‘Build a buggy in your backyard’ part #1; engine & rear axle
‘Build a buggy in your backyard’ part #1; engine & rear axle

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! Welcome in my beautiful outdoor workshop It’s raining here, sort of bummer I’m working on a new project which is not finished yet and therefore I don’t have a very exciting video But of course I want to share it with you I’m building an offroad buggy I’ve done that before, that was a 4×4, lightweight with a fwd engine, put in the length Used the driveshafts as propshafts Two differentials and that’s how I made 4×4 My theory is; If I build a vehicle as lightweight as possible it will be good for offroad and that seems to work pretty well Now was my next idea; If I can build it more lightweight I don’t need 4×4 and will get even further. and then you get a buggy I had an engine with no use an Opel Astra diesel it was sitting a long time somewhere in a forgotten space It was hidden so well, I couldn’t even reach it with the forklift the truck with the crane also couldn’t get to it finally I managed to get it out with the forklift and a long beam that worked it was sitting outside for over a year so it was not sure it was running, we tested that it started! so that was 100 points There it is; our excellent Opel Diesel engine Or should I say; Isuzu engine it is not an Opel engine It’s a 1700cc, turbodiesel with an intercooler It used to be an Opel Astra I’ve cut all the rust away so this is what’s left of it Let’s see if it runs Is it in gear? Nope Good, that works already! Nice That’s allright My idea for the suspension was to use the front struts of a fwd car Put those in the rear, together with the wishbeams and driveshafts of the same car That way I can build a simple rear suspension and in the front somekind of kart with tubes I thought; extra leightweight, that is a good idea But of course.. a lot of people already build buggies So I checked on Google and I found out that the most use the rear suspension of a VW beetle at first I wasn’t sure why they do that Maybe I’m wrong.. I think they use these because this suspension has its wishbeam in front of the driveshaft instead of below and that will give more ground clearance So I thought; I need a beetle axle And what a coincident I found a stranded kit car project With an Audi 100 engine, a 5 cylinder and this had such an axle This thing was sitting there for a long time They stopped working on that car for 30 years ago stranded project.. The most of the people who build things have projects like that They needed to clean the place out and they wanted to get rid of the car, so I’ve bought it for not too much Got the car overhere So I wanted to see if this 5 cylinder still runs, it was sitting for a long time It was a K-jetronic a mechanical injection with a airflow meter of course that was stuck like a rock, didn’t work anymore But I wanted to test if the engine would run First checked if the engine wasn’t seized and that was okay I pushed the car to see if the engine was turning Then tried to crank it with the starter Good It was cranking then I wanted to poor some fuel in and see if it would run it turned out it didn’t have ignition Sorted the wiring harness out… total spaghetti.. disaster It’s a spaghetti… Sorted it all out, broken bobine was the cause I don’t have one.. all spare parts got burned.. I even don’t have a bobine So yeah.. So I couldn’t get it running, so that was an anti-climax So next; took the engine out and then fit that Opel Astra diesel into it I thought it wouldn’t fit haven’t seen anyone doing that before Like it’s made for it! Indeed… But not exactly It wasn’t bad a lot of cutting with the angle grinder and then it fit pretty well It kept me awake the night before I was thinking how I would fit that engine I thought it won’t fit The engine should get so far to the front With a beetle the gearbox and engine are in the length You have a very narrow gearbox, between the drive shafts That is perfect But with a fwd car the engine is placed in the width The engine is on the side like a big abscess That engine is where my suspension should be So I thought it won’t fit But it wasn’t too bad This drive shaft is a little short.. but we gave it all possible space we’ve cut a lot overhere in that corner You can’t see it, the engine is on top of it now It fits Next step is to cut the entire front of that car That’s all sheet metal, costed a lot of time to build I guess No offence to the one who build it, he did a good job But he wanted to build a sportscar and I want to build an offroad buggy that is not exactly the same so the front end; take that off I’ve bought a pile of tubes which I’m going to weld to it weld a frame, fit the seats on, steering wheel.. No front brakes, take that off I want no weight in front I want it to be as lightweight as possible in the front Maybe it can perform a wheely, nice! So… allright folks That’s it so that’s not really exciting but I hope you still like this video Thanks for watching and till next time! And I’m going inside, or I will be drowning here Maybe it’s an idea to build somekind of carport first I think we’re getting a lot more weather like this Excellent folks, thank you!

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    Het bouwen is super interessant, dus neem ons mee!

  2. twocvbloke says:

    Those Isuzu diesels were much better than the later GM diesels, being mechanical they're pretty tough and well-suited to "alternative fuelling", well worth saving old engine oil to feed to it… 🙂

  3. NotJohn says:

    Cant wait to see how this turns out. Any news on insurance from the old workshop?

  4. Noud Nijboer says:

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  5. Jules says:

    nieuwe camera ziet er heel goed uit!!

  6. MasterKiller NL says:

    Waarom doe je jou titel in het engels?… terwijl je alleen maar nederlands spreekt. ( dit Is geen haat reactie ) leuke video verder👍

  7. Thom Van De Steenoven says:

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  8. Thom Van De Steenoven says:

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  10. Borkzilla says:

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  11. Ignacio Camacho says:

    Don't trash the 5 cylinder engine, they're kinda cool, it'd be great to use it, also, 4×4 is a must have

  12. Tim stavenga says:

    Milo.komen er weer video's van de deutz loader

  13. Martijn Cornelissen says:

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  14. Pabcio says:

    5 cyl is way more fun :(. I would keep it and restore.

  15. Niels van Eck says:

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  16. choppersrule1 says:

    looks like an awesome project mate and if you keep it light enough it should go anywhere. can't wait to see the next video.
    have a great day and hello from australia.

  17. Marijn Appel says:

    Dikke video

  18. Bitelaserkhalif 555 • says:

    The 5 cylinder engine.. maybe the next project is a RaceKar?

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