Crushing Fidget Spinner with hydraulic press
Crushing Fidget Spinner with hydraulic press

Welcome to Hydraulic Press Channel Today we are going to crush this, uh… Fidget spinner This is like most popular request right at the moment And then we are also going to crush also this uh, spinning top And… this.. Anni: Oy! *Laughter* Lauri: Beyblade Yeah, and uh… and our game has got update, and there is thirty new things that you can crush so go check that out. Download link is in description, and comments Yeah, but I think we are going to start And the first one is this fidget spinner… thing So, the uh, fidget spinner exploded, and all the bearings are gone and the bearings are also quite… good exploded and if you want to see more bearing explosions, we have also video about that on the end screen Yeah. So Beyblade is going on there and now we crush it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah! And end result… Beyblade pancake! What a suprise! Is actually quite soft metal. It is uh, lead so it’s really easy to make pancake And then the 3D printed spinning top Ha ha ha! Yeah, the press wins, and the top lose Yeah, and… we have also made lot of different kinds of spinning top videos So… go check those out. Link is in the end screen, and description and comments Yeah, but I think that is all for today. Thank you for watching, and have a nice day And for today’s extra content, we have this camel. It is extremely dangerous, and it can attack even when it’s doesn’t have like have any water in long time So it’s extra dangerous, and we must deal with it There is still some bearings I don’t want to press anymore because we don’t have blast shield

18 thoughts on “Crushing Fidget Spinner with hydraulic press”

  1. Hydraulic Press Channel says:

    Here are the links to updated game:
    Download Android:
    Download iOS:

    Here are the links for the Bearing explosion and spinning top videos:

  2. Samuel Skala says:

    Fidget Spinner joined forces with the 'Mighty Bearing Ball'(s) and halted the Fidget Spinners destruction!!!!

  3. INFERNAL CARD says:

    I think smoke was coming from the the fidget

  4. RickyFilms says:

    There are a million of them out there!!!These fidget spinners must go!!!

  5. Brandon Herring says:


  6. Heidi Valli87 says:

    Oot Suomesta Oml WoW ✨

  7. Silver says:

    fidcet spinner LMAO

  8. PrinceNaim says:

    How to cure cancer

  9. BigEDMan says:

    The 507 dislikers are the ones who are fidget spinner freaks

  10. Kristie Atchley says:

    fid ket spinner?

  11. Savamey says:

    I like the way he says “fidget spinner”

  12. Iain M says:

    Did anyone notice that the loading sign was a fidget spinner???

  13. Aeonian Legend says:

    Slow mo song:

  14. Moto Channel says:

    2:03 R.I.P. beyblade

  15. trabantfreak2 says:

    this is so satifying to watch since i was so sick and tired of this fad last year

  16. Super Saiyan Goku says:


  17. TheHexsittimies says:

    2:12 if you remember that music from explodingtnt…

  18. Supa Animegal says:

    I liked how the fidget spinner, Beyblade, and top stopped on a dime, when the press squished it

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