BMW E65 Front Spring Replacement
BMW E65 Front Spring Replacement

okay so we’re going to change the spring on a BMW 740 2005 e65 and I’m gonna assume if you’re doing this job you know how to take a wheel off so I’m not going show you how to do that. euhm I decided to lower my car because one of the springs broke and I’m using it as an excuse to replace everything. OK, so let’s get this wheel off okay so wheel’s off we’re gonna be taking this whole thing out. So what
we need to do for that is let’s hope the lighting works we’re gonna
release the steering wheel knuckle were gonna release the front control arm we’re gonna release that bolt over there, the rear control arm just release it, we’re not gonna remove that and then we will remove the nut and bolt completely of the strut holder okay so that’s gonna make everything go oh, and then the em, the drop link we’re gonna remove that as well, the stabiliser drop link it’s the really long part going to your stabiliser and euhm at the top here we’re going to be removing these three bolts here, take the plastic cap off okay so let’s do the steering knuckle first it is a 21 and the inside torx bit for when the pin itself starts to turn
with the bolt which inevitably will happen is a forty so I’m just gonna go on and remove that. So like I said inevitably it will move so I’ve got a torx 40 bit just gonna put that right in there I’m gonna get my 21 there normally I’d just put a power hammer on this but not everyone will have that so I’ll just show how to do this okay so put that on there and it’s as simple as that, just release take it easy you don’t want strip the torx bit
because you’ll never get it out unless you
cut and then you have to change the steering joint. Alright, let’s get that off. OK, so that’s the thing off so all you do is just lift it out of there, euhm, you can use a joint separator if it’s stuck but most of the time these aren’t because they’re not conical so mmm next one we’re gonna release is this one here
so you have to go to the bottom though I can’t see this Well, I hope you can see that but it’s the same thing it’s a twenty-one and we release it the same way so you got
the torx 40 bit in the bottom once you loosen that, again that should just lift out so we’ve removed that there and just make sure it’s loose so you don’t have to worry about getting it out because it’s going to drop away from it anyway. Right next we’re gonna loosen up that one there so it’s 18 milimeters on
both sides all you wanna do there is loosen that. That’s that loosened, you’ll see there’s a little bit of space. All that does is it loosens it up when you start dropping things at the top igonna give it a bit more swing so that you have more room to get the strut out
later on. Okay so talking about the strut, what we’ll do now is we’re gonna take this bolt out, the other side of it has
the bracket on with the brake line and the ABS cable and
sensor and stuff like that, so euhm yeah this needs to come out all the way this is a 16 on this side and an 18 on the nut side. Ok so that’s that completely removed now this clamp fitting is pretty tight so what you gonna have to do is you’re gonna have to wedge something in between there I’m going to use a chisel, I’m just going to knock that in and show you what that looks like. The bracket has come loose just leave that out of the way, you don’t have to worry about that so let’s get that chisel. Ok so that’s the chisel wedged in there euhm you’ll I mean this isn’t a huge chisel, it’s just fairly standard automotive stuff see it already cracked open and dropped a
little bit there we’re just gonna leave that in there for the
entire time that’s only gonna come out once we put the strut back in with a new spring. So what we’re gonna do now is loosen this drop link here This thing is a real bugger because there’s a lot of force on the stabilizer bar which you would imagine for a car this heavy let’s turn this around. So that right there is an 18 nut I think no, it’s a 16 nut and again it has a little torx insert in there which I think is a 30 in here, we’ll check that out ok, so drop link nut has been released like I said it is a 30 torx in there now, there’s no real easy quick way to get this out I mean
basically the best thing to do is use a lever near the link there and just push that down as you can
see it’s already it really has a lot of force on there they’re just a
pain basically it’s going to be a lot harder putting it back in so let’s get that out. So that’s out now put to the side over there, it wasn’t actually that hard. All I did was i took this tire iron and
basically wedged it underneath, you gonna see that? Maybe from this side? Basically i took that and put it between here and this arm and just pulled it down. which works for now. You’ll see it’s got quite a distance that it travels once it’s released on later on
you’ll just have lift the whole assembly to get that back in but let’s move to the top now because we’ve done everything so what I’ve done is I’ve basically worked from the bottom upwards because it’s a lot easier to do it that way you could probably do this steering knuckle second instead of first depends on how comfortable you are holding the hub so what we’re going to do
now is we’re going to undo this bolt, euhm, this nut this nut and this nut, they’re just 13 mills once you do that everything will just drop down I’ll show that. That’s all undone now so if we move down here, obviously it’s dropped significantly it’s sort of hanging behind the inner wheel arch and you still have a
little gotta play so what I’m gonna do and can’t do it with one hand because it takes too much force im just gonna pull it down and swing it out towards me so away from the car Once I’ve done that I’ll show you what to do next. So it’s out now let’s see if you can see that, sorry I’m doing
everything with one hand without help okay so let’s drop that, it falls on the ground basically and make sure these things don’t get overstretched, you don’t have to be too concerned about that unless you’re really prissy about those things and basically you just twist and lift should be loose enough now with that chisel in there so let’s go and do that so it’s out One of the things I had to do was I had to move the chisel back a little bit because it’s got this nudge on there which is sort of a guiding thing to make sure that the strut only goes in the right way, once I did that I could just lift it out. What I’ve done here
is this upper control arm or front control
arm I sort of put it in the hole left in the strut mounting the reason I did that is to stop the whole assembly from falling forward which would put undue pressure on all these sort of things, obviously while you have the strut in your hand you can control that but while you’re changing your spring you don’t Right, I’m not gonna show you how to undo
the spring, obviously you need some spring compressors you need a 24 mill there for the top bolt and I think it’s 6 mill hex key if you need instructions on how to
compress the spring and take it off I suggest you don’t this job so we got our new springs on
everything’s attached, looks like I need to do the bottom cover there so I’ll pull that over like I said before it’s got a nudge there, that nudge needs to go basically where that chisel is, it just needs to feed in there So you’re gonna want to remove that arm and just slide it in there and push it back in place not as easy as it looks because suddenly you have to lift the whole weight so if you’ve got another jack you can put underneath it that be really
useful and I’ve got limited supplies here so
I’ll be working with a couple blocks of wood and doing it steadily. So we’ve got that back into place now so these three bolts are all done up, when you put it in make sure that this here goes through the hole, its an alignment dot to make sure that it’s in in the right position. Ok so we now go underneath here. Really really important don’t take the chisel out and make sure this stays loose until you’ve put this one back into place. Once all this is done up and that isn’t in place, you’re gonna have to do undo everything again because otherwise it won’t fit because if you see now, the bottom of the strut makes it difficult so I’m gonna have to
push it in a little bit but the benefits of the drop outweigh the little bit of hassle of getting this back in. OK, so, we’ve got that back in place so what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna do this bolt up as you can see I dropped it a little bit to get it in there do the bolt up again, take it easy, use the torx don’t overdo it, use some WD40 or whatever if you wanna get it to work a bit smoother
for you so that’s tightened up now make sure it’s really really tight What we’re gonna do now is put the strut back into place good thing about using a used strut is that you got the markings of where it was clean before and obviously if you have a new one you just put it in as far as it goes because it’s got a ridge on it ok, so that’s back in place now, you’ve got the bolt in once the bolt is in it doesn’t move anymore because of that nudge It doesn’t get passed the bolt so i’m gonna put the nut on there make sure that you put your bracket on
and that all your cables are running the way they’re supposed to in case you took anything off out of the clips or anything like that again nice and tight you spread it a little bit with your chisel so you can expect to sort of feel it give as you tighten it. Let’s get that done. OK, so we’ve done oh, where are we? We’ve done that nice and tight I just slipped that back in, I mean that ‘s really easy still you just wiggle the hub a little bit so you just put that back in So we’re gonna do that back up nice and tight again Ok, so, we’ve done that now, it’s nice and tight. What we’re gonna do now is we’re going to put that drop link back in place now the likelihood is that just maneuvering with your own strength is not gonna make this work so what you probably
have to do is get something underneath the entire hub and jack that up or put something underneath it and drop the jack support you car and just do that you’re within a chance of getting this in basically to show you what I’ve done here, I just put a couple of blocks of wood and I dropped the jack slightly so now you see that sort of goes in front of the hole, I need to jack it up a little bit because it’s gone a little bit to low I need to drop it a little bit more, I’ll just do that until it slides in and then I’ll jack the car back up to where it was so I can get my wheel underneath once that’s in there I’m gonna do that nut up again and then really important don’t forget to do that, it’s really easy to
forget when you just loosen things don’t forget it! So, I’ve tightened that the drop link is attached again make sure that this is tight and bottom here is tight, you’ve retightened that you retightened that, this is really tight and done everything here in put a little cap on top actually these things can be real buggers so I’m going to need two hands for this but anyway get it on If you can’t manage to do it with two hands, just put a screwdriver on there and push against it and it’ll pop right in and now it’s time to put the wheel on, again you don’t need instructions for that and that’s it good luck with it

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  1. MsSnicer says:

    Super infos! Danke Schön!

  2. Travel Cars says:

    Hello, u changed only left spring? What part No is and what type of suspension u have? Cost? U didnt changed the strut? How you now your spring has becomw weak? Thank u in advance

  3. Rick 0045 says:

    Very nice video, thank you. Do you have any idea how to tie up the dust cover on the front strut that is off on the bottom end, 2006 750Li ? Thank you, Rick

  4. Tehgziz Lauw says:

    Great video. Unfortunately when I went to remove my front strut i was stopped right in my tracks because every single torx head on the tie rod and control arms was stripped. How do you keep your car's undercarriage so clean and rust-free?

  5. kingchrisp198432 says:

    The video is suppose to be about front SPRING replacement but you don’t show how to replace it smh.. just name the video strut replacement

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