Change of Wheel Bearing  Sprinter Vito and Crafter
Change of Wheel Bearing Sprinter Vito and Crafter

Read Description. This is not a how to video – but i have the whole process descriped in the description of this video Description should tells you everything you need to know I hope this inspired you! Have a great day πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Change of Wheel Bearing Sprinter Vito and Crafter”

  1. Michael Aldridge says:

    I have just purchased a pair of rear wheel bearings just like the one in your video. When I asked my local VW garage how much it would be to fit them, they said they have no experience with only fitting the bearings, and that they always renew the drive shaft too. I think they were trying to get more money out of? I would be interested to see more of your bearing swap as I am seriously considering doing them myself now.

    My VW Crafter is also a 2012 model.

    Can you explain what exactly you are doing in this video? Why is the bearing housing hot for example?

  2. Steven Foxall says:

    About to do this on my 2008 sprinter. Any advice on getting the retaining clip back on if it comes off ?

  3. Hans-Peter Bachmann says:

    Update: I have a few dislikes, i could see that many have seen the video using a phone or not bothered reading the description or otherwise just not liked the video.
    I have added subtitles pointing to the description, hope this helps.
    About the Sprinter: it had severe engine problems resulting in a new high pressure pump and injectors (only started using ether), then the turbo went, and the driveshaft got out of balance, making the whole car shake, the car was sold for a very low price because of this.

    – i would not recommend anyone a Sprinter or Vito, at least not any of the models i have used.

    t. HP

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