Chev Malibu LS `13 rear wheel bearing replace code 45 abs trac light on
Chev Malibu LS `13 rear wheel bearing replace code 45 abs trac light on

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8 thoughts on “Chev Malibu LS `13 rear wheel bearing replace code 45 abs trac light on”

  1. Mark Anderson says:

    nice job. good attention to detail

  2. Auto Dr diy says:

    Something that I could have pointed out that may be a diagnostic time saver is, that if an abs code related to the sensor is confirmed, the magnet on the wheel bearing is clearly visible from the under-side of the vehicle. And should be inspected for pieces of the magnetic strip missing, and if verified damaged, the diagnostic is ended. And a new wheel bearing will be needed to resolve the problem.

  3. Michael Colgan says:

    Good video you are a good mechanic…And thanks for explaining the wheel sensors that was the info I needed …. fyi I ordered these exact bearings from detroit axle in Michigan $80 for two . I installed two in my work van good product ….
    Auto zone wanted $180 for one

  4. Mike Ham says:

    Great video, now I know what I am looking for, the internet is an amazing thing.

  5. kent hardman says:

    Thanks for making this video and explaining the steps so clearly. As it turns out, I have the same exact problem with the same LR wheel on my 2013 Malibu. 41,000 miles and I've kept the underside clean. Wondering if the deteriorating magnetic ring on the GM installed hubs are a design or poorly made part problem. The back of the bearing hub and ring are really exposed to the elements. Seems like that area should be closed up. Or, maybe it needs to be open for ventilation/cooling. I verified my broken ring today, off to Autozone ($120) tomorrow. Thanks again!

  6. itsjojo4 says:

    2014 Malibu Abs – Thank you for this video. I like your calm style….. I have this problem and will attack it tomorrow if all goes well. You really really did a good job on this video. It helped me tons!

  7. John Notmylastname says:

    Would a slide hammer work for getting that old bearing off? Also, where do you put the jack under the car?

  8. Angel Velasquez says:

    I have a Lt need to replace front hub then maybe rear Bearing need to know what tools are needed to replace the bearing

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