California Roller Rink Is Failing – Bar Rescue, Season 5
California Roller Rink Is Failing – Bar Rescue, Season 5

And I skated here,
he gave me a job.
I’ve been working here
since high school.Jesse is kinda like
a fatherly figure.
What’re you gonna do,
have a tequila? I used to come here
and skate with friends
and family. It was a big part of a lot
of people that work here’s life. He’s big in the community. Coming out of high school,
I’d got an opportunityto be the general manager
of the skating rink.
I managed to work my way up
behind the counter,then I took over
the operation in 1998.
And I got to know
a large amount
of the community
that way.
With rolling profits
from the skating rink,
Jesse opened up
the Wheelhouse Bar in 2004.
When we first opened
up the bar, it was booming.
We instantly opened up at,
you know, making 25,000, it jumped
to 40,000 a month.Then it jumped– it peaked out
at 60,000 a month.
– We had a decade of that.
– Stephanie:I mean, I couldbarely walk around
to waitress tables
because many people. You can’t hang! Narrator:
But Jesse couldn’t
keep the training wheels
on his employees
for long.
It’s almost like
living in a home
with a lot
of brothers and sisters.
But we have a spectrum of
all personalities, by all means. Narrator:
And now his unruly staff
is spinning
out of control.
I’m the bitch
because I’m the only one
that says anything. Stephanie,
she’s a firecracker. I wanted to go in there and ( bleep ) that kid. Like, calm down
a little bit. So I’m ( bleep ) pissed. Policies aren’t being
adhered to. And each and every one of them
are at fault to that. Dean:
Jesse is more of a friend
than a boss.
Yay!He doesn’t want people
drinking behind the bar. He wants the cursing,
the swearing to come to a stop. Tell everybody
to ( bleep ) off. It goes in one ear
and out the other. And then Jesse’s
gonna act like nothing’s ( bleep )
going on. That’s what pisses me off.
And guess what? He’s hiding in the office
like a little ( bleep ) bitch. Stephanie:
Jesse’s a pushover,
and we just do whatever
the ( bleep ) we want. ( whooping ) Narrator:
Jesse’s already
struggling business
fell further behindwhen bigger corporations
moved into the area.
Some of the more
corporate chains moved
into the community, um, bigger budgets–
nicer, modern, new. Stephanie:
People don’t come to the bar
because it’s outdated.
It’s a ( bleep ) hole. Jesse:
Customers became
less and less frequent,
and I was getting behind
in paying credit card tips. I personally had a problem
with getting paid. Stephanie:
There was a time
for the whole year
that I wasn’t getting
my tip check. We have approximately
$165,000 in debt that I have accrued,
and I had to deplete 90% of my retirement
as well.If the bar closes,
the skating rink closes.
I know that a lot of families
are gonna be hurting. Narrator:
Now that Jesse
is barely skating by,
he’s decided
to pull back the doors,
bust open the books,
and make a call for help…
to “Bar Rescue.”But more than that
it’s my attachment
to the communityand those folks
that work for me.

22 thoughts on “California Roller Rink Is Failing – Bar Rescue, Season 5”

  1. VVSsplash! says:

    HEMET 😂😂

  2. Uber Bewber says:

    cant believe i worked at that shithole

  3. VTBM says:

    They should book punk shows again.

  4. Hardcore Harvest says:

    what is the address

  5. dogsitter68 says:

    a roller rink ?????????????????????????

  6. rltreasure says:

    OMG! The girls are too drunk and shouldn’t be working.

  7. Chef Smokey says:

    Ima admit this could be a good idea but if they maybe implemented a system where the adults who drink are given a wrist band that notifies the employees that they've been drinking and maybe give em a test or something to see if they were sober

  8. Chef Smokey says:

    Are we just gonna ignore the narrator's pun about this guy losing his business

  9. Donald Drumpf says:

    when people dont do their jobs, you fire them

  10. Tina Chandler says:

    There's nothing wrong with having fun at work. I work at a rink and not for the pain I have after one session it wouldn't be a job to me. You need to not hire 'rink rats'' unless they prove to you that they can work the job. 6 to 12 month probation. When they have the stripes/uniform on. They are an employee, NOT your buddy or friend. I can see advantages to this kind of set up. If you drink you get banded and not allowed to skate unless you pass a breath/test.

  11. Hot dog says:

    I paid 5 bucks to get in

  12. Gearbox20k920 says:

    I'm from hemet ca and I seen what going on in that place

  13. Jarrett Smith says:

    Hmmm…maybe Jesse doesn't want you drinking behind the bar…because employees aren't SUPPOSED TO DRINK ON THE JOB!!!

  14. Jarrett Smith says:

    Least it's a roller rink and not an ice rink. You don't want to combine alcohol with blades…

  15. Mickey Garlock says:

    I Skated for over 40 years, trust me, Alcohol and Roller Skates, no way. DUH.

  16. Mickey Garlock says:

    If it's adult night then why do I see only kids on the floor (which is attached to the Bar), duh, that's what you need, drunk 21 year old guys hanging around 15 year old girls.

  17. PunMasterTyler says:

    Jesse looks like a white Laurence Fishburne

  18. Gringo Espana says:

    Skating rinks are still a thing?

  19. Jessica I. Perez says:

    They didnt really do much to fix the bar tbh, biggest change I noticed when i went after they were there was the couch booth thing got fixed. The bathroom is still terrible they didnt do anything to make it nicer I hate having to go to the bathroom there its fucking creepy

  20. Jess Self says:

    Lmao i live in this town. I grew up here i know that bar a grill and in all honesty if people werent so rascist they would get more customers you're not going to go somewhere you don't feel welcome at.

  21. H C. says:

    What a bunch of selfish “friends/employees”
    Bunch of assholes!

  22. anthony evans says:

    Jon Taffer, please help me!!!!!

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