BOLBR: STD SLR gel blaster review and teardown.
BOLBR: STD SLR gel blaster review and teardown.

what’s up YouTube well welcome back to
leg widow’s drop shop the second best at your blaster channel on the tube tubes
and today I have for you STD SLR and we’re gonna take a look at
it and tear down and do what we do usually so yeah see what’s in the box
black foam awesome alright we’ve got a looks like a couple of 18 650s will be
seven point four volt battery mag blaster looks like it’s mostly no I’m
gonna get rid of this box and just look so we can look at the blaster itself oh
that’s better this little optic here doesn’t come with
it by the way it just happens to be fitted to this one it’s a little red dot
it’s pretty cool-looking gives it a nice look let’s take a look at this non stop
non buffa cheap nylon upper and lower save it darlin handguard looks like an
alloy barrel p7 all on gearbox in there as well and the LOA window this one’s obviously no prizes for
guessing where this one’s come from by that quality control sticker on the
bottom there I’m gonna take it apart let’s have a look all right so I’m gonna
before I take this apart I’m gonna do a chrono of the stock blaster so I’m gonna
cut to that chrono now cuz I don’t have it on me right now so I’m gonna have to
go to probably too hardcore blasters and do some chrono hang so I’ll cut to that
footage now so I’m back at hardcore blasters with the STD and so are just
crow knowing it in its stock form 209 – 37 – 35 – 35 – 37 – 17 – 37 all right I
think that’s pretty good I think that’s fairly consistent mid to high to 30s
that’s pretty decent for out of the box not too bad alright – alright so to get
the buffer tube off entirely you have to pull these pins down just a little bit
further so it’ll go so far to the end and then it’ll stop and you just gotta and start by taking this little optic
off haven’t really looked at the mag should probably look at the mag before
we or we go too much further here it is a pretty nice solid looking mag looks
like it is nylon this particular magaz you can see it’s got some windows in the
side of it and you can see there are some gels in this mag so I’m not gonna
open it up but I think I just wanna see does this bottom plate come off some of
them do yes it does all right so you can’t actually take
this down for cleaning I’m not going to do that because it’s full of gels so but
that’s that’s a nice feature and oh that’s got one of those doors that I’m
not super fond of but I didn’t have too much trouble opening it with my broken
fingernail so it’s not too bad but if you’re wearing gloves forget about that
we’ll continue with this looks like this keeping them on I’ve never seen this
particular blaster before so I’m just assuming yep
that’s how that guy’s and there’s a little place you have just dropped out
which it looks like it’s I am I could say yeah one not sure what that’s for
that’s cute maybe I’ll work that out later someone
can write in the comments and tell me what that bits about not sure it is a
nice looking hand guy though it’s some pretty solid nylon it does have a barrel
stabilizer in the end of it which is always handy I like that
this however is aluminium this whole outer barrel end in a vowel is aluminium
and that barrel nut also looks like it’s our menu and it’s on there nice and
tight so I’m gonna have to get a tool to open that but um that’s nice those
that’s a cool bit of gear I like that that’s an old as well if it ones into
that sort of thing you like a good no um I’m just gonna have to get a spanner to
get this off right back alright I just had to get a spanner on to the end of
this to loosen it off but now that it’s loose I can take it off nice like the
quality of it is quite nice and I like that’s good milled out about as you can
tell there’s a spring in there to push the barrel back against the front of the
gearbox so that it gets a nice seal in that nozzle as soon as I release that
bearing up the outer pushes forward and there’s the spring there that’s good I
like that a few few companies have had that in
their blasters stock but most the time that’s something a might usually
chucking after the fact a lot of classes don’t come with in some reason that’s
cool I like that alright take the pins down Beansie this is a really nice feeling blast I
like just the way the way it feels and the I just like the the material so far
I feel like it’s it’s good to touch that sounds weird because it is nice there is
a lot of nice stuff coming out on the market this year and we’ll also remove
the buffer tube bottom here which like almost long enough screwdriver I think
it’s just long enough to get in there alright the tube is now on that’s pretty nice
would be nicer if it was aluminium but you know and have everything but still
pretty nice now the upper I know with these particular blasters there is a mag
charging switch in here on top of the gearbox that charging handles a bit a
real nice pull to it as well like it’s got a real nice pull lengths a lot of
the earlier ones only sort of had a short lengths I don’t know that one just
fuels feels nice just got to be careful when you’re taking this upper off not to
tear off the switch that says the mag charging which is another cool feature
that I like because mag priming is something that it’s such an easy thing
to implement I don’t know why more blasters don’t have it standard because
it’s it’s handy not just for priming your mags but also for troubleshooting
mags or emptying kills out of mags and just I think it’s a great feature to
have I don’t know why it’s not standard on every blaster incidentally another
thing I just found well pulling this apart was the little a
rubber o-ring dampener which goes in between the barrel and the outer I
didn’t notice it when I pulled it off because it was still in the outer it
gives it a really nice tight fit between the outer and the you know barrel so you
don’t get vibration and you get a nice tight fit
between the inner and the other that’s cool I like that half
I didn’t even when I pulled that barrel out it was still in the inside of the
outer bowel so I didn’t know his sitter was there but I just saw her saying I
thought I better mention that cool feature it’s something that I usually
try to do anyway you know a lot of my bowels when I build a mind will put some
sort of rubber or even just like wrap a bit of electrical tape or something just
at like you know 0.1 of a millimeter just a little rubbery bit just so that
it doesn’t loosely vibrate around or rattle around inside the outer barrel I
like everything to be as tight as possible because that’s where your
accuracy comes in as well like you’re never gonna get accuracy if you bounce
flopping around so that’s a cool thing I like that let’s get the rest of this
open all right well as I was trying to get the top of this sorry huh distracted
by the o-ring all right so to get this off you have to push you have to sort of
release the charging handle a little bit push the upper forward and then you’ve
got to lift it up if you try to do it like you would any other blaster and
just pull this thing straight forward you will tear the switch off the top of
the gearbox which is your mag cramming switch incidentally a cool feature that
I found it’s not a momentary switch it is a two-position switch so when you
start pulling the charging handle back you’ll get to a certain point where
you’ll throw that switch and that will prime the mag for such time until the
charging handle returns forward and then closes the switch or opens it again as
the case may be that’s an interesting little feature I’ve never seen it done
like that it’s usually this is either has a spring behind it to
push it forward again or it’s a momentary switch but cool cool little
feature see the wires going down the side of the gearbox there alright let’s have a look at this T
piece it’s interesting T piece is somewhat similar to a v2 but also
somewhat similar to a j9t piece somewhere in between the two of them
does have one of those weird rubber o-rings that’s supposed to catch the UM
the gel balls stopping from falling out they sometimes work but it’s a nice
thought I like it it does make clearing your chamber a
little bit more difficult afterwards because if it does work and it catches
the gels and does what it’s supposed to do it can can retain them in there the
barrel is aluminium and it looks pretty nice and smooth I’m going to get a
vernier and measure that find out what the you know diameter of it is looks
like I don’t know if you can see that seven point four the the length of the
barrel is 29 centimeters if that information is interesting to you some
people want to know these sorts of things get this looks like pretty standard tug off
police also it looks like it’s in a pretty standard position as most of the
standard m4 type mags these days in fact let me just grab a J 9 mag and see if
that works yeah it looks like a J 9 mag would would work in there so that pretty
much lines up with a standard that most job losses are using these days yeah
perfectly lines up with that J 9 mag that’s cool it’s good to know because if
you might say using J nines on the field you can borrow their mag if you run out
it’s always handy alright next we are going to avoid the warranty
oh man that make these stickers hard to get off lightly I’m just gonna break it a little it’s like if you ever familiar
with the wells the original wells they had this tiny little Allen grub screw
and then this weird one millimeter thick four millimeter diameter circle that
would sit in there to push the motor up and everyone would lose that circle and
then they’d be wondering why their pinion gears are stripping because they
were always one millimeter too short it’s kind of sad that they’ve used that
same system because it really sucks you could probably replace that motor
plate with something else if that really bothers you they’re easy enough to do Wow that’s shiny gold motor in it it’s
like it’s got nylon pinion gears which means it’s probably got nylon inside it
which is something we’ve sort of come to expect from a stock pasture but let’s
continue on I will remove these four screws from in the grip here and I will
save you the nauseum all right so I’ve got these screws out of the pistol grip
remove that well here’s something interesting can you see this little line
here going across there it’s obviously it’s a v2 style gearbox
but I think if I pull these screws out these two screws here then this would
possibly come off allowing you to probably screw on like a v3 or a gen8
style motor to the bottom of it mode okay there you go look at that for reasons you might want to do that I
don’t know but that’s kind of cool I can think of a few oh yeah and also for it’s
worth those little bits that came off are actually aluminium so that’s also
cool it means that when you’re screwing your pistol grip on which is where you
hold the blaster and you know most of your force is transferred between your
arm and the weight of everything hanging off of it into the gearbox that’s
actually aluminium a lot of them are just long and I don’t know about the
longevity of of when you’re screwing your group into nylon and then like
you’ve got basically the whole way w blaster hanging off these four little
screws I like that that’s that they’ve made that out of aluminium that’s cool
it’s also a cool little feature that you could work I can be drunk for a generate
if you wanted to do that for reasons that’s cool I like that well let’s get
down to business what’s next taking this gearbox out all right let’s see I am
going to have to punch the pin out odds that gearbox all right I got that pin out there it is
there now that should be the last piece that’s hoping to get boxing yes it is
it’s quite loose now and I should be able to pop this right out of the
receiver like that that was actually pretty easy I’m used to
Jim nines which put up a bit of a fight when you’re trying to pull them out of
the receiver these look like all the little screws
and nuts cited which is nice gingy weighing food oh wait no let’s
pull this thing apart looks like eight normative bearings
which I’m not super fond of I prefer I prefer bushes to bearings just because
when they fail they’re not catastrophic failure as opposed to bearings which
when they fail it is catastrophic whereas bushes generally tend to just
wear slowly they eventually do wear out but like usually you gears will survive
by the time you’ve worked out the bushings have worn this is interesting
the safety catch here is being filed a little bit I guess to make it fit in the
receiver a bit better it’s always cool when they have afterthoughts like that
in the factory all right I’m gonna be putting an o-ring into this I have a
brown ring one of Alfred’s Brown earrings so that’s gonna be going in
here other than that I think it’s gonna be
pretty much remaining stock but just having an o-ring in it this all spring
up so it’s first thing you should do when you’re pulling apart of gearbox the
amount of times that I’ve actually got halfway down and then I realized I
haven’t pulled the spring out happens more often than you would think I don’t have a leg we die scale on me
today but it does look like it comes with a one point one millimeter 1.1 1.2 yeah so it’s about a 1.15 it looks like
or something in the middle there either way doesn’t really mean much other than
the thickness of the wire all right let’s take a look inside this box my primary switch in and also certainly
is alright so yeah the first thing I’ve noticed if I haven’t got my head in
front of the shot is that having all the wires and everything makes this very
difficult to split apart because two halves of the box are very I’m gonna
zoom in hold on okay so the two halves of the box arcana
joined the here because of these wires it is a
nylon gear set not too dissimilar to j9 but it does have incidentally it’s got
more ratchet stops on the bevel gear that’s important to anyone all right let’s have a look at this eye ring seal
because that is what I’m going to change I don’t have a look if it’s actually any
good to start with whether it’s in need of a change or whether I’m just changing
it for changes sake all right it’s gonna pop this cylinder
out tough it plate and all and give it the old finger test well not too shabby
I’m too shabby there’s enough to to blow the cylinder head out of the out of the
cylinder that’s always a good sign when there’s enough compression to do that
it’s one of those designs that I kind of wish they’d put a flange or something on
here to hold that in but doesn’t really need one it’s not like a issue with
strength but um makes it very hard to check this but that doesn’t seem to have
good and feel a good compression for a stopper ring either way we’ve got the
brown one going in let’s let’s whack that one in now all right so I’ve got
the brown ring here going in and I will also get some oil here just gonna use my
finger to lube it up a bit yeah that’s a nice seal I’m not on
camera sorry all right it’s a nice seal arguably marginally
better than the original one the original I had had a decent seal like it
was decent but you know we’re here so it’s one of the things that I generally
always do when I’m in the gear box is just whack an o-ring in why not cuz
you’re there you might as well cuz you’re gonna have to sooner or later and
you’re in there do it alright so I got that
oh hang in there now everything looks good in here the standard no longer
years but that’s all right I think and a lot of people like to rush out and get
metal it’s not always necessary like that I mean certainly anything metal
will be stronger than these nylon gears but I have had good results from just
nylon without without any metal gears so I mean if you’re just running any air
seal and standard is spring I mean you’d be doing all right with this it’s not
it’s it’s out of the box it’s pretty it’s pretty nice like in terms of the
price point you’re looking for this I think STD of have hit a pretty good spot
here yesterday incidentally one of my favorite manufacturers from the bad old
days when job losses weren’t really that much of a thing about STD used to do
some good stuff back with the five and six when they did it before jingming
where I wore a thing I mean they were around do you mean been around forever
but but I always thought gearbox aside the STD six was a superior blaster just
didn’t have that punch gen 8 had that aftermarket support and I think that STD
have made a solid return to the market here with this blaster being that it is
entry-level sort of price point but seems to have the
level performance of some of the more expensive glasses yeah sure it doesn’t
have all the metal bits that some of the new stuff has but you know middle isn’t
everything so I mean there you have it there’s t DSLR I think this is a good
little hero this is for the price point and for what you’re getting I think I
think it’s a good stone blaster you know it’s a good starting point it’s it’s got
a nice feel to it it’s made from a nice nylon I I could my only thought that I
could find was sometimes the semi-auto switch was a little bit finicky when you
put it into semi if it didn’t quite click in a semi you’d have to switch it
into full auto do a few rounds and then switch it back into semi and I mean
that’s kind of typical of most mechanical v2 style gearboxes and by v2
style I’m also including j9 type in there as well but yeah so I think this
is a good thing like good price point good solid little blaster and if you’re
just getting into it this is definitely a good place to start
alright thanks for watching guys don’t forget to subscribe and all that good
sort of stuff huh also if you’re interested in a patch I’m going to put
links down in the description to where you can hit me up for a patch come down
a hug or blast us here as well and you switch it’s good field enjoyable time
for everyone I love it here I keep coming back peace

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