BMX 3 Piece Crank Set & Bearing Installation (2 Techniques)
BMX 3 Piece Crank Set & Bearing Installation (2 Techniques)

BMX 3 Piece Crank Set and Bearing Installation
In the first part I replace the one piece crank with a spindle and crank
In the second part I replace the one piece crank with an adapter and sealed bearing cartridge
bb First up I’ll remove the pedals
Loosen the wheel nuts Slip the wheel forward and remove the chain
Loosen the locknut then remove it along with the washer A flat screwdriver and a few light taps with
the hammer to loosen the bearing ring The one piece crank along with the bearings
comes out in one go I’ll remove what there is of the old grease
from the bearing cups Now to grease the threads of the new spindle
and attach the bearing ring I’ll attach the other when fitting it to
the bottom bracket cups and bearings Some fresh grease for the bearing cups in
preparation for the new bearings The bearing ring only needs to be firm against
the bearing There should be no play but the bearing should
also rotate freely On with the washer and locknut One crescent wrench to hold it all steady
and one to tighten the locknut in the absence of the right sized wrench to hold the bearing
ring steady against the locknut On with the crank making sure of the alignment
Attaching the crank nuts completes the procedure You can install a cartridge bottom bracket
by first installing an adapter The bearing cups have to be removed to make
way for the adapter cups This headset cup removal tool is perfect for
the job A couple of firm taps is all it takes
A little grease for the cups bolts and bb shell
The bolts anchor in the non-drive side so install this cup first Line up the drive side threaded bolt holes
parallel to the non-drive side Using a four millimeter allen wrench to tighten
each bolt pulls the drive-side into place in the bottom bracket shell
Some grease for the adapter threads and the bottom bracket threads
I’ll apply forty eight newton meters of torque to the crank bolts
If there’s no torque wrench available get them as tight as you can with whatever wrench
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