Bravo One Outdrive Service – Remove Gimbal Bearing
Bravo One Outdrive Service – Remove Gimbal Bearing

I’m going to show you how I got a gimbal bearing out of an out Drive even when the brain was really really stuck this is what a new one looks like you can find other videos showing how to remove the out drives the outer ring is called the carrier and the bearing goes inside the carrier and rotates around there like an eyeball that’s why it’s only gimbal bearing might need to consider that you might try a polar like this one the bearing pops right out that would be great if not you may have try a few other things attach that polar to its line here you I adapted this 13 pound hammer the slight polar this is a cheap castile puller from Harbor Freight I’m not surprising it bro this is a rear axle bearing core comes in a kit with a few different sizes the pin in the foot of the puller is not exactly in the center it’s a little off balance so that you can hold it like this and cert it through the hole and then turn it over and a foot will open up I was determined replaced this bearing without removing any other parts like u-joint bellows chip cable bellows and water pump hose you no matter how hard I tried I could not get that bearing puller to open up and see it against the back of the bearing there’s a seal about a half inch forward of the bearing and the rubber from that seal was interfering with that foot preventing the foot from swinging open and sitting against the back of the bearing there’s about a half an inch of space between the seal and the bearing I cut and chiseled and pulled that rubber part of the seal out of the way here’s what this seal looks like now that it’s been removed the foot was on this side of the seal and up against the bearing this washer and nut are used to clamp the puller to the bearing the washer was in my way I removed it by knocking out this point gain access to the seal and can rotate the bearing in the area I used a hacksaw blade to cut a notch in the Karin being careful not to cut into the housing I hammered a sharp chisel about a quarter inch away from that knowledge taking out a chunk of material and cracking all the way through that aluminum carrier a few minutes with the dremel tool remove the burr I made with the chisel allowing me to straighten out the bearing in the carrier you some guys will install this bearing carrier in backwards so that when it’s time to replace the bearing they just turn the bearing and pull it out and the two notches the book says specifically not good as well the manual makes a cryptic reference to a bearing with a red dot to be used in an X X Z and X R Bravo sterndrive units this is not one of those humans my new bearing does not have a red dot the next time I have to do this job I’ll probably go about it the same way first I’ll try to pull it out with a floor like this that doesn’t work I’ll turn the bearing sideways I’ll tear out that piece of rubber from the seal I’ll use this axle bearing puller get it seated up against the Bering possibly chisel out a little chunk of the carrier and use a bigger hammer

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  1. skidooboy332 says:

    gay song

  2. KC Y says:

    Nice job.

  3. andyc3020 says:

    Great video but either lose the music or turn it way down. Thanks

  4. brian sherman says:

    thanks for the info!

  5. laundert says:

    How often do you have to change that bearing?

  6. Greg D says:

    Love REAL WORLD videos of repairs….it never goes easy! Great job figuring out how to get it done and not giving up!

  7. Hemi4speed says:

    Well, if your wife would have help you, it would have been alot quicker! Great job!

  8. Carl Zorro says:

    can the alignment be done without removing the sterndrive? I just had a new drive put in and afterward the mechanic told it was out of alignment, should he had made sure it was aligned before putting in the sterndrive?

  9. jamie jangula says:

    I think someone bought there puller from harbor freight lol

  10. jkdwayne says:

    Easy Way…. Drill about 3, 1/4 diameter holes in the aluminum ring. It Relieves the press fit and the bearings fall right out.

  11. s9bryant says:

    Great video! But I must have missed something. The foot on the puller pulls the bearing out, but how do you get the carrier out?

  12. jcook007fix says:

    Well, the carrier comes out with the bearing. The outside dia of the bearing is convex and the inside dia of the carrier is concave |))| . This creates the gimbal movement of the Gimbal Bearing.

  13. oddev says:

    What's up with the music?

  14. habit681 says:

    great info but why put the most annoying music ever in the background. why did you even put music in……its not MTV!

  15. bon vivant says:

    Please give the rights to someone, that music is epic

  16. Grant Sans says:

    Funky music aside thank you for a very informative video.  Somethings locking rotation on my 3.7L Alpha One (Engine, Gimbal or U-Joints).  Learned more about the gimbal bearing and good tricks to remove it.

  17. MrAlphabetkiller says:

    Couldn't watch because of the stupid fucking music.

  18. jeraldcook2000 says:

    good video. thank's.  I just bought on 87 in good condition.

  19. RobbyWorld1 says:

    No need for music in a how-to video. 

  20. RobbyWorld1 says:

    Ok, after watching it again it's a great how-to video, but I'd still like the music turned down or the voice turned up. Good music, just too loud. And I see it's original. Impressive. A+ overall. (no luck yet with my #$%^@&^ gimbal bearing. Need that bigger slide hammer 😉 ) 

  21. Vince Doherty says:

    I agree on the music. Very cool, but too overbearing……..sorry for the pun 🙂

  22. paradisemace1 says:

    If the slide hammer fails, run a two foot piece of all-thread through the puller and spreader with nuts on either side to spread the puller. Grab the bearing then slide a piece of metal with a hole in it over the all-thred. Chase that with a nut and tighten until bearing is pulled free. Good luck

  23. Ringo Gingo says:

    Why had music while showing an informative video?

  24. Ringo Gingo says:

    Why have , not had

  25. Keith Malatesta says:

    good video… turn the music down.

  26. jair Perez says:

    good good good thank you

  27. Luis Llosa says:

    Great video..! I'm having exactly the same problem, I drilled holes on the carrier but didn't work. I can't turn the bearing, which kind of blade did you used to make the knoch?.
    I bought the gimbal bearing puller, I rented hammer with the pullers… simply doesn't move a bit..

  28. DaddyDubs says:

    Thank you commander! This video and music inspired me to do the work myself! I hooked up my laptop to my boombox and blasted the music as I did the work! It provided great motivation!

  29. Ryan LaSee says:

    had to mute this.. the music is awful… way to loud. drowns out the voice.

  30. Art Molina says:

    Dude! The fucking music!!! Had to stop watching, annoying.

  31. Lloyd Cisco says:

    Turn that music. If that's what u call it off.

  32. Lloyd Cisco says:

    I did get some good out of this video. I taped the music so I could blast it for my liberal. Nabors to piss them off worked great! Thanks for sharing.

  33. Joe Lopez says:

    Why do people ruin a good video with horribly distracting music?  Had to look for another video…couldn't take it anymore.

  34. chefgeir says:

    Bitches, Will you all stop whining about the music already???!!!!??? I think he did a great job, and provided a great service for us all! ……….and the best part, you did not have to pay a single $ for what you just learned!

  35. J&R Isaacson says:

    Oh my god. Why did you think you needed the dreadful music?

  36. DR. Smith says:

    you look like your jerkin off a horse….

  37. J Romo says:

    I'll give you pleasure! LOL. Working on removing my gimbal bearing now. Time to go back outside and keep pulling at it!  Thanks for the video.

  38. fishheds says:

    Music gave me PTSD. Thanks, Obama.

  39. stuartadair says:

    Watched half way through then couldn't stand the music anymore

  40. Mark Jennings says:

    I couldn't bear that musak

  41. Runnningonempty says:


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