Bulldog skateboards through legs of 30 people on Guinness World Record day
Bulldog skateboards through legs of 30 people on Guinness World Record day

We all know that skateboarding dogs are probably
the best type of videos on the internet but this one pooch goes one step futher. It is Guinness World Record Day and to celebrate Otto the bulldog set a world
record for the longest human tunnel travelled through
by a dog on a skateboard. The thrill seeking pup in Peru took to his
skateboard and sped through the legs of 30 people to
successfully break the record. The four-year-old animal also shows his skills
by cleverly shifting his weight on the board to navigate his way through the
curvy obstacle course, so he doesn’t bump into anyone’s legs. Yes the dog has more skills than me, and isn’t
that just a little bit sad. Several record attempts will be made around
the world to mark the 11th annual Guinness World Records Day
but none are quite as cute as this little dude. For his record breaking achievement crowds
gathered to give Otto attention and he seemed to be rather pleased with himself.

32 thoughts on “Bulldog skateboards through legs of 30 people on Guinness World Record day”

  1. Greenpoloboy3 says:

    cool but he needs to walk/run more….

  2. Russian Thrush says:

    He cheated at 0:26. He wasn't allowed to touch the ground, and he did it twice with his right front leg:)

  3. Віка Вікторія says:

    cool dog

  4. Stax Maye says:

    someone must have been really bored when they decided to make this a thing XD

  5. Bill Vapes says:

    He's going to get so much pussy

  6. chris4072511 says:

    That, as we say in Britain , is the dogs bollocks (0:10)

  7. chris4072511 says:

    That bit when he pushes with his foot is so unlikely that my brain processes it as being CGI.

  8. serben67 says:

    Perú ♥ The dog is Peruvian


    Tenia que ser peruano!!!

  10. tracy fun says:

    what a gem x

  11. Convict says:

    Amazing and cute

  12. ignissz says:

    Inspirated in the great Tillman! Amazing.

  13. MoistGoat says:

    The only way this dog would make it even cooler if he had some shades on.

  14. Mouse House says:

    this dog is so Awesome

  15. aristotle358 says:

    Incredible! I love it. The amazing way he steers his way through the legs and the way he propels himself with his paw. Just mental! If you didn't see it with your own eyes you would not believe the report.

  16. Fantage Fame says:

    anyone else saw the dude on 0:45 still spreading his legs open? This dog can skate better then me! 😀

  17. Arlo Pignotti says:

    And now eeeeeverybody has fleas on their balls.

  18. Jackson Lawn care says:

    So cute

  19. Alessandro Riutort says:

    thats not a skateboard lady

  20. Camila Nicole Vargas Machado says:

    otto i love

  21. Momerasa says:

    He's probably thinking." Calm Down Ladies…..There's Otto For Everybody"

  22. Lee타헨 says:


  23. Phoenix Robertson says:

    he is so cute

  24. 33thou says:

    Any one else laugh so hard?

  25. Maddy Bennett says:

    Came from Master of None

  26. Flávio Alberto says:

    Master of None.

  27. moxie girl says:

    That's one swood doggo.

  28. Das Butcher says:

    12 jerkoffs disliked this vid?

  29. Lizzy B says:

    I've watched this video so many times and it never gets old. ❤️😍

  30. Luis vlogs says:

    Master of none anyone ??

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