Best Front Load Washer/Dryer Sets – Top 4 Picks of 2019 [REVIEW]
Best Front Load Washer/Dryer Sets – Top 4 Picks of 2019 [REVIEW]

Looking for the perfect front load laundry
set for your home but overwhelmed by the choices? To
make it easy, we’ve selected our top picks of 2019 so you can feel confident with your
selection. Hi this is John with Designer Appliances in
Bedminster New Jersey. We understand how important it
is to find the right laundry set that fits your budget, lifestyle and unique space. But with so
many choices available, the stress of making the right decision can often be overwhelming. To
make it easy, we’ve selected our top front load laundry sets that give you the best
combination of features and price without sacrificing cleaning and drying ability. We put links to each
of the models in the description below and on the top right corner of your screen. Our top recommendation for most people is
this set from Electorlux. At just under $2000 for the washer and matching
dryer, this Electrolux ELFS6027UWI set is worth the investment. It has excellent cleaning
and stain removing ability thanks to it’s smartboost technoligy,. Rather than just pouring detergent directly
onto your clothes like most washers, SmartBoost premixes the detergent with water to maximize
cleaning power. Elextrolux is also the first manufacturer
to design their detergent tray to accept pods so no matter what your preference, either
liquid, powder or pods, you’ll always get the optimal cleaning results. Other notable features include perfect steam
to reduce wrinkles as well as a convenient 15 minute wash and 18 minute fast dry cycle. Also, thanks to their perfect balance system,
these units are ultra quiet even on second floor installations allowing you to do a load
of laundry anytime of day without bothering your family or neighbors. This set can be installed side-by-side, stacked
with a stacking kit or on optional pedestals and it’s available in white or our favorite
titanium. Looking for the benefits and efficiency of
a front load set but looking to spend a little bit less? Check out this pair from LG. The LGWM3500CW and matching dryer are a great
value at just under $1,400 for the pair. In order to bring the price down, LG is using
a more basic version of their control panel and display than their more expensive units. And the door bezels are plastic instead of
chrome. With that said, these are just the aesthetics
and LG does not cut corners on wash and dryer performance. This pair is also the least expensive on the
market with WiFi connectivity conveniently allowing you to start and monitor a load of
wash remotely from the LG app. When it comes to cycles this pair has all
the basics however please note the washer is lacking a sanitize cycle and steam function
which can be a deal breaker for those with allergies or if you have kids. These units can be installed side by side,
stacked with stacking kit or on optional pedestals. For the ultimate set up, add LG’s Side Kick
pedestal mini washer which also allows you to do an additional load even while your main
washer is operating. Want to reduce the amount of loads you run? Check out this smart mega-capacity washer
and dryer from LG. At around $3000, the LG WM9000HVA and matching
dryer offer a massive 5.2 cubic feet of capacity giving you the convenience of running larger
loads helping to reduce the time you spend doing laundry. These units are also wifi enabled so you can
monitor your loads right from your phone and they even work with Google Assistant and Alexa
so you can control your laundry with simple voice commands. A part from its elegant look, the elevated
and angled door make it easy to load and unload your laundry. As LG’s top of the line laundry set, you can
find cycles for all load types including enhanced turbo wash for quick loads, Allergiene and
Sanitize cycle. These unites cannot be stacked so you’ll need
to install them either side by side or on pedestals. These are also compatible with LG’s twin wash
technology allowing you to wash two loads at the same time with the matching Side Kick
pedestal. Before ordering, make sure you have the required
space available.These units are taller, wider and deeper than most typical washers and dryers. Looking for high end reliability and features
in a compact footprint? Consider the Bosch 800 series. This 800 series is the flagship of Bosch laundry. You can wash up to 17.6 pounds of laundry
and it even includes a sanitize cycle that heats water up to 170 degrees to kill bacteria,
ideal for households with children. Bosch is also known for its ultra quiet, anti-vibration
circular side walls that decrease noise by up to 30% compared to other brands. The ventless condenser dryer can fit up to
18 full size towels and has a convenient anti-shrink setting. Its heavy duty construction and aqua-stop
plus technology provides the best protection against water damage giving you peace of mind. We hope this video has given you a starting
point when it comes to selecting the best front loading
washer and dryer set for your home. As always. if you have any questions, and you’re in
the New Jersey area, feel free to give us a call or
stop by one of our showrooms. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe to our channel where we provide
tips and advice that will make you an educated appliance shopper.

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  1. Designer Appliances says:

    In New Jersey/New York area? Stop by our showrooms or conveniently shop online for our top picks:
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  2. Bum-Joe Ak says:

    Pls how much is Electrolux washing matching????

  3. Mark Ague says:

    I'm surprised that Speed Queen, Asko, and Miele didn't make the list

  4. Tejas Sonar says:

    What about IFB

  5. BigJohnDiesel says:

    I work for a furniture /appliance store. Electrolux is garbage! Basically a Frigidaire product with a fancy name! Very problematic! The same goes for Bosch! In my experiences working with appliances for over 20 years, I'd list LG first followed by Whirlpool/Maytag for the best front loads. The best top loads with an agitator would be Speed Queen, Whirlpool /Maytag. Without an agitator, LG is the best!

  6. arynasmail says:

    OK, to be honest, that first LG washer with side-kick I purchased about a week ago — IT IS HORRIBLE! Literally "washes" in the amount of spit…the whole HE tech behind washing machines is a big "agenda profit driven psycho mentality" at minimum. There is no such a thing as little water washing resulting in a clean laundry. PERIOD! Perhaps, maximizing on allergic people is the goal of the whole project, but truly, lets not pretend that "clean washing" is happening with HE technology, because it is NOT!

  7. Billy Zanghi says:

    We spent 2k 5 years ago for best Electrolux set and both just died,bearings on washer and circuit board on dryer….waiting for Samsung 6300 set to be delivered this sat ,the set was new for 2019 and had the best reviews 🙏🙏🙏

  8. pat cola says:

    Why are you pushing foreign brands over Maytag or Whirlpool ?

  9. Vincent Rubino says:

    WHAT ABOUT MIELE?!!?! the MOST reliable of all the brands!!

  10. Nayan Mipun says:

    top loaders are best, 30 minutes washing 15 minutes rinsing

  11. Lori Zink says:

    Can you provide recommendation for a stackable washer with reverse door capability?

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