you know what time it is no no I’m the minion no I’m the one to wear the minion costume (weird dancing) oh my yahhhh you guys know what time it is its challenge time with the eh bee family we are all out with our minion costumes! today we are doing the slaming into the matress with a skateboard challenge that’s our matress there we have teams so it gonna be Mr. Monkey and Mama Bee against us so this is a new challenge we came up with this we have our skateboard and we will be rolling this skate board to that matress and we are smash it into the matress and bounce back and the person who could land the farthest wins of course we have to be safe so we have our helmet all precaution have been taken so we will have somebody holding the matress we don’t want the matress falling on people so we have someone holding it adults supervision n one is gonna supervise us so that’s the deal whats our team called? team matress slammers! #matressslammers so if you are going for our team let us know in the comments team matress slammers whats your team guys? team solid skateboards solid skateboards that’s very cute #teamsolidskkateboards we are gonna let you guys decide who has the best style and who is the craziest let us know in the comments team solid skateboards is gonna go first if you slam too hard you might actually rebound into a pole into a chair you might in a wall so it really takes skill and power 3 2 1 BLASTOFF!!!! oh he’s wiggling hands down hands down! alright well he’s slowing his motion down that’s ok there it is lets get a lego this is stephanie you are Stephanie for now Ms. Monkey do you wanna go next? team matress slammers! make us proud the legends of matress slammers 2 1 BLASTOFF! impact oh my goodness look how far back she’s going wow look haw far she landed alright the beautiful Mama Bee is up next who would have thought that you would be playing the matress slam challenge what do we call this the matress slam challenge wow this is on my head my head is very big I have a huge noggin matress slamming queen right here 3 2 1 BLASTOFF!!!! she’s aiming she’s going for it there she goes into the pole! oh she landed right over there we have our first injury! are you ok Mama Bee? we have our first injury here oh she’s up! she’s up! OLAY OLAY OLAY OLAY only on matcress slam challenges will you see something like this guys there’s lots of love lots of hugs guess what the champion is up next I need someone to take this camera we have Mama Bee’s spot right over here team matress slammers skateboard choice that’s the only skateboard yes it is actually I’m gonna go as hard as I can on this one see it’s all the science it’s all about angles here guys if you spend time in school you’ll understand that I’M JUST TALKIN ABOUT FRICTION!AND SCIENCE AND BOUT ANGLES I need a protracter guys 1 BLASTOFF!!! oh no where are you going?! CHEATER CHEATER CHEATER PUMPKN EATER I did not cheat! i’m not a cheater how is that cheating? you only hit the floor about 8 times yeah you was like you were really even your teammate is calling you out you sold me out you guys wanna do another run? yeah! who wants to do another run? alright who’s up BLASTOFF!!! YOU CAN DO IT YOU CAN DO IT WHAT A SLAM oh he’s wiggling he’s shimming now that is the proper form there he goes he’s going wow look how far he went you did much better than last time good job Mr. Monkey OLAY OLAY OLAY OLAY BLASTOFF!!! nice there she is rebounding back oh and she’s got another technique there looking back it looks like we’re going for a world record right here THIS LOOKS LIKE ITS A WORLD RECORD! IT’S A WORLD RECORD! wow Mama Bee’s got her own thing going on here she got shoulder touches WOOO!! and there she goes OH look at that bounce! woah that bounce back though she’s going strait we don’t have any problems here with her smashing her feet in her pillars YAY!!!! OLAY OLAY OLAY OLAY everyone thought I cheated now I need to prove my fans my family that I’m not a cheater that I’m here to win fair and square BLASTOFF!!! flying guys woohoo! OH! nd he passed Ms. Monkey’ record! YES WOO!! good game good game Thank You Guys for watching we love you guys so much we hope you that crazy challenge I think that was like the first ever matress slam skateboard challenge so thank you for being a part of it you like this video please give it a if you liked this video please give it a like tell us who you think won was it the matress slammers or the solid skateboards #solidskateboards let us know in the comments what the next challenge should be We Love You Guys PEACE! please like driving me to comment below if you had to describe exactly straight on the iphone on the left and a little feet will pop up anything like if you are you have to God please forget everything that I have just like my radio bored why

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