Craziest Roller Coaster Ever! Steel Vengeance POV Cedar Point

steel vengeance yeah and that is that
huge coaster right there steel vengeance are you scared of it it’s big that is
one high drop girls look how high that is girls what do you think ready I lost my hat yeah sure the steel
vengeance what happens keep this loud first of all this was like nice first I
thought oh no we’re going up the see huge incline and then we went down
yessiree down well what happened at the end we got stuck for about what 15 20
minutes maybe there’s probably only really 15 minutes yeah we were stuck at
the end at least but the coaster itself was really fun yeah now you got you rode the US coaster
here okay so Addie is trying the seat for the
wicked twister so what this is called the wicked twister and it goes all the
way up there and all the way up there several times right oh okay you good are
you ready for it all right I’m not well everybody’s screaming Addie
it’s recording you plug in your ears I’m not Oh I have told onto the classes I’ve sold
under to cannot hold on to the glass you don’t well by ready
we’re on okay how’d you like the ride crazy everyone screaming that’s alright what’s
that one called the windseeker you gonna go on it really
you gotta Oh 301 foot cellphone free journey on wind seeker feels really why Harry Potter well Canada’s over there somewhere everything looks so pretty I see mommy and daddy do you see mommy
and daddy by that cheery-bye that trashcan somewhere on the other side of the world
this is majestic so he made it
I was gentle very chill we’re happy we’re deciding to rock I don’t know I don’t know but not yet No I do

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