for them. They have the super cool
hyper-bronze on the XT-206R, that’s one of my favorite. Speaking of which, the
XT-206R is a common favorite, because of its stepped
lip-style multicolor windows, aggressive offset that hits
both a good concave look, and a good lip. There’s not many wheels
out there that can do this without sacrificing something, but Cosmis has gotten
a stranglehold on that with the entire lineup. But mostly the XT-206R, and the 006R. Next up would be another
solid, the Rohana RFX lineup. One of the toughest things with newer cars is just how massive those wheel wells are. They are an absolute unit. So when it comes down to
buying 19 to 20 inch wheels for those potholes of a wheel well, the options become pretty limited. Rohana has crushed this
with their RFX lineup, regardless if you’re
looking at their new wheels or the RFX 13, 15, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. Sorry, not all of that is true, but Rohana’s RF lineup is rotary forged, which means they are light, which is massively helpful
on those big-boy wheels, because I’m not sure if you ever lifted up a big ol’ cast wheel that’s 20 by 10, but you’re gonna wanna die. (camera clicks)
(explosion thuds) (metal clanks) Same situation with Cosmis, but Rohana has some incredible
brushing on their wheels, and because of the thin spokes, it’s an extremely high-end look without going into the $3,000 range for the same kind of
wheel for your GTR Camaro, Mustang, AMG, or BMW. We just got their new
stuff on the site too, which is pretty dang neat. Moving back to a solid choice
would be the Konig lineup. Both the Ampliform and
the Dekagram specifically. Konig has done an absolutely insane job in the past few years
with their introduction of their Flow Form lineup,
and word on the street is that they’ll be introducing
some new wheels at SEMA, which we’re gonna be headin’
to pretty quick here. Konig’s wheels attack a solid price point, coming damn near every
bolt pattern possible, and bridge the function-to-form
look extremely well without being overbearing in design. Some people don’t like the excessiveness of all the words, numbers, engraving, and all that which is what Cosmis has on quite a bit of their wheels. If that’s not for you, Konig
is usually your next choice. Besides, for under $1,000,
there’s not much else out there that’s gonna look so good both
in their itsy-bitsy sizing, and their big-boy sizing. Plus, rotary forged, same
thing as Rohana above, they got the ol’ rollers,
high rate of speed, press out the metal like (hissing), and then it gets treated anyway. Barrel is thin, face is
thick, rotary forged, oh, and hey, they’re strong as hell. Moving forward would likely
be the ESR CS lineup, and for a bang-for-your-buck video, you cannot talk about ESR. We used to talk about this brand just about every other video
in 2017 and early 2018, and they are still just out
there making big ol’ decisions. They introduced a three-piece wheel lineup which is rather affordable,
a new forged series which was their Forge Monoblock lineup, and although they came into the
world making wheels that uh, well, yeah. They have began to introduce
their own wheel designs into the CS lineup, which
are the cast versions of their three-piece modular designs. They’re a bit more of a
show wheel verse a function, but ESR CS cast lineup is a solid bang-for-your-buck wheel brand because of their availability, the fact that they have
warranties for certain paint and defect stuff, and
also they keep coming out with new designs year over year. (claps) And last but not least, our last bang-for-your-buck
wheel is a little up there, but probably the most
bang-ish wheel you can buy that carries some insane
heritage and quality to it. That would be the good ol’ Work Kiwami. The Kiwami is the wheel that practically coined the
double five-spoke bend design, it’s a Work wheel, which get you into the
cool real wheel club. – It’s time to stop. It’s time to stop, okay. No more. Where the (beep) are your parents? – I’m kidding, but there
is some seriousness to picking up a set of Work wheels, because the pedigree of the brand is one that not many other brands match, and although they are the
top of the wheel list here, they are still a proper
bang-for-your-buck wheel because of what you’re
getting for the price, with most other work wheel sets being nearly two to three times the price. However, at $2,000 for a set, you may still need to
ask for some permission from that ol’ significant other. (whispers) But just do it, do it anyways. So what do you think is the best bang-for-your-buck
wheels out there that you love or you’re running? Let us know if we’re out
of our minds on this list, because then Max will blame me
for pickin’ the wrong wheels and then I’ll have to smoke
him in ping pong again. Either way, if you’re lookin’
for after-market wheels, tires, or suspension,
be sure to check it out at,
where we have it all. Wheels and all that other good stuff. I’m Dakota, from Fitment Industries, and we will see you next time.

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