Canon C500 Mkii Review | Ultimate Full Frame 5.9k Documentary Camera?
Canon C500 Mkii Review | Ultimate Full Frame 5.9k Documentary Camera?

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  1. Drop It Studio says:

    6:01 Look like a Nvidia 3D render ads

  2. Lyle Thompson says:

    Happy belated birthday 🎁

  3. Caleb Owens says:

    Can we talk about that catch at 3:05? The referee is on x games mode

  4. Asten Regis says:

    Potato Jet: Leaves c500 mkii on the road in the background while vlogging. Car drives by so close.

  5. Doddsy says:

    Yo your birthday is one day after mine, happy birth xox

  6. M Private says:

    Hi potato! Quick question: is it posible to film 2k 120fps 10bit Pro Res 422 without crop, using the full frame sensor? Thank you in advance for your answer man! Love the budist part 😊

  7. Aldrin Detablan says:

    a little too late but Happy Birthday man!

  8. HACKER Pro says:

    Meet Your Asian Brother

  9. superjan008 says:

    Happy Birthday 😀😀😀

  10. Erskin Hansen says:

    You should upgrade your name its final form… Mash Potato Jet

  11. Sherry Bora says:

    I have a question; if you need to do a video tutorial while working with chemicals (spray paints, epoxy etc) where you have to use a full face respirator mask… are you stuck with voice-overs or is there a mic that will fit and work properly inside of a mask?

  12. Lightness Studio says:

    Happy B😁

  13. Dave Gesell says:

    Happy Birthday Gene!

  14. Lucian Mihai Purușniuc says:

    My first kid was born yesterday, on jan 24.

  15. Alexander Stover says:

    You aren't using your birthday powers enough. You should have banned us from making more UP jokes.

  16. SmallEagle FPV says:

    Excellent review! I have to say, you are one of THE best vloggers I have seen to date bro. Your vids are so enjoyable and informative, and your camera presence is stellar! The comedic aspect is a great touch. Keep up the great work!

  17. Patrick Kirby says:

    Test the Z Cam E2 F6!!! Would be an amazing comparrison!

  18. DON _ALD says:

    We used one of your videos in class today mahn, Happy 31st !!!!

  19. Philip England says:

    Happy Birthday Potato!

  20. Jeff Palmer says:

    Happy birthday Gene.

  21. Manuel Greil says:

    Sooo…….C500 giveaway? 🙂 🙂

  22. Affan Ahmed says:

    What about giveway

  23. paolobacardi says:

    Don't act your age, act your shoe size 🙂

  24. FRANKDEASYMILLZ319 says:

    happy birthday

  25. Орест Кайдрович says:

    з днем народження)

  26. Jarrett Paige says:

    Hey, your a year older than me. Joining you in the 30 club this March!

  27. Juan Quedo says:

    Gene at 31: Cool car, awesome motorbike, lots of very expensive cameras and lenses, successful youtube chanel…so on…
    Me close to 36: Oh look an old penny in my pocket…..

  28. Oscar says:

    I AM FROM SOUTH AFRICA!!! Shouting you out when my channel blows up 🤪 …

  29. Cassiar says:

    Just bought a c100 and I really did not want to watch this video. But I couldnt help it..

  30. ERFGjr Channel says:

    Gene is the only vlogger who can use a C500Mii as a vlogging camera and can switch places (countries) in just a blink of an eye and he is a potato.

  31. NathHeimberg says:

    Happy Birthday Potato! 👊

  32. Jasiek Polak says:

    Can you send me your autograph?

  33. V PR says:

    I think you can make a good documentary with a c100/2 for 2k-3k$ you dont need this. ROI is everything.

  34. DmitRU2007 says:

    It's ok, but we waiting Sony PXW-FX9 rewiew! The same camera, but 2 times cheaper!

  35. b says:

    who tf actually has enough money for something like this

  36. Mike Ofstedahl says:

    Awesome footage… Thanks Jet

  37. steelej80 says:

    The frame under the plastic of the camera will probably be magnesium like the other c-series cameras, so still lightweight but very strong. Not just plastic 🙂

  38. Andrew Spangler says:

    Happy birthday. Thanks so much for what you do.

  39. Overcast Video says:

    what lens hood specifically are you using on the 16-35??

  40. Tucker Horan Media says:

    Get this manz a lint roller!

  41. Ryan Dimal says:

    Happy belated birthday. How long of a recording time do you get with the battery? How many was brought to Thailand?

  42. azatecas says:


    this is happeniing in jake chudnow channel join in

  43. MENMProd says:

    TOP image quality ! and even more for handheld shots very nice ! and HBD young man ! :p

  44. Ben G says:

    3:16 Me enjoying my watermelon

  45. adrian hernandez says:

    What camera bag were you using while hiking? I recently got a c200 and plan to go hiking with it but im looking for good camera bags at the moment

  46. Sean Coley says:

    Happy birthday, Gene!
    I'm 31 and from NorCal too.
    That garbage truck made me nervous.

    Amazing footage!

  47. Ken Larson says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Silas Aldrich says:

    Happy birthday

  49. Photo Video Music and Cars says:


  50. Francis Williams says:

    Hey potato can you please do a beginner tutorial manual video guide on the Canon SL3 [250D] camera

  51. Vladgeance says:

    Any South Africans watching?…just me😓?

  52. Liberty Graphic Designs says:

    chicken!!! let me see that camera I'll put it in the pool for you

  53. Hank O says:

    Hey is there a place to upload your videos where we can see it uncompressed?

  54. Brandon Towns says:

    Happy birthday!

  55. Andrew Wilson says:

    Happy Birthday!

  56. Michael Schmitt says:

    Happy Birthday! I wish i could afford one.
    C500, not a Birthday. I've had too many of those already.

  57. Korey Bartos says:

    Damn I just love that camera and I'll never own one. The EOS R and GH5 is doing plenty for now. lol

  58. CHERYL THOMAS says:

    Do you think I stole some sunglasses? Bcuz there is a major difference from your eyes there than here blu blockers

  59. DEVUNK88 says:

    does it have IBIS?

  60. Waqar Hasan says:

    Hi. I like your videos. Because you express very naturally. Which is I think make me to hear you till the end….

    Keep on making awesome videos.

  61. DoBeDiff says:

    Same BIRTHDAY! Had a trip to hospital on my birthday had a swollen throat! Awesome my favorite Youtuber has same birthday as me! 😇

  62. NON says:


  63. Tigers Media says:

    happy birthday mate !

  64. Rom Tolentino says:

    How can you get that much dog fur on you?

  65. Amir Faruk says:

    I want to win whatever is in the giveaway 😂

  66. Tiago Zadra says:

    Happy Birthday Gene!

  67. Intanon Naksorn says:

    Welcome to Thailand!!!

  68. Archie Pina says:

    Happy Birthday!

  69. Chris Kelly says:

    niche video 🙂 fun to watch

  70. Beautiful COLOURS Entertainment Services says:

    Happy birthday jet…. Many more years in good health and prosperity….. Love ur reviews….. Keep them coming….. 👍

  71. Elfred Caparida says:

    I love that "zoooppp" sound effect 17:30

  72. JC De Necker says:

    Damm right if you're from South Africa, which I am!! Enjoy your videos, their Gene-ious!

  73. mokey tv says:


  74. Killian Bayer says:

    Not sure I like the highlight roll off of that 10bit codec. Also the mids seem a bit dark. But the 5.9k looks unreal!

  75. Divil22 says:

    Happy bday


    I came to show respect and love bro..Thumps up

  77. Sky D says:

    Nice video, but couldn't help notice is your Entourage and/ or colleagues sponsored by Insta360.? Lol. Anyways you guys brought all these cameras, but forgot to bring an instant print cameras. To share and give to the locals.

  78. 老喵 says:

    OMG,I was born in Jan 21st 1989.

  79. Hardened Studios says:

    My god that looks so filmic!

  80. David Eastham says:

    Keeping up my New Years Resolution by watching everything twice….both channels 😉

  81. Brian Webb says:

    Happy Birthday from a fellow 31 year old and aquarian

  82. M Go says:

    Hey, Potato. I've been following your channel for the last few weeks. Initially, I was only after your gear reviews and I actually found your energy a bit "extra" sometimes. But as I watched more and more videos, I realized that you're one of the most sincere and genuine and industrious content creators on this platform. I just saw Matti Haapoja's video about you and one of the commenters mentioned how you "sounded exactly the way Casey neistat sounded before his burn out", and for some reason, that freaked me out a little. Anyway, this is just a friendly reminder — take care of yourself, bro. You're one of the good eggs. I mean, potato.

  83. VJ LUZID Visuals says:

    Happy Birthday Bro ! wish you the best and a long life 🙂 love your videos <3

  84. Lukus Carter says:

    I appreciate your content Mr. Potato Jet.

  85. yehonatan harash says:

    50GB on cFast, they couldn’t just make an USBC!? ridiculous 😼

  86. LOLWUT says:

    your pronunciation Sawad dee krab is perfectly. you are good to go

  87. David Sr says:

    Happy Birthday Mr Potato Man!

  88. RiNus World says:

    The C500 is monstrous… beautiful camera. Do a BMPCC4K vs C500

  89. Mr. Incredible says:

    Happy bday 🔥

  90. nomad: says:

    I get so giddy looking at Canon C line footage! Love how it shapes light!

  91. TheSmeagol630 says:

    Arri Alexa vs Canon C500MkII? That'll get some views…

  92. Filming with ACarp says:

    Omg I was dying when you said you vlog'd with it / did it. Great video though love your stuff. I'll be sticking with my small Panasonic G85 though 😉

  93. Eldiiar Azemov says:

    Are u drank ?

  94. B Moso says:

    Happy Birthday!

  95. Alex Ma says:

    Happy New Year Mister!!! Happy Birthday too!!!

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