Command Blocks – AVM Shorts Episode 6
Command Blocks – AVM Shorts Episode 6

If you enjoy these videos and you play Minecraft, you may also enjoy playing on my Minecraft Server! Details are in the description. Yellow: I’ve been wanting for a long time to hold the block again. *Yellow climbs* *Yellow looks around* *Yellow grabs the block with hesitation* Yellow: Yoink! *looks around again* Yellow: ooh, Redstone Torch! *grabs a bunch of Redstone-Related stuff* Yellow: Wait. Forget the roller coaster…not after the last time… Yellow: I’ve been wondering, what’s at the end? *scrolling* Yellow: Hmm? Yellow: What? That’s it?! C’mon, there’s gotta be more! Yellow: AAAAARGH! *Breaks the rules of Minecraft* Yellow: Umm… Yellow: What. Yellow: The Yellow: heck Yellow: is Yellow: this? *Decides to take the command block* *while taking the rest* Yellow: Time to experiment! *closes the Windows 10 Start button* Yellow: Let’s see here. *taps with much curiosity/excitement* Yellow: Oooh. Yellow: Uhh… Yellow: Hmm… Yellow: What shall I type? Yellow: START! *clicks* *and he waits* Yellow: C’mon. Yellow: Anything? Yellow: Whoa. What’s this piece of- Yellow: These must be the… instructions. Yellow: Let’s see here. Yellow: “give yellow”… Yellow: …”command_block 64”. *quickly reads* *puts the command scroll down* *grabs button* Yellow: The moment of truth. (ooh suspense) *clicks* That… was… Yellow: AWESOME!!! Let’s do some more! *clickety clickety click* *clicks* Yellow: oH yEa *backspaces* *click clack* *GO* Yellow: Mmm Hmm *more reading* *selects, then deletes* *more click-clacks* DISSAPEAR! *quick-read once again* *selects, then deletes again* *even more clicky-clooks* *ARMOUR STAND* *looks at armor stand* *proceeds to click clak a lot of advanced code* *click* *slight clicky again* *click* Yellow: Ooohh.. Yellow: YEAH!!! *Yellow is proud of his creation* Yellow: Aha! *proceeds to build a master trolling machine* “testfor @a[r=12-” Operation 1: The Cake is a Lie Red: (humming, minding his business) Red: Oooh! Cake. *runs to said cake with hunger* *looks around* *Cake “teleports”* Red: What the- *runs over to cake with confusion* *Cake “Teleports”* *attempts to catch the cake* *Cake “teleports again* Red: Wha- How in the world? Yellow: (giggles) *clickety-cloks* *readies the hand-button-pusher* Red: NOT THIS TIM- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH- oof Red: 0_o *Armor Stand turns* *Armor Stand puts up hands* *Armor Stand waves* Red: … Red: Hi 😀 *Armor Stand puts out cake* Red: :O *Armor Stand stops Red* Red: Ok.. O_o *Apple* *Puts apple on head* *Gives bow and arrow* Red: Woah. Okay, a little bit of aim accuracy needed here. *Points to apple* Red: Why am I doing this? *Stretching* *Poof :3* Armor Stand: 😀 Red: 😀 *Bow dissapears* Red: Wha? *Building* *Pop* *Pop* *walks to the lever* *Switch* *Raining cakes!* Red: Yayy! Red: Ayy? *Yellow: Now to turn them into rotten flesh!! Red: YOU!! Yellow: YIPE!! *Click* Yellow: Bro, you didn’t see anything o-o.. Red: what are those things? Yellow: Oh, just some commands blocks. Red: You did all that with just these blocks? Yellow: Yeah. *Both have the best idea ever* *Blue eating some Nether Warts* Blue: Want some? Green: Nah, i’m good. Blue & Green: … Red: Welcome! Red: Come in! Blue: Bro, that’s not even a room. Red: Nothing in this cap, right? Blue & Green: Yeah.. Red: I will pull a bunny from the cap! *Grabbing something* Red: Tada!! *Green & Blue are amazed* *Applause* Red: It’s empty now, right? Green & Blue: Yeah? Red: Just a flick of the wand and-! *a bunch of bunnies spawn in along with appause* *A lot of clicky-claks* Red: Alaka-Zombozo! *Kills zombies with lightning* *Kills zombies with fireballs while Green and Blue are clapping with amazement* *Expert typing* *Double tapping* *Mega clickies* *Lightning hits a command block* Yellow: Uh-oh… *Scrŏlling* *Click* Yellow: GET RID OF IT! Yellow: D-: *Tries to save the performance* Yellow: I gotta delete them! Yellow: Hey! Yellow: What have I done? Red: Work! Work, darn it! What’s happening? Red: ??? *Red falls while the stick turns into a pig** *Smack* *Entity turns into other entities while making mixed animal noises* Blue: Uh oh. Green! Help meeeee! *Everyone with mixed panic and confusion* Red: WHAT IS HAPPENING? Green: I dunno! *Chicken attacks Green* *takatakatakatakatakataka* Red: Oh my Alan… *Yellow trying desperatley* Red: That’s it! I’m blowin’ this mess up and outta here! [Sheep-splosion] Red: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! *!!MORE MAXIMUM PANIC!!* Yellow: Whoa! That could’ve taken my head off! *A Giant kicks Red out* Yellow: OH HECK NO!!! The Second Coming: What’s going on here? TheSecond Coming: Hey, why is it raining? The Second Coming: Wait a second… The Second Coming; What The HECK? [bunch of unsent requests] *A dinnerbone jeb_ passes by* The Second Coming: Ooooo-kay? Green: MRRKRRS! WRR DRR MM HRRP TR BR MRRKRRS! [CHICKENS! WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE CHICKENS?!] The Second Coming: What? The Second Coming: Whoa Blue: This is stupid! This is lame! Blue: Gotta reel myself back down and-!! Blue: My hook! It became a bat! A diamond sword! A squid!! Blue: A Blaze?! *Blue “Swimming” away from the blaze, even though he’s on the sky* *Clanking* The Second Coming: What the.. what? *double the takatakataka* *single the takatakataka ;-;* Yellow: Hey, dude! Yellow: Uh… Yellow: We’re in a bit of a pickle here… *Lightning* *!!!!IMMEDIATE HORROR!!!!* Yellow: Oh my-! Yellow: It’s spreading! *EVEN MORE MAXIMUM CONFUSION* Everyone: OH GOSH!! Yellow: WHAT HAVE I DONE!! Everyone: I DONT KNOW! SOLVE THIS QUICK!!!) Orange: I gotta solve this fast! *Sounds* Stops Restarting captions.. Shutting Down… Reloading Captions… Fixing System Corruption… Re-Activating… 1 Re-Activating… 2 Err_Connect_Lost
Awating Signal… 1 Err_Connect_Lost
Awating Signal… 2 Err_Connect_Lost
Awating Signal… 3 Err_Connect_Lost
Awating Signal… 4 Connection Found! Signing in. Welcome, Alan Becker. *Is it gone?* *dramatic Zoom* Yellow: I might have learned a lesson.. Yellow: Never mess around with this command thing, at all. Yellow: Right? The Second Coming: Yes, defenitly. Yellow: Let’s burn it at the stake. *Puts out a not-so-important-thingy* Yellow: Ok. Maaaaybe if we just keep it away from lightning we can use it again? Fin! (Music, Your Call by kevin macleod) Thanks for watching guys! So like I said earlier… I do have a Minecraft server… That I’m very passionate about. So you can join my server And… and you can play a survival mode or you can play creative mode. Or you can apply to join my build team. As we recreate some of the greates animated films of all time the ones by Hayao Miyazaki. So because of our custom resource pack and our extremely talented build team. Our server is definitely one of the prettiest servers that you’ll find out there. So the server IP is in the description And if you want to follow the development of a server, that’s on my Minecraft channel. Which you can check out right here. So thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys in next video. Alan Becker’s Animation Tutorials: Alan Becker on Patreon: Outro music: “Your Call” Kevin MacLeod: Hey 🙁 I helped with subtitles (VIPGamingYT also edited it a bit.) Ok now go away pls and sub to alan ORELSEALLTHESKICTMANSWILLNOTBEFREE

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