Clutch Replacement On A Motorcycle or Atv – Clutch Installation
Clutch Replacement On A Motorcycle or Atv – Clutch Installation

HI, I’m Eric from Rocky Mountain ATV/ And today I’m going to show you how to replace a clutch on an atv or a motorcycle. To start with you are going to need a service manual. They’ll give you the specifications and procedures you’re going to need that’s specific to your vehicle. We’re going to put in a Tusk Clutch Kit today. It’s always a good idea to soak the friction plates, overnight is best. Go ahead and get the oil evenly on both sides. On some bikes it’s going to be necessary to remove the brake pedal. Other bikes you can just put the pedal out of the way. To do this we’re going to spread the
brake pads. And then push down on the brake pedal and wedge a screwdriver to hold that lever down. We’re going to go ahead and take off the clutch cover. Of course you’ll need to have the oil drained before you take off the cover. On some machines, especially a lot of the later 4-strokes you have to take the entire side case off. It doesn’t have just a clutch cover. With the bolts removed we can go ahead and take the clutch cover off. This is a great time to inspect our gaskets. Some models have o-rings, others are actually gaskets. You’ll probably have to replace it. We’re going to take the pressure plate off by loosening the bolts in a criss-cross pattern. Now we’ve got the bolts, there’s springs right behind them. Sit those aside. We’re going to take the pressure plate off. When you do this, there should be the lifter. On some models there is actually a ball
bearing the sits in the bottom of that so watch out for that. Next we’re going to take the plates out. Some machines may have jutter springs or cushion rings. If you’re reinstalling an OEM clutch these will need to go back in so pay close attention to how these were positioned. Jutter springs or cushion rings will not go back in with most aftermarket clutch kits unless the instructions say otherwise. On this particular Tusk Kit they will not go back in. Now is a great time to inspect the outer basket and inner hub. If there’s any grooving it will actually
make the clutch feel grabby. If there is excessive wear it might be necessary to replace both items. Okay, now we’re going to go ahead reinstall the clutch plates, and you always start with a friction. And then a metal or steel, this could be
steel or aluminum. And just keep alternating until you get to the last plate. And the last plate will again be, if you’ve done it correctly it will be a
friction plate. Now the lifter is going to go back on. The pressure plate. The springs and the bolts. We’re going to tighten these in a
criss-cross pattern. Approximately 7 to 9 foot pounds
of torque. Refer to your service manual for exact specifications. Clean off the sealing surfaces. Put your clutch cover back on. The specifications are normally about 8 pounds or torque for the outer cover. Go ahead and pump your brake back up. Now is a great time to fill the engine back up with oil and then we need to check our clutch lever free play. You need about 3 to 4 millimeters
of free play. If you don’t have free play and the cable is too tight it can cause premature wear of your clutch plates. Once you do this you’re all done.

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  1. Samuel Davis says:

    I have a 88 bayou, i took the clutch out, fixed it and put it all back together and now I cannot get a spark, what would cause this?

  2. glinnz05 says:

    I ave a problem with the cr-500, everytime i let the clutch out the front wheel wont stay on the ground…

  3. fuckingkidsthesedays says:

    wow i work on cars and thought these clutchs would be hard but this is really simple 🙂

  4. Calebtms says:

    I have an 04 crf250r when the bike is off not running in gear and I pull the clutch it wont move. Do u know what is wrong with it?

  5. ant says:

    ROCKY MOUNTAIN=THE BEST!!!! Keep it good guys

  6. ant says:

    Something with the flywheel/magneto perhaps?

  7. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:


  8. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    You shouldn't have had to tear into anything with the electrical system while replacing the clutch. Have you disconnected any wiring by chance?

  9. Jeff Boomhauer says:

    i got a 98 honda cr250, i think the plates are slipping to much and there is also when im sitting in neutral warming her up and i pull in the clutch to shift to 1st i hear some noise going away from the clutch side when its not pulled in it makes a whoosh whoosh sound in beat of the rpms, im thinking of replacing them this spring.

  10. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    Yeah if your plates are slipping I would definitely replace them, it sounds like that is what may be causing that weird noise as well

  11. Andrew Cameron says:


  12. dello abusayaf says:


  13. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    You're welcome! Thanks for watching

  14. ngv4ever says:

    I have Aprilia RS50 05 year (with the old look). Is my clutch change any different from this one, shown in the video ?

  15. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    Obviously things will look a little different but for the most part yes it will be similar to the clutch replacement done in this video

  16. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    Glad we could help!

  17. Farmer2492 says:

    great video motorbike shop told me my 1989 ag bike clutch plates needed a motorbike technician to fit them as they have specialist tools

  18. Farmer2492 says:

    Also on my ag bike the clutch adjuster near the clutch lever is adjusted as far as it can go and clutch is very spongy will it be the clutches or weak springs

  19. chris elabaza says:

    With my kx 65 my clutches were stuck from the motor oil the people we got it from so we got a good price because my dads a mechanic so we had to clean off everythong in the clutch we used transmission oil instead of motor bnow it runs perfect

  20. idin03 says:

    if only they had a video on how to install a clutch on a small weed wacker engine that uses 2 clutch shoes with bolt mountings on each shoe with the right type of washers, torque settings, etc. i just cant find one detailed video that shows this, and the problem im having may have to do with the clutch.

  21. idin03 says:

    i guess il just say whats my problem here and maybe somone will haev a solution, the engine was new and installed on a gas scooter with also new belts, tires, bearings, etc, after a week or so, for some reason, the engine didnt transfer power right anymore, slower and slower top speed as a result of shorter powerband, and weaker torque, the wierd part is the engine still has good compression as tested by the shops and nothing else was suspected as wrong, so could be possibly be wrong?

  22. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    I'm not sure if we can help you because i'm not sure how that motor is setup but if the compression is fine like you said i would look into the drive system. A worn belt or something is slipping…

  23. idin03 says:

    im selling the engine now, i just lost my patience and i want to try something different, but i think i found what the problems were, i believe it was the gasket in between the carburetor and intake manifold not sealing right as a result of uneven surfaces during the port process of the intake entry hole which resulted in a air leak, the slipping was i think from the clutch design, the specific clutch i had probably wasnt meant to be used on a scooter but only meant for a lawn and garden trimmer

  24. idin03 says:

    though it couldve been different things, to my knowledge, those were the only things that i could possibly think of that could of affected the performance, sadly, im deciding to sell the engine because i dont want to deal with all the problems it has, of course, it probably wont be different when i get a different setup because almost always i encounter a new problem, but at least i learn a few things here and there as well.

  25. MrMerkcityking says:

    my clutch doesn't disengage

  26. tom14503 says:

    HI please help,
    I just bought a new clutch kit for my cr250 (2003) the kit that I took of the 250 is not the same as the new one I just bought, it dose not have the we groves in the clutch plates. when I was buying the kit it says its for a cr250 (2003) but dose it mattor that they are not the same looking plates .

    thanks in advance any help be great.

  27. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    The friction plates may look a little different so long as you have the same number as what came out of the bike. Same thing for the drive plates.

  28. tom14503 says:

    When I put all the plates in the basket, then pull the clutch leaver there is nothing there sose this mean I needs new cable or it

  29. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    What bike is this on? Have you reinstalled the pressure plate, springs and bolts as well?

  30. tom14503 says:

    It's a 2003 Honda cr250, I changed all the plates and springs only. When I put all together you can see that the lifter is not moving out far enuf to push the pressure plate out so dose this mean its the wrong lunch kit I got of the company or do I need a new cable. Thanks so much for your help.

  31. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    Have you tried adjusting the cable? You also made sure that your installed the same number of friction plates correct? If everything installed just fine i'm betting you've got something else going on. Maybe go over the install again and make sure nothing is missing or out of place

  32. tom14503 says:

    evry thing is in place and done right , i put the old clutch back on and the leaver worked fine as the lifter was pushing the pressure plate out. so would it be the cable that might need replaced would you think

  33. Jorge says:

    whats the name of the tool you are using to pull the screws???

  34. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    Those are just a couple T-Handles. . . sizes 8 and 10mm. We sell these individually or in sets together.

  35. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    I'm just thinking if your cable works fine with the previous clutch it shouldn't change with the installation of this clutch. Have you tried using your stock clutch springs to see if that makes a difference at all. Also i would measure your friction plates thickness to see if they are in line with what your service manual says.

  36. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    You should have the bike in gear and then you should be able to just remove each bolt. You might have to sorta pop them like what's shown in the video…. Let me know if you still have trouble

  37. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    First off are you sure you aren't missing any components to the clutch? Second have you measured the thickness of your clutch plates to make sure they are in spec with what the service manual says. Is the push rod moving the pressure plate at all?

  38. txsizzler says:

    You make it look easy! I may be doing this.. noticed some lower end clutch slippage today, gonna change my oil first though and see if that is the culprit (wet clutch).

  39. 3 Subscribers Without Any Videos!!!!! says:

    IF ANYONE NEEDS A MANUAL FOR A 1989-95 Suzuki RM80-250 don't buy it msg me I will send you the link for a free manual.. ur welcome I saved u $7-$80 depending on where u live

  40. Tom Platz says:

    Badass vid. Thanks !

  41. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:


  42. JMP74 says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! I have one question. The new clutch plate i recieved have no manual.. User manual says it has a color on the plates, but because its not a OEM clutch there is no color on the fricton plates. Does it matter if i just put it in? The plates are all the same thickness but the grave/lines are different and not the same, i hope you can help me, Thanks! (RM125, 2005)

  43. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    Which clutch kit did you get for your bike? A lot of times your OE setup will have different plates for the inside and outside of your clutch stack but then the aftermarket clutch plates will all be the same. If all the plates are the same i would say it's safe to go ahead and install them.

  44. JMP74 says:

    Thanks!! It is a Driven Performance Clutch Kit

  45. penuh dosa says:

    Excuse me
    What is the solution if my transmission jammed when i lower the transmission? Can anybody help? Wet Clutch. Yamaha 135cc 2T. Thank you very much if you reply.

  46. Nick Joslin says:

    Is replacing the clutch really this easy? I would have thought that this process would be much more difficult.

  47. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    No you can go ahead and remove them from the oil shake them off a little and then place them right into the stack. As for the grooves in the top of the friction plates i will usually stagger then with each friction installed. They help with oil pickup but it doesn't matter where they are located in relation to the other friction plates

  48. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    Nope it's very simple as long as you get everything back in the correct order you should be good to go. After installing a new clutch you have to adjust the freeplay in the system but that's basically all that a clutch replacement consists of

  49. mike honkoski says:

    done a thousand of em, if the clutch plates are not worn through, sand the metal clutch plates till you have all the shine taken out. The springs now, as you might notice the springs need to fit in between the preasure housing and the spring hold down post.( Nearly impossible to find washers for ) But it just so happens that the washer that spark plugs come with on them will fit perfectly. Add three of these to every spring and you wont have any clutch slip and the whole job will have been free

  50. k6sv650 says:

    How do you know how many pounds you're putting on the bolts?

  51. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    Use a torque wrench to know how tight they are… I prefer the dial gauge torque wrenches but a click type in inch pounds would work great as well…

  52. Yasser B.T says:

    good job dear

  53. Lokesh Jain says:

    Hi Guys, Learn how to service your Honda, watch service videos on my channel "Lokesh Jain" or just click on my name link here…

  54. TrademarkTJ says:

    Hi rockymountain do you have to soak clutch plates in oil?

  55. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    That is the manufacturers recommendation

  56. colt2056 says:

    I have an older bike 97. Should torque the bolts to spec? I'm talking head bolts. Lower case everything? I'm going to be splitting the case

  57. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    Yes you should always torque each bolt to spec and in the correct order. It's always best to refer to your service manual for these specifications and procedures.

  58. colt2056 says:

    i've heard of a lot of people snapping bolts when putting everything back together do you think new bolts should be used?

  59. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    New bolts are not necessary and using your stock bolts will be fine. You just want to be sure everything is together properly when you begin tightening down the bolts. Also i recommend using a high quality torque wrench. I have heard of a lot of people using a "click type" torque wrench that will go down to something like 5ft lbs but a lot of the cheaper ones are really not all that accurate once you get down that low. I like to use the gauge torque wrenches when i'm rebuilding.

  60. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    There was a small amount of grooving and wear on both this inner hub and outer basket but it wasn't enough for us to replace them at this time… Also sometimes when the basket does get grooved you can get away with just carefully filing down the grooves instead of having to buy a new basket.

  61. SlickNicklol says:

    I ordered a tusk clutch tool from yall, best 15 bucks ever

  62. pinder singh says:

    hey i just put a brand new lifan 125cc motor in my mini chopper and on the gear box it says the gearing is 1 N 2 3 4. But i cant find the neutral gear i press down as much as i can on the leaver and press it once up. and it seems to go straight into 2nd gear. please help me i have no idea on what to do 

  63. pt6765 says:

    I just bought a tusk clutch kit for my 06 crf 450r and I pulled the old pads out and there was only 7 pads but the tucks has 9 but only 8 fit. Does the tusk clutch always come with extra or am I missing somthing?

  64. Justin Sullivan says:

    I have a 05 yfz450 n I think the springs or spring is rattling on the primary gear is this common cuz if I start the bike n let it idle I dont hear anything but as soo as I giving it gas I hear a rattle noise n if I put a screw driver to my ear it sound like its coming for clutch side

  65. ROTAXD says:

    '02 ds 650. Is it possible for the clutch to slip only on 4th & 5th gear under hard acceleration? You can still ride all day w/o a slip as long as you're not running past 3/4 throttle in 4th or 5th.

  66. Justin Sullivan says:

    Yea on the right side im going to pull the primary gear basket n see if the 4 or 5 spring on the back r loose but u would think I would feel something if my clutch

  67. Missouri Rideout says:

    Tusk tools and parts are absolutely great! Wonderful value!

  68. Junior Ramirez says:

    I have a 2004 honda trx450r and my quad wont switch into 2nd gear im assuming its my clutch or can it also be my transmission

  69. Gamerplays says:

    how do i tell if i have a clutch problem? i have kawasaki kx65 and the rear wheel wont do a full spin. As i push my kick my kickstart the rear wheel jerks any ideas on what to do?

  70. joey yang says:

    My kx 85 is stalling when i pull the cluch in then put in gear it will stall out unless i give gas but will want to still go with the cluch in… i think the cluch is bad i dont know need so help

  71. AR Gun says:

    Hi.. When we open the cluth and then install again .. Is that the cluth plate has a marking when install???

  72. Kyle Hesketh says:

    hi, thanks for the video, but when i try and undo the nuts that hold the springs, the whole clutch plate start to spin with the movement, how can i stop this from slipping


  73. Joseph Riley says:

    Hi I have a 05 drz400sm an I just did the clutch wire, tusk clutch plates, springs etc an I left both cushion plates in an it's slipping I took off both cushion plates an it's still slipping do you know what's the problem? Am I suppose to only leave 1 cushion plate or? Please let me know asap

  74. Rocky Mountain ATV MC says:

    @Joseph Riley As with most aftermarket clutch kits any stock cushion rings or jutter springs you'll remove them with the installation. With this Tusk Clutch Kit you should have 8 Friction Plates and 7 Drive Plates. No cushion rings should be left in. Have you adjusted the free play in your clutch cable? How long since you installed this kit into your bike?

  75. Levi Palmer says:

    Is there a specific pattern the drive plates should be set in? I have a 2009 rmz 250

  76. Lil E says:

    hey man I'm having an issue with my my Yamaha blaster 200, when put into gear it will not drive, rolls freely when put into gear like its in neutral.

  77. Miguel Tovar says:

    When installing this tusk clutch kit on a 06 raptor 700 do you still need to remove the Cushing ring

  78. Terrance Sampson says:

    Thanks great informative & helpful video

  79. Bradley Simpson says:

    i know this has nothing to do with this but youve helped me before. i have a 97 rm250 i just recently lost spark. so im testing my ignition coil and it says test the ohms at 1k but my multimeter only has 200 and 2k so on 200 it reads .5 but the manual calls for 1.7-2.3 at 1k. is my coil good or no?

  80. King Matthews says:

    Do you guys have a video on how to replace a wiring harness idk if it's gonna be hard or not because I have to change one for a 2007 dr650se

  81. Francisco Ruiz says:

    where one of the bolts insert with the spring broke. so know i can only tighten 4. do i need a new inner basket?

  82. Kevin Stearns says:

    do they all have cushions? you have one on how to change the clutch basket?

  83. Mountain Man Redneck says:

    Can anyone here help me?
    I recently bought a 300 bayou 4×4 and replaced the timing chain, valves in the head, and new clutch plates in secondary and clutch shoes in the primary but didn't replace the hub. The problem I'm having is when I put it in gear and try to take off it is slipping bad . On flat ground it will go but slips but on any incline it won't move and can hear it slipping. I put everything back together as it came out. On the secondary the plates are loose and move around in the basket is this normal? Do I need to replace the hub? It was slipping before I replaced everything also

  84. Josh Turner says:

    hey man nice video but could use your help have a Honda rancher trx 350 would the best like the idea is so could u link a video of u doing one

  85. casey evane says:

    why is my 84 honda 3wheeler 200 big red not going when i give it gas? Doesn't bog down, just barely moves and very slowly increases speed. help please

  86. Donny The Dealer says:

    so I have an issue with my clutch I was hoping you could help me with. when I pull in the clutch level when the bike is in gear the rear tire doesn't roll. it's almost the same as trying to push the bike in gear without pulling in the level. please reply if you know what's up.

  87. James Radabaugh says:

    i dont get what your doing you skip alot of things i understand your replacing clutch plates i have 97 Honda Foreman 400 i need to reinstall the clutch plates and the friction plates have groves at the end does it matter where they go

  88. Conner Rambo says:

    is this the guy from "Dirtbike channel" talking?

  89. Twist_It_With_Ty_YT says:

    Wait a sec… I ordered my Ninja 250 rear tire from you guys! Thanks!

  90. Omar Ugoletti says:

    my bike KX250f make strange noise and when I press the clutch disappear. any suggesting ??

  91. RollTide8569 says:

    Help! I changed my clutch out and im stuck in one gear and do have reverse

    i remember when i took the plates out the whole turned to the right like a quarter turn

    2006 Kfx 400

  92. Zack Caldwell says:

    when I take the clutch cover off, the pressure plate is spinning with it for some reason, what do I do?

  93. Ryan Lee says:

    is this same as a crf250l ? 2013

  94. Scott Ohler says:

    In a couple days I'm looking a Yamaha warrior it's real clean but the owner says the valves need adjusted and it needs a clutch so how do you tell if the valves need adjusted and how do you tell if the clutch is bad I just want to be sure it don't need something else and hes just telling me it needs this and that. thanks

  95. Robert Watson says:

    So would I be best to do this if when I try to put it into gear it lurches forward and dies. It kinda acts like I'm not pulling the clutch in at all. I've already tried to adjust it at every possible spot.

  96. WillieandTrish Davidson says:

    When I start my moto 4 and go to take off it doesn't want to hardly move like it's slipping. I've tried to adjust it and the adjuster seems lose can somebody tell me what's going on with it

  97. ProperSkill says:

    This video is so old its obsolete. Clutch plates don't even look like that anymore.

  98. Shahidul Islam says:

    very nice

  99. Joseph Breault says:

    Song in the intro?

  100. Jay Dee says:

    Am I the only one watching this video thinking this is so easy!?!?!

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