Burley Thru Axle | Instructional

In this video we will go over how to install
the Burley Thru Axle. To install the Thru Axle you’ll need a 5 millimeter
hex key, and a 17 millimeter wrench. Begin by removing the existing thru axle. Verify the thread of your new Burley Thru
Axle matches the thread of your old axle. If the threads don’t match you may damage
the frame on your bike. Insert the axle through the frame and rear
wheel. Carefully engage the threads and hand tighten. Ensure the axle is flush with the frame when
fully threaded. If the axle is not flush, or the threads are
sticking out the opposite side more than 2 millimeters, reinstall the axle using the
appropriate spacer. With a 5 millimeter hex key, tighten the axle
to 12 newton meters. Install the Burley hitch over the end of the
axle and lock it in place with the provided nut. While holding the thru axle in place with
the 5 millimeter hex key, tighten the nut to 20 newton meters using a 17 millimeter
wrench. Be careful, if you don’t hold the thru axle
in place while tightening the nut there is a chance you could damage the frame of your
bike, or break the end off of the axle. Make sure to consult your Burley trailer manual
for trailer attachment instructions.

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