Bravo One Outdrive – Disassemble Drive Shaft Housing

Make up a bench or stand to securly hold the unit. This table worked fine for me and allows me to stand and work comfortably. Remove a few nuts and bolts to seperate the upper from the lower. Remove this anode bolt too. There is a bolt under the anode. I soak everything in PB Blaster. Pull the sections apart. You may have to carefully pry them apart. This piece that fell is a splined coupler. It went right in that hole. Remove these with a twelve point socket. Water and oil sludge should not be in here. Remove shift linkage cap screw. Applying a little leverage. Remove shift cam cap screw. Leverage. I like that ratchet handle with the pivoting head. These covers may be stuck on with a little gasket adhesive. Gently pry them up. I prefer that this race stays in position on the clutch and gear assembly. I don’t need the special shift handle tool PN 91-17302 I just thread a machine screw into the top of the shift shaft and pull the shaft out. This shift shaft is a little rusted on the bottom and stuck in the shift lever. I insert a screw into the shift shaft to hold it from turning while I free the rusted components. Now, I can pull the shaft out. TaDaaaaa To remove the shift linkage assembly Move the assembly forward Turn 90 degrees Clockwise Then draw the part out. Yoke and Cam assembly. Remove the Pinion and U-Joint assembly. No need to struggle. Close tolerances. Be gentle. Be gentle. Now you can just lift out the Clutch and Gear assembly.

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