Castle Nuts – How to Install or Fit a Cotter Pin and Slotted Nut | Fasteners 101

Here we have a castle nut. These are typically These are typically used on cars. You’ll find them on axles where they hold on wheels and bearings; rotors. We’re going to demonstrate this one also for you. Whereas we’re going to drill out a bolt, slide the cotter pin in to show you how this is locked in place. Here I have a castle, which we’re going to drill a hole for this cotter pin to go through the castle nut. I am going to, in where these little grooves are, in the castle nut, i’m going to set myself a little starter. I’m going to take my drill. So this is 1/8″; this cotter pin Is one-eighth of an inch in diameter. I’m going to drill a three-sixteenth hole. What’s key here is that you hold the drill level. So when you come out the other side, that you come out right where the exit through that prong (is). Of course, I need to add some lubricant. Make sure my bit lasts me for a while. I’m drilling stainless steel here. I’m eyeing straight across, as I’m drilling this, I’m eyeing straight across the screw to make sure I’m running in the right direction. In most cases, most cases this hole is there for you already, and you don’t have to drill it but in some situations you may have to do that. So I’m sliding that through, there’s your cotter pin. Gonna grab my little pliers here. I’m going to bend this around. To lock this in place. This’ll make sure that your wheels don’t pop off if this is going on your car. This is your protection of that. And then that’s not going anywhere. It’s locked in place. That’s the whole mechanism behind a castle nut. There you go. Subscribe, like, comment. Visit us at for 50,000 SKUs right off the rack, ready to ship. We look forward to seeing you in our next video.

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