Big bandsaw build 1: The wheels
Big bandsaw build 1: The wheels

I built a total of three bandsaw so far one of which is right behind me and my first one an 18-inch bandsaw is here and I want to build a bigger 20-inch (50 cm) bandsaw and i’ll start by making the wheels the design of these wheels is going to be very similar to those on my 16 inch band saw. It’s best to start with good materials but i like to use old crap like this shipping crate plywood I could finish the cuts on the jigsaw but that’s a lot quicker the plywood It wasn’t big enough for continuous circle so I’m piecing it together and reinforcing it with dowels. I just went shopping and I bought the shaft and the bearings and these bearings are 52 millimeters outside diameter which means to get a hoe of the right size i need to set this to 26 millimeters my first test hole is too small I need a tight fit but i think this is too small by two millimeters almost so I have to make a bigger test hole Iway overcompensated way to lose ok this is actually the fourth attempt this is actually a pretty good fit because i want that to be in there super tight this was actually just a test fit the actual flanges are going to be out of much higher quality baltic birch plywood the only way to get the bearing back out is to destroy the test flange the bearings need to fit just super tight. If you can get them at all in there with a reasonable amount of force they will work themselves loose In earlier bandsaw builds Ialways clamped the flanges on by putting bar clamps through holes in the wheels but I found those always moved the flange a little bit so by making these clamps I can avoid Ididn’t get all the wobble out. The glue set up a little bit too fast for me so for the lower wheel i did all the alignment now without having added any glue to it but I added these two small screws and just have to make sure I put this on the same way again with the glue and hopefully my alignment will be good because of the screws and I’ve got the screws sticking up just a little bit and I have a marked on here and here so just trying to hit the old screw holes And the alignment is still good so now i can clamp that and check it some more that’s acceptable considering how a non-flat my plywood is this is now my third band sound build that i’m using this temporary pulley which I made from a piece of plywood by cutting some slots it on the table saw if you’re afraid of doing that you can just use three layers of plywood. I have a small utility motor 1750 rpm with a 2-inch pulley and i’ll use that to spin up the wheel and this clamp on here make sure that pulley doesn’t slide away on me now the actual circumference and aiming for is a 156.4 centimeters 261 centimeters so I’ve got quite a bit that Istill need to turn off of here. I’ve now got the wheel turned flat and to the right radius now I just have to turn a crown on to it but the crowd turn onto it Got the crown turn onto it and danded, and this wheel is done. adding an extra layer to a drive wheel which allowed me to offset the pulley later The screws were in there just for clamping This ring which is made of two layers of plywood is going to form the pulley for the lower wheel so the wheel has clearly got a heavy spot down here so i should drill that out but how much so to gauge that I’m putting some blocks on top of here to see if that’s enough to balance it and those seem to just about balances It I should really drill out as much wood as corresponds to the weight of these so I’ve had to drill out quite a bit here to balance it but that is a function of using very cheap plywood The top wheel wasn’t as bad only have to drill one hole here The inside of the bicycle inner tube is covered with the powder to keep it from sticking to itself but we want that too to stick to the wheel as much as possible I still need to take that tube off again again and varnished a whole wheel but as you can see this new band is going to be quite a bigger than this one

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  1. Jeremy Jones says:

    Why not use the wheels off an old bicycle? They are true and easy to straighten if they are not. Plus you would have bearings and a race already right there.

  2. Juan Carlos Ponce says:

    Te felicito amigo Mathias y te agradezco por compartir tus conocimientos, me agrada mucho y me gustaría hacer esa cierra cinta que me sería útil para mi taller solo un poco de paciencia y ser meticuloso y cuidadoso con los pasos a seguir, gracias una vez másy por favor e pediria un consejo para que me salga todo bien, Bendiciones.

  3. eddie giraldo says:

    Felicitaciones por tus vídeos y esa manera de fácil que lo haces entender, UN ABRAZO DESDE PALMIRA COLOMBIA

  4. americo souza says:

    de mais show

  5. Gustavo Andrés Chi Baack says:

    Can you make a fidget spin of wood?

  6. Hello World says:

    Yes!! finally.

  7. Joshua Jonah says:

    Mathias, why didn't you copy Marius's wheel design when building this one? I think he made a novel improvement to their design.

  8. monte carlo says:

    build a drill press

  9. Lurker1979 says:

    Until I came to your channel. I would never thought of using wood to build saws like this.

  10. Neo tarantini says:


  11. Wesley Inglis says:

    Can I use mdf for the drive wheel?

  12. Handmade Channel says:

    how durable are that bicycle tubes when you use it like that ?

  13. Nick Rudeno says:

    это ахуенно!

  14. Luis Eduardo says:

    hello my friens mi ingles es malo malo pero tendras un traductor espliqueme mejor como hacer un circulo en madera para hacerme una sierra de banda please

  15. jugger18 says:

    Freeze the bearings (ziplock baggie in your freezer for a few hours). This causes the metal to contract slightly allowing the beearing to slip in easier and then as it warms up the fit snugs up

  16. skog mose says:

    Hey Matthias, why do you need your wheels to have a crown? I imagined it needed a reverse crown to keep the saw band from jumping off…

  17. ThePhoneman66 says:

    I have to ask what might be a stupid question. Why do you make a block to put the wheel bearing in, instead of just putting the bearing in the wheel itself? And thank you so much for sharing all of your ideas!

  18. oldhess says:

    So I have a motor that the manual claims to be 2 HP (that's only legit in a world without physics) and 3400 RPM's. Is that too much motor for a band saw? I read through your build and you talk about your struggles with your 3500 RPM motor so I was just curious if you would suggest that I keep on looking for a different motor or if it will suffice.

  19. Dennis Compton says:

    Brilliant! I also love the straightforward style of your videos .

  20. Sergio Leandro Dos Santos says:

    Hi Matthias, could you please clarify this doubt i have? if we have to change one of the bearings, do we have to build the whole wheel again? or is it possible to change this one bearing (or one flange) without loosing center? thanks

  21. chetanvlogs says:

    Why do we need a big wheel for band saw is it for some reason? New to woodwork so 🙂 thanks

  22. Sebastian Brisch says:

    You make me dream !

  23. richard ebbole says:

    it is so useful to see how you work. informative and enlightening

  24. sjeverett75 says:

    if you put your bearings in the freezer, the housing will shrink and drop in. when they warm up, they will be nice and tight.

  25. Charly H says:

    Does anyone know how the drilling guide thingy at 00:49 is called and/or where i can buy one?

  26. Dwight Otto says:

    Do you have plans force my of your projects. Like the bandsaw and tablesaw build. Her creative

    Dwight Otto

  27. Dwight Otto says:

    Sorry for typos. Many of them….do you have plans

  28. Vicente Borges says:

    genio mundial , esse moço e o meu mito

  29. Salvador G says:

    Es usted una barriga señor verga. Mi admiración para usted.

  30. Schwinnes zockt says:

    What cost the material ?

  31. Fivos Tsiplakis says:

    Hi! that's one hell of a job. I was wandering why did you slightly curved the wheels at the surface of the band?

  32. Edmilson Sanches says:


  33. jeblubber jeblubber says:

    Es ist nicht nur schön zu sehen, was du machst, nein, man kann von dir auch eine Menge an Arbeitstechniken und Umgang mit Materialien lernen. Danke dafür♥️ frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr 🎄🎄🎄🎉🎉🎉

  34. alexkalibur says:

    Does anyone knows where to find this kind of adjustable drill bit that can be seen around 1:47 ? I can find one with extensions at both sides, but this is tricky as it requires both sides to be adjusted the same distance from the axis. And I find this one more practical to use. Preferably something that I could find in Europe… 😉

  35. iRay IRidium says:

    the bearings are 52 millimeters outside, how much millimeters are on inside? i need to buy that part. do you have any link to this bearings with specific info to buy? please help me. and btw you are awesome, you know what are you doing and its all pro.

  36. Kahau Nosatý says:

    Sorrow, there in Slovakia is almost not possible to buy the plywood but to 12mm sick, and it is unbelievable expensive.

  37. Anoir nunes de souza says:

    Congratulations on the very explanatory work

  38. Prokopis Batzanopoulos says:

    Hello Mattias,  I bought the plans for the 20" bandsaw and I had a 30mm MDF for wheels that is very solid. is 30mm enough  or I have to glue another 6 or 10 mm to reach 36-40 mmm. I think a solid 30mm thick could be balanced easier. Thanks for your advice.

  39. Reginaldo Antonio says:

    muito bem gostei

  40. Alex N says:

    Hey Matthias, call me whatever you want but I'd like to know why do you use new bike inner tubes? Can't you repurpose old ones from bike shops?

  41. ALPHA Hero says:

    What is your insta account I want to flowing you

  42. Роман Назаров says:

    Молодец, интурист!

  43. Bernard Reyt says:

    le francais ca vous ecorcherez vraiment la gueule ?

  44. Ronill Sangma says:

    I made one myself

  45. Iluvquadbike says:

    I'm a big fan of the Gingery machine series. You're doing machinist work with wood, and it's incredible.

  46. deegii deegii says:


  47. Tim Atkins says:

    Hey.. Currently building Matthias's 20" bandsaw. So far so good. Question for anyone. Why does a bandsaw need a spring in the tensioning mechanism?

  48. Robert Hawtin says:

    Hi Matthias. You will be aware of a European plywood version. I've commented there that it would be nice if your earlier work was referenced. Better still, should you both ever get to collaborate a really, really good product could emerge. For example, there are some good alignment techniques on the other channel, but you have a much better trunion design for the table. I've made the point over there that a box beam structure can, if well executed, be almost as strong as a solid beam of the same size (see 'beam theory') and of course it's much lighter. Yours is the cheaper solution, of course, as it uses reclaimed wood, so it's horses for courses, as usual. Kindly regards I'm very impressed with both approaches. BobUK.

  49. Robert Hawtin says:

    Hi Matthias. An idea. How about a 'power tool design principles' series? Ideal cutting speeds and the gearing to generate them. Pro's and cons of single v three phase motors (ok, probably with an expensive variable frequency phase converter – eeek!). Pro's and cons of assorted single phase motors – shaded pole noticeably inefficient, as you recorded. How about variable diameter pulley speed control – project in itself. Shut the worried safety tribe up with a thorough review – interlock switches etc. Incidentally, I suspect a lot of them are genuinely concerned for the safety you and your family. We don't want to lose you! Much too valuable. Best wished. BobUK.

  50. حسام صوفي says:

    You are creative and you are a school. Thank you sir

  51. grel wood says:

    its best to start with good materials. but i like to use old crap

  52. pizzas 6068 says:

    2:52 fidget spinner

  53. Md Rabby Hasan says:

    Md Rabby Hasan

  54. Micheal Kors says:

    Amazing! Waiting for your next project! 🙂

  55. ramiro Lopez says:

    how much

  56. invaziq says:

    Hi Mat, It may looks like a stupid question but I still thinking why the shape of the top of the wheels is convex( crown) not concave ? I already understood that everythink is very well centered and tight but anyway is not it more safety of blade running out the shape to be a liitle concave ?

  57. ChiTownTino says:

    Has anyone used a bicycle wheel for this?

  58. Avram Bosioc says:

    This k

  59. Steven Lemon says:

    I'm thinking that, if Mathias Wandell had been helping the Wright brothers build the first airplane they could have skipped all the way to the Saturn 5 rocket and we'd have had space exploration 100 years ago

  60. Raad- Aljobory says:

    Hallo matthias can you make a wagon wheel for band saw

  61. Muhammad Syahri says:

    good man

  62. Bug Bomb says:


  63. Osman Fırat says:

    Selam kolay gelsin ev tipi un değirmeni imalatı yaparsanız sevinirim


    Спасибо, за добрые советы. Учусь у Вас!

  65. Sergio G says:


  66. Daniel Valentine says:


  67. greg hall says:

    I used a bicycle rim. done deal.

  68. seda14us says:

    Super… 100% BEST…

  69. grif19561 says:

    Мужик, великолепно! Чертежами не поделитесь?

  70. sofiane ben hadj says:

    very good

  71. Max Smith says:

    maybe I missed something, how do you what the diameter of the wheels should be?

  72. Terri Gelbaum says:

    Matthias darlin',would you make a sewing table?I'll let you figure out what that entails.Thank you.

  73. Spaghetti Monster says:

    Always clamp from the inside out, pressure in the middle first then pressure to the outside perimeter. Also, after you applied glue to the circle, you sandwiched the 2nd circle without twisting it into place (unless you edited the twist out of the video). Everyone is a critic Ha! Id apologize for the tips but its my granddad's ghost and I typed it out in his voice lol

  74. Les Schramm says:

    A friend of mine built one of these and I am currently trying to figure out how I might use it to cut large diameter wood screws with a router. If you have any ideas I would be very grateful!

  75. James Greer says:

    That nice job but yougo so fast how can anyone get how to make one.

  76. arealassassin says:

    I just acquired a 100yo shop-made, wooden framed and wheeled bandsaw that was used to make window xmas displays for a major dept store here in Australia. Amazingly it still works, it's original wheels still run true! But I watched this, just on the off chance that I have to replace them, or rebuild it totally one day. Thank you, this video will be invaluable…

  77. Родриго Фернандез says:

    молодец ок

  78. Bijoy Saraf says:

    Excellent Engineer. Your craftsmanship is highly commendable! Way to go Matthias! Thank you for sharing.

  79. Clemilton Souza says:

    Da gosto de ver estas invenções .

  80. /OVERDRIVE says:

    i wish you where my dad

  81. José Pretti says:

    Very good. But you need excellent tools to do it.

  82. chuck mayes says:

    Finding center can be done by marking corner to corner…

  83. андрей иванов says:

    сука…ты гений деревяшек!!!

  84. oldporkchops says:

    May I ask if you custom made your drill gig? I can see how it helps drill holes at a 90 degree angle. If it's a custom made gig, can you please make a video on how to make it? Thanks.

  85. Jenny Talbert says:

    Really impressive.

  86. Dougal Tolan says:

    "The only way to get the bearing out…." You already had an over size hole, use a puck and the vice to press the bearing out of the tight fit into the oversize.

  87. Annette Deane says:

    0:16 Hahahahaha!!! Me too!!!!!

  88. Aldo David Gonzalez says:

    Gracias por su video más que excelente saludos cordiales desde Chaco Argentina

  89. František Buxanto says:

    Hey Matthias, do you think using the silicone coating you utilised to coat the drive drum of your belt sander would be a good option instead of the bicycle innertube to prevent dust buildup under the innertube? Or would it just get chewed up too quickly

  90. Conner Wilson says:

    6:15 Oops!

  91. Shakdi Dagalimal says:

    LOL. You just have to love these – the inner tube of course $4.99 vs $17.99+ "the official item you must round in place"

  92. Mountain Views says:

    My friend I need one will you sell me one of your saws without the motor in it

  93. Maks Maso says:

    making bandsaw, using bandsaw..:D

  94. Igor Juszczak says:

    0:40 I used the bandsaw to make the bandsaw

  95. Abo Ali says:

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  96. NumerNaBis says:
    I hope You will use for somthing productive this fev secound that You saved, by not disabling power to band saw. More hands to work sometime mean less hands to work.

  97. Corncob Johnson real says:

    3:59. I just bought that drill at Goodwill today. Could barely find anything online about it specifically, now I find it in some old matthias video. What are the odds?

  98. Виталий Нежинский says:

    What kind of plywood do you use in machine tools? Thank you.

  99. DIY Everything says:

    👍👍👍 thanks bro. I liked your project,

  100. Vidriería y Aluminios Punta Arenas says:

    Hi Matthias Wandel, it is a pleasure to see your videos. I want to be able to do this machine, what possibility is there for you to advise me through plans, of which you make, greetings and thanks

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