previously on Samba week infecting the
people it’s the only way that I can ensure I’ll be the richest person
activating the virus now slim we wave go to see Walker no he’s not a Walker
what’s your name this is where the parents hiding out he’s waiting for the
infection to spread and for everyone to die gotta go there you gotta go there
there is a cure we can go there and we can stop this thing I need to tell Logan
about this I need the files I need to get back to base camp I gotta go what every single play he’s in trouble Mugen I saw the flare what’s going on
it’s been really bad all the Barons men got here look at this place
it’s destroyed man the whole fort looks like it took a beating the walls were
broken down the Barons been breached the gate and zombies followed I was taking
this place on by myself yeah I felt few walkers coming up here
well since all the singleplayer I ran as fast as I could
this place is completely toast Frankie it’s not even holding up Medical Bay is
completely destroyed Jake what did you find I used the car to
get deep into the woods and I found the military base located on the map they
put up a pretty big fight but looks like most of them were overrun before I got
there by walkers while I was there I found an envelope with some information
in it I was able to retrieve her from the wreckage of the base got a lot of
medical files in it but most importantly it looks like one of the Barons men knew
how bad this virus would be talks about a cure Logan he says there is a cure
there’s a way to recreate it we’re really gonna put an end to this we need
to find out where the Baron is whoever this guy is he doesn’t like what the
parents up to if we could convince him to change his mind
keep the Baron and cure everyone oh no we got a walker I got it damn where’d you get that me the last
night dual-action nice we’re gonna need that look this place isn’t safe I think
we need to gather all the supplies we can and make our way to the woods it’s
safer in there we’re gonna get deep into the woods and set up base camp for the
night I’m gonna go over these files as well as any other information I can with
the notes I have and see if I can’t figure out how this cure works once I’ve
got some more information we got to find the bear in space we got puts top of
this gear up and gather your supplies we’re heading out
look here it’s got a pink marker place it here last time when I was making my
way towards the base here the Horde behind this but in the woods this should
be few and thin they can’t group up in here so we should be safe but I’m
worried about though it’s people can I am they should be just up here see
another marker up ahead hold up we got a walker let’s keep moving
this way I fought the parents right last time they did a fairly he’s a stronghold
set up here but I was able to take him out we need a place to stay for the
night this is where we should build up and resupply what’s that they were
setting up here for a long time I’m not sure how close these men were to the
Baron but is where I found the information regarding the chemical
compound of the virus and so we use what we have for cardboard and build a base
here to bunker down for the night hey yo what’s going on guys Papa J here from T
with me and we are back with a brand new video and today guys
it is episode 4 of zombie week that’s right our epic series does continue and
today we’re out in the middle of the woods because we are surviving in the
middle of the woods with this zombie bass are based on overrun by zombies as
well as the barons men and it forces the flee to the woods finally go ahead and
take him down but if we’re gonna do that we need a base camp which is why we
found this area it’s a fairly secure concrete bunker area as you guys can see
behind us there’s a massive pond and waterfall nothing can get us from behind
and in front of us is the woods which is really hard for zombies to clump up and
create a horde in we’re gonna start by working on setting up a wall area as
well as our base where we’re gonna survive for the night it’s fairly cold
in the forest and we’re gonna need to scavenge all the food and supplies we
can to survive here I think we got to start building cuz the sun’s going down get out we’ve been working on the base
now for quite some time it’s looking awesome we actually went through like a
bunker kind of look to it which I love because the base is actually sunken down
below the concrete as you can see the box fort itself is like half underground
it’s really cool so you have to enter through the side and we have windows on
the back side which we’re gonna put in once we get the roof on and make sure
the support beams are working we’re gonna start bringing all of our supplies
as well as our lighting inside and get this place lit up and warm because we
got to survive here for the night guys I’m gonna hand you some materials all
right check out inside here guys this place looks amazing this is one big
coolest bases we have ever built inside as you can see we’ve got this awesome
window here which opens up we can close in the case we want to make sure that
this place stays warm cuz obviously it’s gonna be pretty cold tonight we also
want to close it to make sure that you know any zombies or enemies can’t look
at this but as you can see out here we’ve got a great view of the pond down
below as well into the bunker that we’re able to salvage a pretty decent amount
of stuff from our old base we’re still pretty low on supplies though we
definitely need some food as we have absolutely no food left over we laid a
few cans of beans but that really wasn’t enough for the most part I think we’re
gonna need to go on a scavenging mission pretty soon to BrahMos super supplies in here we
really didn’t have a lot weapon wise we’ve got one pistol here we’ve got my
repeater and we’ve got Logan’s new creation here a double pistol medical
supplies are almost none as well we used a lot of our other stuff on Kirk as well
as in the last battle you got some extra gauze
some band-aids I don’t even think we have an extra thermal blanket in here so
it’s definitely gonna be cool tonight what we did find here though guys once
we came back to the base we noticed there was some leftover chemistry gear
used to be a chemist right Jake that’s right
it looks like whoever was set up in his base before was working on some sort of
chemical compound considering I found files relating to the zombie virus I
think whoever was here was working on some sort of cure now there isn’t a lot
of materials left over but I did find a small compound here I’m hoping that if I
have some time at the station given the notes that I have inside this file I
might be able to recreate the compound itself and created small doses of the
cure it’s a long shot but at least it’ll be one step in towards defeating the
Baron other than that one this morning comes we’re gonna have to go out and
find this barren space alright before we do anything further though and going on
our mission I got to treat my leg banged it up pretty bad we were walking into
the base camp here gonna put a bandage on it’s one of our last there’s something else that do that oh
yeah I got a visual on a walker think you can take him out of course I
can take him out got him I think now if we want to get something neat tonight
we’re gonna have to go on a scavenging mission there’s a lot of pretty beat-up
walkers around here we might be able to pull some food off them at the very
least we can find something maybe an old abandoned outpost grab your gear
I’m also pretty low on ammo give any extras think I got a couple rounds
passing say we stick pretty close to the creek bed seems like the water is fairly
distracting for the walkers they can’t hear us or bunch up on us we
go pretty low light we shouldn’t have a problem
I don’t expect too many people I don’t know we’re gonna find some about where’s
some walkers are the elements themselves the cold stuck in some quicksand you’re
done there’s a bridge up here you make our way out should I keep the shot let’s
keep moving down this way I think you see something up ahead looks like a
person might have something on them oh yeah I see him it’s not living like he’s gone he’s
gonna turn soon let’s go get some food on it it’s good here before we’re
Waukesha I was a good mission it was so much but call six of beef jerky and some
old-world M&Ms it’s a long day of hiking fine walkers apply the best slam gonna
happen cesium to 980 I think this is the stuff they’re using to make the Cure it
seems like you’ve up to 95 percent of the nervous system is infected this can
still hear it it just needs to be implanted into the body somehow look you
didn’t leave much supplies behind but with the small amount of chemistry
supplies I have here might be able to formulate something Logan kill the lights and if I compile
this correctly it should be glowing as you can see here the compound itself is
glowing that means the radiation is separating from the cesium has compiling
itself onto the water seems compounds reacting you see this stuff is highly
radioactive this will cure the zombie virus we’re holding the only cure this
entire zombie virus if we can implement this into a bullet we should be able to
hit a walker with it and cure whoever it is I know it’s not much but this means
that there is a cure it means the Baron has the resources if we can defeat the
Baron you should have enough stuff piled up that we could cure the entire world
we’re gonna try it on the next Walker refine I don’t know what’s gonna happen
but if it works nice we have to cure right here tomorrow we’re gonna find the
Baron tomorrow I’ll review the notes from the journal I have the notes are
correct there should be some sort of stronghold not too far up down the creek
we need some strength we need some rest we definitely need some new supplies
we’re gonna be taking them on so we hunker down close the window just try to
stay warm for the night Jake we go zombies yeah sounds like a
horde where they coming from no no no no the golf come from the east well there’s
a lot of them Caitlin breech the base he fired you
fired did you hear any from behind us you’re having trouble getting through
the creek bed but they’re still coming pretty fast I got one in this home
wandering on the right side that’s our chance
this is chance Logan I can use the Cure bullet that’s only one way to find out I
only got one shot Hayden my enemies down I got him right in the
torso let’s spend a roaming horde moving through this way all right let’s go
check that body I want to see this cure worked all right I don’t know how well
this would have worked so be careful when we approach the body bodies over
there be really careful Jake this might be
Kirk green administered the Cure to Kirk there’s exactly like I’m not you what
happened let’s take his bite secured the Cure worked really where like Jake
Logan what happened where are we Kirk the bite you had back at our old
base turn you into zombie who turned on us okay we thought you were gone we
happen to move here after our base got overrun by the barons men we’re able to
formulate a cure based on some old chemistry findings I found in the base
Logan that means the Cure works that means whoever was working for the Baron
who formulated this cure knew what was happening this here’s a backdoor to the
virus it can cure these zombies and bring them back to normal I’ll have to
check his vitals once we get back to base but
all right let’s keep back to base and brief you look at it the wounds
completely healed there’s nothing there hearts good pulse is good this cure
really is working cesium to 980 cure him you use the cesium on me how do you know
what the cesium to 980 I used to work for the Baron I didn’t tell you guys
when we first met I was scared I was running away from him what do you mean
you used to work for the Baron Bester talking fast it’s not like that it’s not
like that I was one of his minions when I met you guys I was running away from
him we knew about the cesium he knew about the cure from what I can recall me
and another scientist named van were working on a cure because we didn’t
believe in the Baron so you wanted to stop him yes we always have your last
names cretin Kirk Rita yes these are your notes this is what helped me
compile the compound you came across a way to create a cure and compile it into
a liquid form if we’re gonna put a stop to the Baron when you’re gonna need to
work together we need to administer this compound to everyone the only one who
has enough cesium to do so is the Baron himself we came to the woods to track
down his compound we’re gonna go face them head-on
I’ve got a notebook here has a map of where I believe it might be tell me if
this is something you would call at all you see here his bunker system is four
stories underground how do we get into it then where’s the entrance the
entrance is over here it’s on the north side through an abandoned sewer system
Kirk we’re gonna take your word for it are you willing to help us defeat the
Baron of course welcome back to the team buddy
so now we’re never we’re gonna get to the abandoned compound head in and
defeat the baron once and for all we need to put a stop to this virus all
right keep moving be really careful we don’t know what’s
in here man this place is huge this parents
fortress must go on for miles Kirk you coming LeBaron put him down put
him down right now good to see you two again you thought
you could escape me forever you put it down right now we know what you’re up to
look there’s three of us and one of you drop it it’s over you think you could
put a stop to this beautiful vibe we know about the cesium we don’t secured
all of this I don’t think so only one person has the cure we have the
cure from finding my full story concrete bunker unfortunately for you two you’ll
be staying here forever what what are you doing what are you doing what’s this happened you just closed the
gate on us the concrete doors just closed looking
for trapped where’d you hear that pull the gas

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