Box Fort ROLLER COASTER & ARCADE – 24 Hour Box Fort City Challenge Day 3
Box Fort ROLLER COASTER & ARCADE – 24 Hour Box Fort City Challenge Day 3

is this something that’s been happening
frequently for you yeah okay what’s going on out there sir I need this to do
work on you hey what’s going on everyone its papa Jade and we are back with a
brand new video and today is day number three here in box fourth city if you
guys have been following along we have been living in a city completely built
out of boxes every time one of these videos gets 20,000 likes we survive
another day but things have not gone as planned so far we’ve encountered some
pretty weird people and things have been happening in the city that are making us
question it a little bit as you guys can see right now we have the box for bank
where we’ve met the friendly banker we’ve got the police station that we got
fired from we’ve got our hospital which we saved a couple lives and of course
the general store where we can buy anything we want for our city like
add-ons to our box courthouse tape anything you need to construct stuff oh
and looks like Logan is just waking up but guys as you know there are three
rules in box four city that have been set by the mayor no junk food
no one’s allowed out past 10:00 p.m. and three no one can leave box fort city not
only that but we’ve been hearing weird things going on at night and yesterday
in the hospital when one of the neighbors showed up he was showing some
extremely weird signs and the mayor took him away that’s why today I think we
need to get to the bottom of what is truly going on in box four City Jake
what we need is a new house I can’t keep sleeping over there it’s too small I
need a proper house Jake more importantly Logan the neighbor who was
taken away from the hospital yesterday left us this and guys it is a safe now
I’ve been trying a bunch of different combinations like one two three three
two one and of course one one one but none of them have been working if he was
holding on to this with his dear life while we were trying to treat him in the
hospital there must be something important in
here and I think it has something to do with the mayor or else why would she
take him away a lot of you guys in the comments have been saying we need to go
check out the mayor’s office because she looks suspicious which I agree Jake we
need to go do some snooping in her office the only way to get to her office
though would be to have a meeting with the mayor so I have an idea seeing is
how we failed as police officers and we kind of failed as a hospital I mean you
weren’t the greatest doctor was a pretty good doctor I’m not gonna lie yeah I
might have accidentally cut that guy’s hand but Logan that’s that’s besides the
point okay we need a new venture that we need the mayor to sign off on so we can
get inside her office what’s something that every city needs a library for
bucks don’t Logan not a library for books a
roller coaster a roller coaster with an arcade every single city honor has a
roller coaster so why don’t we go and pitch the mayor an amazing idea we’ll
tell her we will build her a box fort roller coaster are we gonna build a box
or a roller coaster but Luke does gonna make you work Logan and the
loop-de-loops are gonna work and we will tell her that it will attract more
people into the city because it seems like her biggest thing is getting people
in the city and not letting them leave and I thought I’d come by and say hey I
heard you had an idea or something how did you hear that yeah oh I just assumed
so cuz you’re always up to something in box city huh
I think our idea would be way better explained in your office why don’t we
head on over there I mean your legs must be tired from walking around all day no
no I really think this is best done in the office I mean we should have a
PowerPoint presentation I discussed it you know what why don’t we just head on
over to your office we’ll have some snacks we can explain it all there
healthy snacks okay well we were thinking that you know to get more
people into box for City it needs something fun so we thought how cool it
would be to make a box for roller coaster slash arcade slash amusement
park would be nice attraction to the city
okay I suppose I can sign off on that oh okay perfect we’ll start building it
right now well maybe when it’s all said and done you can come to my office if
you do well you too might be in for a promotion by now hi guys well it looks
like okay now let’s just gone guys it looks like she’s not gonna listen to her
office that easy but she did say if we are able to build this into a good job
she might let us in for a promotion whatever that means in the meantime
though I think we do need to start building this arcade and the roller
coaster I was gonna say the Logan whatever this book is I think it’s
pretty important and I don’t think we should leave it out in the open
remember the bank manager said that if we have anything valuable we get stored
in his super top-secret safes in the back why don’t we head to the bank and
leave this in there and then we can start working on the arcade let’s head
inside put this away where’s the bank manager we want to put something in your
secure safes Jake I just remembered we also own fifty percent of what we made
from the hospital okay right maybe we don’t want us you okay well you said the
safes are just back there I mean maybe we just go back there and pick one yeah
yeah I got the package all right I’m locking it up now they’re
gonna be transferring the money for this right okay all right with the secret oh we were just thought
we didn’t see anyone at the front so we came back here trying to deposit
something in one of your safes this is private property you want to deposit
something in my bank you talk to me in the front and you pay for it upfront and
you two owe me money uh yeah no no I well you know and we
have your money we were just a sorcerer we didn’t mean to intrude uh we just
wanted to put away this book it’s really special to us that book there ah
where did you get this we just found it on the ground it’s no big deal
all right I think we’ll go now okay yeah we’ll see you later bill we’ll get your
money bye Hey yeah we got a problem
dude this is getting weird this is getting way too weird we need to hide
this book gee yeah for sure I mean what was he doing there and why was he
talking the mayor what was on that piece of paper he was putting away he’s hiding
something for the mayor yeah and when you saw this book he knew what it was he
knew exactly what it wasn’t he wanted to get it from us we need to hide this
thing guys and we need to figure out how to get in it before they do to me we can
hide it somewhere here yeah we’ll use the neighbor’s saccheri to hide it for
now whatever was in those documents might help us figure out what’s going on
here if you have any idea the code that he
put in that safe maybe we can break back in and steal those documents you guys
take a close look at this clip comment down below if you see what the code is
yeah hopefully we’ll be able to figure this out but dude we don’t want to bring
any more attention to ourselves I say we just continue with the plan we make our
arcade we make our roller coaster and keep everyone happy okay so we’re gonna
take the leftover money we have from the hospital which isn’t that much plus PL
the bank guys some money and we’re gonna go build the arcade I think it’s at this
point I say my catchphrase let’s get built alright guys welcome to box
we’ve been putting in a ton of wort to make our very first real working roller
coaster not only that guys but we also created a box sport arcade where you can
go in play arcade games winged tickets and even win some amazing prizes I think
all together we’re gonna attract a ton of people to box fort city now before we
show you guys the roller coaster which but let’s just say the roller coaster
goes around there all the way out there there’s a pretty big drawback I’m a
little bit scared to ride it so I thought before we go to the roller
coaster and try that out why don’t we start in the brand new box board arcades
welcome inside the box for arcade we got our prizes here that you can winced from
stuffed animals to airplanes they even little mr. Pooh over here over there
bubble gum machine which sign off on it said bubble gum is not junk food because
you don’t swallow it and we have popcorn machine which oddly enough shells so
signed off because it’s organic Jake it’s organic popcorn is organic popcorn
and the behind you Logan we’ve got a dart game which is kinda really easy
because you only have to go back here but if you hit all the darts you win a
prize all right guys let’s start with the claw machine machine it’s actually
really hard okay it’s starting the claw machine is sick it’s actually probably
the hardest game here on say I’ll be surprised to be able to get something oh trying to grab some
oh did you haven’t even attempted if at all your time
watch out Pro get surprised from the box for city arcade open and that’s so easy
as it looks like just in the nick of time let’s see what I got it’s better be
an awesome prize it is a little chick it yeah it’s squishy everyone say hello to
Pete Pete he’s my new best friend that’s gonna live in my pocket forever that was
actually a lot of fun next up we have a bubble gum machine all right Logan one
bubble gum for you here you go but I want a gumball to leave the thing there
we go I want a gumball I’m gone all right well I’m gonna make
some popcorn cuz no arcade is complete without a little bit of popcorn alright
guys well while the popcorn is heating up getting ready to cook I thought we’d
go over to the next game in the arcade which is the dart game I think I got
what it takes Logan I mean you’re standing pretty close yeah that is true
okay well let’s uh let’s go out of here I mean either there’s a chance it could
mess up first start here we go second or third dart three two one when they
tickets are coming in the tickets here at the box for an arcade what are you
gonna choose all right well you know what I do love all these stuffed animals
and I definitely love a little llama here but I actually looking at these
blighters dude I thought this could be pretty cool to try out before we go on
the roller coaster I didn’t want to try out the prize I won Jake are you
delaying from the roller coaster I know you’re scared of roller coasters because
I’m a little bit afraid of roller coasters but check this thing already
won did I forget to mention guys that we
actually sell that along with all the cool stuff that we use in our videos in
the official Papa Jake store if you guys have not checked it out yet I definitely
recommend you go over that we’ve got stuff to make your box for including a
box floor building kit we got LED lights MREs everything you could possibly want
night-vision goggles blasters guys and if you use code City for the series you
get 10% off your order so go check it out link is in the description guys we
got to go check out the roller coaster roller coasters all set up I mean I
guess it’s kind of like a slide you just no one no one’s tested it out though
Jake do you think this is safe hi there what’s your name Michael trying to go to
box board see I heard about the roller coaster yeah the roller coaster takes to
the boxart City oh I love roller coasters I just jump on yeah yeah you
just jump down the roller coaster here we go I want to try here we go
oh dude the thing is so fast definitely do not try that at home that thing is Michael loved it but now we are outside
the entrance the box for City and the roller coaster does not stop here now of
course we need to give our tickets so we can get back inside the city and get on
this oh you got ticket and now the secure entrance the box for city slides
open allowing us to go in and get to the next part of the roller coaster
alright Schmeichel we’ll see you on the other side and just like that we have
another person in box for its it arguably Logan we don’t want to be
putting people in box for a city because we still don’t know what’s going on in
here but regardless this is our way into the mayor’s office Jensen yeah okay we
some sacrifices need to be made but we still do have the rest of the
awesome roller coaster so why don’t we head on into box for a city I check out
the rest of this thing so once you come through the box for its city door you
find the next part of the roller coaster all right Logan while you get in and try
it out and first things first we’re going through the tunnel of light okay
let’s try that again into the tunnel of lights here we go alright and we are
through the tunnel of lights into the next section of the roller coaster so
now I would have been on the roller coaster but at this part Logan you turn
around and you go through Lego City in which case you will then stop for the
next challenge and here we go through Lego City
alright and you stopped in front of the final challenge which is a nerf balloon
pop there is six balloons set up you are in the roller coaster now you have to
use the nerf blaster to take out as many as you can I want to try this the final shot can I
do it oh all right all right the final shot here we go as you guys know we saw
the bank manager put something in that safe and she really wants the book that
we have which means that must be pretty important to him Logan I’m thinking that
maybe in order to figure out truly what’s going on why there’s a 10:00 p.m.
curfew why the mayor’s been acting so strange and more importantly why no one
can leave Oxford City we need to break into that Bank steal what’s over here in
that safe Jake how are we gonna break into the bank and I’ve broken into many
banks before I’ve also broken out of many things before breaking out is a lot
like breaking in and vice versa we break into the bank we break into the safe
hopefully one of you guys saw the combination code and then we steal
what’s ever in there we find out what’s going on here and we put this all to
rest unacceptable parts for city is about
safety specific i mean person first how could you hurt a person like this where
this roller coaster down you can keep your arcade but do
something else you two are on hey nice yeah okay well we’ll tear down the wall
roller coaster we’ll do something completely out we really didn’t want
anyone to get hurt and i mean we still want that promotion well come up with
some other idea we promise okay talk to you in the arcade for a second
are we playing with the claw machine we’re not playing with the claw machine
did you not hear the mayor specimen what is she talking about I know I heard that
that sounded weird this is just more proofing need to get to the bottom of
this guys I say we do break into that Bank and we figure out what is in that
safe but in the meantime we’re still gonna have to play along if you guys
have any ideas what we should build next and add on to box or city be sure to
comment it down below also guys don’t forget to join the squad
all you gotta do is subscribe hit the bell button and comment hashtag squad
it also guys massive shadow to chloe chloe thank you so very much for being a
member of the squad if you see her down below guys be sure to give her a big
thumbs up leave a comment and of course if you want to shout it at the end of
one of our videos all you got to do is join the squad
alright well for now we’re gonna have to lay low in the arcade but guys of course
this has been Pappa Jake and Logan we’ll see you guys next time for another
awesome video

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