Cable Ladder  | E-Line KCA OG | EAE Elektrik
Cable Ladder | E-Line KCA OG | EAE Elektrik

At the new state of art factory, which has 40,000 Square meters closed area located in Gebze Turkey, EAE is capable of meeting the needs of the Oil & Gas sector by combining our production and service policy at high standards with our fifty-year experience of R&D, designing and manufacturing in the electricity market. EAE has customised design and manufacturing capabilities in order to meet various needs of the new technologies in global Oil & Gas sector. With the specially designed form of the side rails, the bearing capacity is increased. Side rails have drainage holes to prevent water accumulation. In addition the perforated form of side rails make installation easier. Products are available in standard heights of 100, 125, 150 and 200mm and in various widths from 150mm up to 1100mm Rungs are made from special profiles called Binrak to strengthen the structure. 6mt option as standard length, enables support distance to be up to 6m, which decreases the number of supports and reduces total cost, H150 and H200 types of products comply to NEMA 20C standard. It is easy to conform to all architectural structure with 1620 pieces fittings. Vertical and horizontal modules can be manufactured in different radius and angles as per the needs of projects. Thanks to the specially designed Snap-On joints of the modules provide a fast installation without using any joint element KCA OG, which has an E90 certificate, was tested at 10000 °C fire conditions for 90 minutes. It was also certified to be used down to -70 °C extreme cold conditions. KCA OG heavy-duty Cable ladders are manufactured in environmentally friendly Gebze Factory, which has LEED GOLD certificate. Types of products KCA series consist of the following types KCA OG hot dipped galvanized steel & stainless steel KC AL Aluminium KCA GRP Glass reinforced polyester

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