Bicycle Parts: Chains, Gears & Ball Bearings : Bicycle Wheel Construction
Bicycle Parts: Chains, Gears & Ball Bearings : Bicycle Wheel Construction

Charles McMahon for Expert Village. Now in
this segment I want to show you how you put a wheel together called the wheel building.
At the end of the spoke where it goes into hub you have a little sort of a hooked region
and the first thing you do is you take this wire spoke and you put it through a hole in
the hub and the other end is threaded and you take what is called a nipple, it is like
an elongated nut. The nipple is anchored on the other side of the rim and you twist this
nipple, so that you stretch the spoke. And you do this with a special wrench. And you
do this for every spoke. You put an initial amount of tension on there and then you usually
put the wheel in a rack and spin it and what you want is a true wheel, in other words a
wheel that does not wobble and so you have to adjust the tension in all of these spokes
to get all the wobble out of your wheel and to make sure that you have tension, more or
less equal tension in all those spokes. If your wheel goes out of true your wheel wobbles
you probably want to take it to a bicycle shop and get them to true it up. You could
do it yourself if you are patient enough and you had a spoke wrench you could true up the
wheel on your own.

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