Hi guys. Welcome to another episode of Yob Fishing Channel. Today I’m going to share with you how to do minor maintenance on my Shimano Casitas 151HG reel. In the previous vlog, I accidentally fell into the river together with my fishing gear. Due to the accident, the inner part of this reel was completely filled with sand until it was totally jammed and I couldn’t even turn the handle. After I got home that day, I have cleaned and removed all the sand inside. But I found that the sand has reached into two of the bearings. So, I ordered the spare parts to replace the broken parts. Today, the spare parts have arrived. These are the two bearings that I bought plus a pin for the drag clicker which I accidentally lost after I cleaned the reel that day. So this is the pin. Without further ado, let’s start with the repair. Take out the spool. Next unscrew the handle cover. I want to show you the star drag If you can see the inside part of it There is a space for spring and small pin That pin for the clicker sound. This is the part that went missing that day. This is spring for star drag. This is the main gear. The pinion gear. I will take it out. It has one drag washer at the back. Next, I will take out these two springs. This is the bearing that I’m going to change. The old bearing has sand inside it and it is not running as smooth as it should be. If you guys can see this part. This is the pin that I mentioned earlier. This one I will change later. Now let’s change the first bearing. We can now screw it back. Now I will open this tension knob. There is one spring here. That is the bearing. Now we’re done replacing the bearings. Let’s put all the parts back together. This is one of the important part we need to be careful with. These are the drag metal washer. It is not totally straight and is slightly curve. Make sure you install it opposite of each other. Before I forget, I need to insert back the clicker pin. These parts are really tiny If we are not careful, we can easily lose them. Now it’s done. Now the reel feels smooth once again. One more thing I want to show to you guys. The drag clicker which I put back. Now we can hear back the sound. That’s all for today’s episode on the tutorial to open and change the parts for baitcasting reel. Until we meet again in another episode. Thanks for watching.

9 thoughts on “CARA SERVIS REEL SHIMANO CASITAS 151HG (Ganti Bearing)”

  1. Alzereen Yen says:

    ❤❤ Blh test buka sediri…😁


    Makin longcast lah udah di ganti Bering baru nya bro

  3. Zol Abdul says:

    Terbaik bagus juga rosak baru tau nk repair……. 😃👍

  4. Ajeyy Backlash Caster says: kalau saya bukak utk servis reel bc sy, confirm beli lagi satu.. 😅😂

  5. Arin Channel says:

    Terbaik servis yg simple dan syok tengoknya. Tapi lagi best kalau sipo tnjuk sekali bahagian mana yg perlu di grease huhu

  6. ham zah says:

    Blh ler service reel teman plk yoeb 😂

  7. Shark X Fishing says:

    Terima kasih yob ilmu

  8. fawaaa nothappy says:

    yob aku nye casitas drag da xde bunyi..tpi clip kecik tu masih ada ngn spring..knapa ye?

  9. DhaossChannel says:

    video yg bagus….yop boleh servis bc teman yob….udoh 2x masuk ayorrr

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