Crushing ball bearings with hydraulic press
Crushing ball bearings with hydraulic press

Welcome to Hydraulic press channel today we are going to crush some ball bearings and I have crushed like the bearing balls what are inside of this but not the whole thing and I have these two here right now bit smaller and bit larger and if this goes well then I’ll get much bigger ones. And because the last episode where I crushed the anvil was so good like the good in that way that there was shit in the air I added these ballistic gelatin blocks here like this so now when these explode we can see the effects on that gelatin blocks. Yeah but I think we are going to start with the smaller and then try the bigger. So now we have the smaller bearing and everything is ready and here we go! That was really neat. The last one was so easy that there was no need to check the ballistic gelatins but let’s hope that this bigger one is going to be bit more dramatic Yeah I think that was bit better and here we go! What the fuck!? So this was on the floor and it’s quite dirty but let’s start with the bigger one. There is nothing on the upside there is some small parts like hanging to it just like barely touching but still, what the fuck? It’s like, *ugh* I think I have to get some kind of pliers to get that one out but that can wait because there is even larger one. It’s like probably one inch inside of the thing so yeah I’m going to get some tools and we are going to get those out and see how deep the holes are. You can see our medical tool right now and let’s start with this one it’s quite, quite good! Good sized chunk and really sharp and it is let’s see how deep this is. Yeah about one inch so maybe not deadly but definitely really bad day and then the next one is bit harder to get out, yeah quite similar they are almost exactly the same piece. Yeah and how about depth of this even more maybe one and a half inch so ha ha this would be really bad without the blast shield and I think if you have, even when you have safety glasses, these are going to fly through if you have just like one or two millimeters of plastic but with our blast shield, it’s one inch thick so we are safe from these but if you don’t have that kind of shield you are not safe. Not sure can you see but there is actually some damage on the our polycarbonate blast shield. It’s maybe about one millimeter deep so this and this part that protects the cameras is 12 millimeters thick and the whole thing is 24 so I think we are safe. Yeah and now because we can we have this thing here. I think we are going to crush this also and we are going to crush this laying down like this so then it’s going to get much more force and probably explode much better. Yeah that was pretty good! *Anni*: Whoo-hoo! *Lauri*: Yeah the like inner ring was quite hard there is good mark on the pressing tools but the … I think the shrapnel was just too small on this try there isn’t any like new damage to this thing. But I think it was really interesting finally to see how dangerous this pressing stuff actually is um when you are doing it like this but luckily you can do it safely with our mobile game so now there is going to be something about that and it’s made by just one guy. He’s Johannes Linnama and he’s done everything by himself all the graphics and coding and stuff like that. I had been helping with the idea and the like game play and I’m happy coming up with things that we should add to game for crush, crushing, so it … there isn’t any like big and evil gaming studio. And the idea of the game is of course, crush things, just like on our video and when you have crushed the things you’ll make the video and then you get some feedback like how many views and subscribers and YouTube money you get and then you get some comments that you can answer and then you can also like buy new cameras and fix your press and buy like upgrades to your press to make it stronger and then you can make like collaborations with different YouTube channels and companies. There is also lot of like funny surprises and of course some internet memes inside of our game so go check that out the link is on the end screen and description and yeah i think that is all for today. Thank you for watching and have a nice day! And for today’s extra content, we have this mobile game Lauri. He is extremely dangerous and he can get even more subscribers than we have in real life so we have to deal with him.

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