Citroen Berlingo OBD2 Port Location
Citroen Berlingo OBD2 Port Location

Hello everyone it’s ‘Lurgs’ here welcome to my channel and today the OBD2 location on the Citroen Berlingo. Before we get started there’s a link above now about the battery location and
how to check the battery on your Citroen Berlingo. This is the model here
that we’re going to find the OBD2 port connector on. What you do is you go up to
the driver’s door, open the driver’s door, and there’s a panel just under the
steering wheel here, and it’s this panel here, the OBD2 connector (which sounds
like a Droid from Star Wars) is behind this panel, so just pull it towards you
just be wary of the clips at the bottom, you don’t want to snap those off, so just
kind of pull it away and upwards and the OBD2 port connector is there. So if you
want to read any error codes or reset any error codes then take your OBD2
reader your handheld computer and just plug it into that socket and it can only
go in one way, note the lines of the angles on each end.
Now with some OBD2 handheld computers the ignition needs to be on, sometimes it
doesn’t, it just depend,s just keep an eye on the screen on your handheld device,
now my advice is if you’re going to be getting an OBD2 reader make sure it’s
definitely compatible with the vehicle that you’ve got because they do all vary
slightly, most of them will read error codes but
not all of them will be able to reset error codes, so it’s very important that
you get a decent one, but it all depends on what you pay for.
Okay so once you’ve reset any error codes or read any error codes you can
then unplug your computer. There’s a nice cup of tea there on the floor I
think I’ll have that in a minute. Put the panel back in, so offer the clips up at
the bottom first and then just push it in, just give it a little tap, and there
is a link above now about the recommended tire pressures for your
Citroen Berlingo, and after all that hard work it’s time for a lovely cup of tea
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  2. Sam C says:

    Cheers! Somehow missed it in there…

  3. Dim Donut says:

    Many thanks for the video! (berlingo owner)

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