Bicycle Repairs : Tools to Check a Bicycle Bottom Bracket
Bicycle Repairs : Tools to Check a Bicycle Bottom Bracket

The last bearing we’re going to talk about
today is the bottom bracket bearing. On today’s bicycles, most of them are a sealed mechanism
that is unadjustable, if you detect play or have clunking noises in your bottom bracket
today, it’s either worn out or one of the cups that holds it in place has backed out
and is a little loose. On a modern bottom bracket that is exhibiting some play, you
would need to first pull the crank set off, you would start that by removing this nut.
Then using a tool like this, which is a crank puller, it would pull the crank arms off the
axle in here, you’d pull both of the crank arms off and then tighten the bottom bracket
cups if necessary, if that was the problem, this is the tool used to tighten the bottom
bracket cup. However, if there was still play in the bearing, the whole assembly would have
to be replaced. They are not meant to be adjusted today.

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  1. bliss303 says:

    yeah i agree, what's the point of the video if you aren't going to actually show someone doing something

  2. dahgutone says:

    Well that was useless…

  3. Arbnor Kabashaj says:

    your all talk , no action , pointless

  4. Dan says:

    my bottom bracket is loose, how do i tighten it, it woobbles slightly

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