BIGGEST HOT WHEELS TRACK EVER MADE? | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels
BIGGEST HOT WHEELS TRACK EVER MADE? | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

– [Andy] Hot Wheels
finally gets to prove itself on a real raceway. – You’re goin’ down, little car. – [Narrator] A Hot
Wheels production. Hosted by Andy Riesmeyer – This is Willow Springs
international raceway. Deep in the California desert. More than just one track,
it’s a bunch of them. This is where you
go when you’re ready to prove your skills
behind the wheel. Oh yeah, when somebody said,
“Uh, you have unlimited track?” We were like, “Yeah.” And they were like, “Well, can
you put it on a racetrack?” So for the past 24 hours,
our production staff has been putting Hot
Wheels track around the entirety of this
5,000 ft racetrack. That’s over a mile
of Hot Wheels track. (triumphant orchestra music) It’s cool, because Hot
Wheels is now finally gonna get to prove
itself on the track. Mini machine vs. big machine. And me, I get to drive this awesome race car
around a raceway. Like, a real one? And it… No. That’s… It’s a mile long. This is the Roadster. It’s got a good weight of metal,
so it’ll go downhill fast, but it’ll be slower
in the inclines. It has track spec axles, which
help with its performance. And this is the 2017
edition, so it’s brand new. This is a children’s pedal car. Made last night edition. So, the craftsmanship is shoddy. Its got no gears. Finally, its got two leg power. But challenge accepted,
because these legs are some of the
best in the world. You’re goin’ down, little car. That little car, not this… This is also a little car. (countdown buzzer) (intense choral orchestra music) Wow, this is hard. (intense choral orchestra music) In this stretch I’m
gaining a bit of ground, because this isn’t
your stock pedal car. Its been modified the
same way, with these hot little legs that take
me all the way to the top (intense orchestra music) I’m never gonna
make it up there. (intense orchestra music) Hot Wheels won by just an inch. That was awesome. I mean, that was one
of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my entire life We put over 5,000 ft of
track on this raceway. That’s crazy. Nobody’s ever done that before. Anyway, that’s what we did
with unlimited track today. I would love to see what you
would do with unlimited track. Let us know, registered
users can comment below. Like and subscribe, as always. I’m Andy, we’ll
see ya next time. Bye-bye. – [Narrator] A hot
wheels production. (upbeat rock music)

100 thoughts on “BIGGEST HOT WHEELS TRACK EVER MADE? | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels”

  1. Hot Wheels says:

    Could this be… the longest hot wheels track ever? Where would you build your track? 🏁

  2. Caleb Hamilton says:

    That was awesome i would use the unlimited track around my basement I'm glad to see a great track car this time on this track set up

  3. RebeliousPotato TM says:

    you da best!!!!

  4. RebeliousPotato TM says:

    love you guys and enjoyed the vid

  5. Gabriel TV play says:

    Big Like! Awesome track. Congrats!

  6. I love youtube says:

    I love to see 2005 mustang hot wheels edition so much

  7. hyeon gu lee says:

    완죤 잘만드셨어요!

  8. Drew Boyd says:

    Horse Thief Mile in Willow Springs Raceway. Sweet!

  9. tharun raj says:

    PLEASE MAKE 17 nissan gtr NISMO !

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    This was the most amazing Hot Wheels video I've ever seen! You should make more long and awesome tracks!

  13. Lego Brain Productions says:

    Do track on water plz

  14. Just Chillin says:

    You should've bought a kid that likes hot wheels with you. Andy should have not fit in there.

  15. Christopher Airhart says:

    I will make toy cars when I'm 16

  16. Christopher Airhart says:

    I'll work with you guys when I'm 16

  17. benjigirl1971 says:

    I love HW unlimited! can you continue tell more about the cars in more HW unlimited?

  18. Kioni Hernandez says:

    Wisdom is a circle. What you receive you must give back.

    Is this a Desert Realm? Hot Wheels production staff are Acceleron confirmed? Lol

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  20. Scott Williams says:

    Oh my gosh big thumbs up for your effort you guys put into this!!!

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  23. Jose De La Rosa says:

    that is so cool

  24. Joshua Johnson says:

    Not gonna lie, this is like my newfound childhood fantasy that I never thought of.

  25. Evan Nehrenberg says:

    a mile is 5280 feet

  26. FiftyDeadPenguins says:

    That's 251.4 miles for that car wow

  27. Legoville _ says:

    I've been waiting for a raceway one. Next Unlimited episode should be a snowboarding challenge. Race the car down the snow slope.

  28. Walker 3000 says:

    i would make a track that went down mount sent hellions

  29. LashGo's Hot Wheels says:

    What is your favorite car i love Tanner fox GTR an Bugatti Veyron

  30. Hot Wheels TV says:

    Love It! Can't wait for the snow to go away here in Central New York so we can build a Way 2 Kool Hot Wheels Track of our own for the 50th Anniversary!

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    I like hot wheels

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    make a cartoon unlimited track with peep and the big wide world characters, the car in the video will be twin mill from the organ of awesome.

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    if I had that much I would make the cars run on water

  36. Marley Lanikea says:

    If this was an ad for that hot wheels car I'll buy it

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    Challenge me on that challenge

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    I would run my hot wheels track on around the White 🏠

  52. B Walko says:

    I would build a track to africa and tape food to a car to feed the starving children

  53. bravo 912 says:

    awesome track!

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    Do a two lane unlimited track race down the MEGA RAMP!

  55. Angelo estoya says:

    5300 is a mile

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    Does the track melting?

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