Blind Man vs. The Fidget Spinner & Fidget Cube
Blind Man vs. The Fidget Spinner & Fidget Cube

[glass ringing] Oh, if that’s for me I’m not here. [music plays]
Got a couple packages from some subscribers… Now from the packages themselves, Ben can sort of tell what these things are and he says these are trending. These things are hot right now. So we’re just going to open these couple things and see if I can figure out what they are. [music continues] What is that? Wow. What… this is a strange thing. Okay, so it’s a triangle but there are three circles in the points of the triangle. And there are wheels inside or things that spin. Yep, inside of all three pieces and there’s one piece back here that turns… this is the weirdest thing. So can I hold this in my hands and do like that? And spin it… yeah, I can. It goes fast. And it spins for a long time.
BEN: So do you know what this is? Have you heard about this? TOMMY: No, I don’t think I have.
BEN: So this is called a Fidget Spinner. TOMMY: [gasps] Okay.
BEN: Have you heard of that? TOMMY: No, I don’t know this.
BEN: They’re really popular right now. There’s a bunch of different kinds. There’s like fake ones, real ones, betters one, cheap ones. They are being banned from schools because kids are playing with them all the time and also getting hurt with them. TOMMY: Kids are getting hurt with these.
TOMMY: Well, yeah, because they’re being silly with them.
TOMMY: Yeah. I don’t quite know all the things that you could do with this thing but it’s fun to just feel it go by and I guess I couldn’t really hurt myself by touching it as it spins around like that. No, that doesn’t hurt. I feel like it’s made of metal or plastic that’s meant to feel like metal but I would say this is some sort of metal, some kind of an alloy or something. Let’s see what it smells like. That will sort of tell me if it is metal or not. That’s definitely made of metal. Metal or steal. I mean, I’m enjoying it, but I don’t quite know why yet. I don’t feel like this thing is terribly colorful. It makes a bit of a noise as it spins. Not much though. It’s very quiet. I’ll give it a spin. I’ll give it a spin. I’ll get it going pretty good and put it on the table. Oh. See, I like that. Let’s see if you can hear this. Makes a little noise. I’d like this on a harder surface.
BEN: How about against a piece a metal? TOMMY: Against a piece of metal – let’s see what it sounds like. Gently – oh.
[metal taps] Oh, I like that. That’s fun. [metal taps] [metal taps]
See, it makes a fun little noise like that on the metal.
BEN: Here we go. Now, how about a glass? I will warn you this is dangerous. [glass ringing] [glass ringing] TOMMY: That’s cool. This is the weirdest thing. It’s like having your own showcase showdown wheel. BEN: Alright, Tommy, let’s try a piece of wood. This is actually a cutting board.
[wood taps] [wood taps]
TOMMY: Wow. [wood taps] [wood taps] Oh, I would have been in trouble if I had this in school. I would have been just making noise all day with it. Now we tried a glass before. How about 3 different glasses with 3 different amounts of liquid? So maybe we’ll be able to play a song or something like this. Or, I’m going to take a bath. [glass ringing different notes] I can’t believe you’re going to drink out of these again. [glass ringing different notes] [glass ringing different notes] That’s how to play them. [glass ringing different notes] Yeah, that’s cool! This going to be crazy, but let’s see what happens when I spin it and touch an egg while it’s going. [taps on egg] [taps on egg] Not too bad. [taps on egg]
It cracked one. [taps on egg] BEN: Let’s move that egg to the bottom and put the fresh egg at top. [taps on egg] [taps on egg] BEN: Try this. Spin it and drop it into the bowl. [glass ringing] [glass ringing] This thing is a mess. Now we have to clean it off so Ben’s got us a bowl of water now so we’ll give it a spin and we’ll just drop it in the water. [metal bowl hit / water splashes] Now, can I just — I just want to see what would happen if just touched the water while it spins.
[water splashes] Oh, jeez. That makes a great sound. [water splashes] [hand taps on table]
Oh, love this. Now I think it’s clean. Should we get cake batter next? BEN: That’s a big, giant bowl of Bisquick. TOMMY: Oh, jeez. [dull splashes]
Let’s try again. [dull splashes]
I’m going to spin it high and just drop it in this time and see what she does. That seems to be going pretty good.
[dull metal hit] [laughs] BEN: Alright, dig in there. Get it.
TOMMY: I’ve got dig in and get it? Oh, jeez. Look at this stuff! Oh my god. Wow! This is the weirdest stuff I’ve ever… It’s so weird. Oh, it’s so heavy. Oh, it don’t turn. It does not turn. Well, listen… let that be a lesson to you kids. Don’t put your fidget spinner in Bisquick because it don’t work. ANNOUNCER: We interrupt this YouTube video for a special announcement! TOMMY: We’ve got some brand new merchandise available and it’s stuff you’ve wanted for a long time. Remember the drawings that I did. For the next 7 days they’re available on T-shirts and stickers. And international orders are accepted too. So there’s a link right there for You can find it in the description and what this does is it helps us to be able to make more of the videos and stuff that you like to see. ANNOUNCER: We now return to our YouTube video already in progress. [music plays] TOMMY: Okay. This guy… what’s this? Okay, it’s a cube with um… there’s a little switch on it. Is there a light in here? Let’s see, I flick the switch. And, oh look, there’s lights over here. I can’t really tell what it. It’s got some wheels on it. It’s got the switch. And I feel like these are lights here… these 5 lights. BEN: So this is called a Fidget Cube. And it’s just got all these buttons and shapes and clicks and things like that, that you can fidget with. TOMMY: Wow! So you can just do this and turn this back and forth – this is crazy. So, now it doesn’t light or anything. It just does all these… [gasp] …You can push all those. Wow. This is so tactile. This is a great little thing and there’s all kinds of buttons and things to push and turn. Ooh, and this pulls out a little bit. I guess there’s a magnet. This is a very strange thing. I don’t know how I like this. I almost feel like there’s too much stuff happening on it. Like, this sort of reminds me of there’s things here that remind me of an old combination lock. I don’t know. I’m not quite sure. I think I like the other one better. Are there tricks and things you can do with this?
BEN: I didn’t see too many come up. There were odd ones. They were more of taking it apart. It’s more like if you’re just sitting there watching TV, you can sit there and just sort of fidget with it, play it. See, this is one of those things that I really don’t know that sighted people just do is that they fidget. If people fidget quietly I would never know it. Some people, don’t they draw — like my mother for example. She used to talk on the phone and I would hear this writing sound all the time. I never understood what it was until years later I asked her about it an she told me that’s what she does. BEN: What side do you like the most?
TOMMY: I like the rocker switch a lot. Every time I throw a switch like this I feel like something is going to happen. And it’s odd that something doesn’t happen when I do this. I feel like when I throw that this part here with nothing on it ought to light up. BEN: What does it smell like? TOMMY: It just sort of smells like rubber and metal. Wow. I’m not going to tell you what it tastes like. I don’t know where this thing has been. BEN: So if you were to give the Fidget Spinner a rating – the first one… What kind of rating would you give it?
TOMMY: Well, from 1 to 10, I think I would give that a solid 9. It’s neat and it feels good in your hand and spins like crazy and there’s other things you can do with it. And you can make noise with it, so yeah, I’m going to give that a 9. BEN: And what about the Fidget Cube?
TOMMY: [sigh] You know what, it’s fun. But I don’t think it’s nearly as much fun as the Fidget Spinner. I’ll probably give this about a 6.5. I don’t know, I don’t think it’s as much fun as a Fidget Spinner. I think that thing is a little bit more fun. [music plays] Well, I hope you enjoyed this video, and remember if you’re not subscribed to the channel go ahead and hit that subscribe button and ring the bell so you never miss when a new video is coming out. Also, you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Thank you for your support.

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