COMPOSILITE® Reliable Lift Axles by Hendrickson
COMPOSILITE® Reliable Lift Axles by Hendrickson

Reliability. Everyone’s looking for
reliability. Willing to spend the extra dime on a lasting product? Reliable cell
phone? Reliable babysitter? Reliable transportation? When it comes to a
steerable or non-steerable lift axle, Hendrickson provides the reliability
you’re looking for. Meet COMPOSILITE SC, Hendrickson’s most
reliable, steerable, compliant lift axle with a range of capacities. Eight thousand
pounds, 10,000 pounds, 13,500 pounds, 20,000 pounds. Increase the payload on
your truck or trailer. The COMPOSILITE SC is manufactured with a fabricated axle and
integrated knuckles for a lightweight design. You can carry more weight, and
more weight means more money. Maximize your ground clearance with over a foot of
travel. Take advantage of 22.1 inches of chassis package space. If a non-steerable lift axle is what
you’re looking for, look no further. The COMPOSILITE FX has similar components to
the COMPOSILITE SC to make your service needs simple and keep inventory low. Hendrickson COMPOSILITE lift axles.
Maximum lift, maximum reliability.

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