– [Tiffany] Good morning. – Good morning. – [Tiffany] How’s
your protein ball? – Good. – [Tiffany] Good. You excited to
see the boys today? Short day of school? You’re so talkative. (laughs) – What am I supposed to say? – [Tiffany] I don’t know. – [Clintus] Morning. – Morning. – [Clintus] It’s early. – Yeah. – [Clintus] We made it
to the airport, though. On time, right? Boarding our flight on time. What’d you have for breakfast? – Uh… Burger King. – [Clintus] Croissanwich? It was actually
pretty good, huh? I was surprised
by how good it was. I was expecting it to be trash. But it was actually pretty good. – Yeah. – [Clintus] Did you like it? Right on. – [Woman] Hello! (bass notes) – Alright, guys! We made our way to Colorado
Springs and for the first time ever with a connecting
flight, I’m actually gonna get off the plane. Bryce wants to get off
the plane, see if we can get some food or something. So we’re gonna
walk into the terminal. Can’t leave the secured
area, we have to stay in the secure area and see if we
can get a bite to eat, maybe a coffee or something. And then get back on the
plane to head back to Phoenix! Making our way back on.
– [Bryce] Yep. – [Clintus] Grabbed a little
Quiznos for the trip home. Yeah! Empty plane, empty plane. – [Tiffany] Hi! – Hi. – [Tiffany] How was school? – Good. – [Tiffany] Good what? ‘Cause I have a camera,
you think I’m being sneaky or something? – No. – [Tiffany] Just say hi. – Okay. – Alright, boys and girls! We made it, we’re back home! We made it in good time to… Unfortunately, the girls
aren’t here at the moment. Tiffany’s on her way to go
pick up Sierra from school. But Bryce has a
surprise in his bedroom. I know what it is
because I saw the vlog. I edited the vlog. – [Bryce] Oh my goodness! – The girls, if you
watched yesterday’s vlog… The girls made Bryce’s
bed with his new sheets and everything And all his boxes. I set up his trophies
and his little figurines and his bobbleheads. All his little things,
his lava lamp. Looks good, huh, dude? No, Tracker Blanket
stays down there. – Oh. – [Clintus] Tracker Blanket
stays down there. Anyways, we’re home. Feels good to be home,
I’m tired, like, it’s 1:30… It’s two o’clock in the
afternoon here, but it’s six o’clock in Orlando, so… And just traveling all
day, it just drains you. Just drains you. I’m glad to be home, though. I’m glad to be home.
Can’t wait to see the girls. Cannot wait to see the girls. – Okay, so… – We’re reunited
with the Brycers! – I was gonna say that. We’re reunited, reunited. – Alright, Bryce has
two different Gatorades. – [Bryce] I want
to see what happens when I mix them
together and I’ll taste them. I’m not gonna pour the
whole thing because I already drank some of this. So this is gonna be too
overpowering, so I’m just gonna pour some. And this one’s… This one’s thicker, so like,
we’ve seen some videos where there’s layers of
different, like, liquids. The thicker ones go on the
bottom because they could hold the… – [Sierra] Yeah, so
basically, he has two Gatorades and he wants to
see if it layers. ‘Cause this is the density. This is the Flow. – [Bryce] That’s the Flow, so
that one’s like, more thinner. – [Sierra] Thinner and smoother. Even if you put that one… If it does do what you’re
trying to say, even if you put that one in first and then
put that one in, it’d sink. It would still flow to the top. – [Bryce] That should be good. Probably’s gonna mix. Yeah. – [Sierra] It’s just mixing. Fail. – [Bryce] I’ll still try it. – [Sierra] Failed density
layered cup drink thing. – [Clintus] Wow,
look at that, guys. It’s raining. It just started
raining out of nowhere. Like one cloud in the
sky and it’s like “bloop!” Coming down pretty good. It’s been our first real
rain since we’ve been here. Alright guys, fast
forward a few hours later. Did all our hugs and kisses
and caught up on each other. Things that weren’t in
the vlog, that kind of stuff. And now we’re just
doing the mom and dad thing. We’re back to
the normal routine. Sierra has band rehearsals for
a band concert that she’s got coming up, and of course
they both have sports, so we dropped off Sierra at
her practice and now we’re at Bryce’s practice, since
his is shorter than hers. So as soon as his is
done, we drive back over to pick up Sierra. So a lot of driving today, but
we’re all in one car ’cause Tiff and I just didn’t
want to be apart anymore. We just saw each other,
we don’t want to be apart for the rest of the evening. So we’re making the trips back
and forth way too many times, more than we need
to, but it’s worth it. It’s worth it. Aww, yeah, back in the
casa and dinner is ready! Mom made some
chili, our favorite kind. Three different beans,
a little ground turkey some bell peppers,
onions, tomatoes. – And all the
cheese you want for you. – [Clintus] She made
some cornbread, oh, you made cornbread? Aw, Sierra made cornbread. Some cheese, thank you. And then, what are these? – Chips. – Tortilla chips. He won. – [Clintus] Mhmmm, mhmmm. How’s mom’s chili? – Good. – [Clintus] Good? You look confused,
Bryce, what’s wrong? – Mommy got her dog. – No, he doesn’t
know about my second dog. – [Clintus] Is
there a second dog? – My second dog’s making noises. Over there, out there. – In the washer? – [Sierra] It’s a
second dog, Bryce. We also got a pet frog. – [Clintus] I saw
the frog, I like him. It’s a good addition. – What is it? – An owl, a frog, and a dog. – [Clintus] Mhmmm. Eventually,
we’ll have a whole zoo. – [Tiffany] So confused! – I love it. It’s a
good look on him. Alright, wrapped up with dinner
and realized that we have some packages at the front door. Looks like Tiffany
bought some sheets? – [Tiffany] Bedding. – Bedding,
sheets for our new bed. – [Tiffany] Yes. – And Bryce got
his new fidget spinner! So you got a new one,
obviously he broke his old one like you said. And on this trip to
Playlist Live, he lost one of the bearings, so
it’s officially dead. Where is it, where’s it at? – You do the hokey pokey and you
turn– – [Clintus] Alright, so
he lost one of the bearings. So definitely not– – It’s doesn’t
even spin that fast. – [Clintus] Yeah. Doesn’t work very good. Alright, so here’s
Bryce’s new fidget spinner. It’s metal and
it’s only a twofer. – [Bryce] A twofer? – [Clintus] A twofer. – [Bryce] It’s
much, much smaller. Wait, let me see it? – [Clintus] Yeah, just
compare it, compare the two. Bryce, you got a thing for
gold, is gold your favorite color? Both your fidget
spinners are gold. (laughs) – [Bryce] This one’s
more like a rose gold. – [Clintus] So
this was his first one. Plastic. Broke all three rings and so
if he drops it, the bearings fall out. – [Bryce] Yeah. – [Clintus] Most times. And then your
new one’s all metal. There’s no
bearings on the sides. – [Bryce] Yeah, so that’s good. – [Clintus] Bearings
are just on the middle. – [Bryce] And it’s metal so… – It still spins
really good, though. Wow. You can totally feel it. So what’s wrong
with this picture, guys? Bryce has gotten two
fidget spinners now and we still haven’t gotten ours yet. And we ordered ’em like… The same day as Bryce’s. But we just didn’t pay
attention to shipping, and so Bryce, both times, picked
Prime shipping, which means two days, and Sierra’s… I did get a
notification that mine did ship. So it’s shipping
in a couple days. – [Tiffany] I think
Sierra used the last one. – I’m just waiting for Sierra’s
to say that it shipped. But yeah. We’ll get ’em eventually. We’ll have our
fidget spinners eventually. Bryce’ll be on his
like, third or fourth one and we’ll finally
get our first ones. – It’s all one color. – [Clintus] Mhmmm. It looks like, yeah, shiny. – [Bryce] That’s how this one
looks when all the bearings are out. – [Clintus] When all
the bearings are out? Oh, totally. Sweet! Well, now he’s got
a new fidget spinner. – [Sierra] Yesterday we
were playing or at the game. Alright. – Okay, I definitely
like the metal better. I know the one I ordered is
plastic, but I’m definitely gonna order a metal one,
because I like the weight better and I like the fact that
it’s metal, so the sounds it makes and yeah. I like the metal. I might have to
hide this from Bryce. Oh, you lost your
fidget spinner already? – So I created the
clan yesterday, I think. Or two days ago on Clash Royale. The clan, I think,
is already full, so… Every month, I am going to
kick everybody out of the clan so people that haven’t joined
and couldn’t join can join every month. So everybody that’s in right
now, you guys are gonna have ’til June and then
as soon as possible, I’ll try getting everybody out. So if you get kicked, it’s
not gonna be because I wanted you to be out, it’s probably
because I needed everybody to be out. And if you’re being mean
or you’re not, like, ever playing, you’re just never
on or you’re just being mean, then I’ll kick you. ‘Cause if you’re never
playing, then there’s no reason for you to be in the clan,
so someone else can join. And if you’re being mean,
it’s not allowed, so. So yeah, every month,
I’m gonna kick everybody out so new people can join. – And just like that,
guys, we’re back to normal. Back to our every day grind. Sports, school, home,
home life, that sort of thing. So thanks for watching, hope
you enjoyed the little duel vlog action
where we’re separated. I hate being separated, but
I always think the vlogs are better, ’cause… It forces Tiffany to vlog. It forces her to pick up a
camera and actually vlog because she has to. Show her and whoever she’s
with is doing and I love it. So I think the vlogs
are better when we split up. I know it sounds weird
but I think they are. I just wish she’d do that
all the time, you know what I’m saying? Any case, thanks for watching! Tomorrow,
Taco Tuesday, most likely. Back to the normal routine,
taking the kids to school and whatnot, so stay tuned,
check back tomorrow for that and vlog on! (upbeat music)

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