Dana 60 Axle: Hub and Brake Disc Removal How-To
Dana 60 Axle: Hub and Brake Disc Removal How-To

This is the wheel and hub on my 1982 GMC one
ton. This is a Dana 60 axle and I couldn’t really
find any awesome videos on YouTube showing how the hubs come apart.
So I’m going to show you. When you get inside, there are nuts, hub nuts
in there that you need a special socket for. This is one that I bought, it’s made by Lisle.
They seem to make good sockets. There are a couple of different styles so
you need to check it out before you get into your project really deep.
I’ll show you how you can check it before you have to lift the vehicle off the ground.
This particular socket is part number 29900. I bought it form RockAuto and they do have
several other models so make sure you get the right one.
I do want to tell you guys that I am not a professional mechanic.
This is actually the first time that I’ve gotten into a Dana 60 hub,
so make sure an do your research. There are several different kinds of Dana
60’s so this is just a general guideline. Turn the locking hub to “free” and then these
six allen head cap screws come out. It’s a 9/64 allen wrench.
On each side I had a broken allen screw. You can get replacements from Home Depot.
I was not able to find them at Lowes. It’s a 8-32 by 1.5″ stainless steel
You take out the six and the hub cap (lockout) just pulls off and that’s what’s inside.
Once you’ve got the cap off, you need to take this Phillips head screw out.
That just retains this center cog. This has a spring behind it so don’t let it
fly out on you. Once you pull the center cog out, you need
to take this snap ring, this internal snap ring out.
It just pulls out like that. Watch your eyes.
Wear eye protection. Next you need to take out this big snap ring
that goes around the whole circumference here. It holds this center part in.
It’s difficult to get out. Just use some flat head screwdrivers.
It’s a little bit frustrating but it will come out.
Starting to get the end out here… It’s difficult.
What I do is pry this first tip in towards the center and then pry the inside of the
ring up. It’s not easy.
Once you get it started, just kind of gradually go around the outside and gently pry the inside
edge out. You don’t want to bend this up.
And there it is. Finally. You’ve got to be patient with this.
That took about 5 or 10 minutes just to get that out.
Anyway, that ring comes out… And, then this center section should come
out. Easier way to pull it out is to take one of
the locking hub screws and thread it in to it’s original hole and
then wiggle it out. Everything that we’ve done up till now you
can do with the truck on the ground. You don’t need to remove the wheel and tire.
I took one of these apart a few weeks ago to figure out what hub socket I needed.
This is the axle. The spindle is right around it and then you can see the locking nuts around
that. My particular axle has the four notches on
the locking nuts. That’s where this huge socket comes in. It
fits in there. There are other sockets and nut styles.
I believe there is a six notch one so you might want to disassemble this just to this
point to see what socket you need before you dig real deep into this project.
This is the backside of the caliper. This is the bottom. Here’s the hub out here.
We need to remove this allen head bolt so that we can get the caliper off.
After you get that out, you can tap this plate out.
This plate will slide out that way. So this is the piece that came out of here.
This is the spring that sits on top and it slides between here.
We pounded it out this way with a hammer and chisel and that will allow the caliper to
come off. Back on the front side…
Since we took the plate and spring out from down here,
we can get the caliper off. Make sure you wire it up so it doesn’t put
a lot of tension on the brake line. We don’t want that.
So I’m just going to hang it here from the shock mount.
Now it’s off. You’ve got a little more access to the hub and brake disc now.
Now that we’ve go the brake caliper off we can work on getting the spindle nuts off.
You’ve got to take your big socket and fit it in the grooves in the nut.
I’ve already loosened these. They basically just screw off.
Well, the outer one is in there. Now you’ve got a locking washer with all of
these holes in it. It’s difficult to see but right up in here
there’s a pin. It’s a tiny tiny pin that sticks through that
locking washer and into the back nut. That keeps that back nut from moving.
We’ll take the washer out here. You can see all of the little holes.
There’s a little tang here on the inside and that fits in this grove in the spindle so
that this lock washer can’t move. There’s a little pin right there.
It’s kind of fragile. Just make sure you don’t shear that off.
Again, you take your socket….. Make sure it fits in the grooves in the nut
and just back it off. When you get the inner nut off you can see
the little pin sticking out. Sticking out right here.
Now that we’ve got both sets of nuts out, we should be able to pull the hub off.
The disc will come with it so it’s probably a little bit heavy.
There you go. It is a little bit heavy so just be careful.
You don’t want to scratch up the spindle or the drive shaft so be careful with that.
Here’s another shot of the spindle after the hub and disc have been removed.
You can see again, this is the slot that the locking washer fits in.
Just the surfaces that the seals ride on. Make sure they’re all good.
These nuts here should allow you to pull the spindle off.
I believe there’s another bearing inside the spindle that the drive shaft rides on.
Here are all of the parts again that we took off. Laid out.
I’ve got the other side started. Here’s the hub and the brake disc that we
just took off. You can see inside there
There’s a bearing on the front side and there’s also one on the back side.
I haven’t taken them out yet to inspect. If you’re doing a brake job, you need to separate
the hub from the disc by pressing these studs out, down through the
hub and the disc. That’s how they’re held together.
Here’s the back side of the hub and disc. You can see the backside bearing and also
a seal right on the outside edge here. And these are the wheel studs that have to
be pressed through in order to separate the two halves.

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  1. Kasey Krupa says:

    Good video.

  2. Mikey Mike says:

    Thanks a lot. I need to see how it went back together considering I took my project axle apart about 4 months ago and forgot some of the order of assembly steps. That was PERFECT!

  3. Jeff Crawford says:

    Great video! This procedure is same for 90 Dodge. Only outer ring clips, spindle nuts and locking washers were different style.

  4. Gordon Gilmour says:

    Better than Haynes or Chilton ! Thanks for taking the time.

  5. Gordon Gilmour says:

    Dirt daubbers ?

  6. Larry says:

    You rock! Glad you used "Dana 60" vice vehicle name. I couldn't have done it better. Just rebuilt the kingpins on a 91 W250, everything was the same except the outer locking ring.

  7. GmJunky87 says:

    Great video. One question about the caliper. When I took mine off it had a tiny spring type piece of metal for the inside brake pad at the bottom. Not sure if you need that or how exactly it goes back in haha.

  8. Danyell Meyers says:

    Nice work.  I was having lots of trouble trying to figure out how to get to my rotors and this video made perfect since.  Keep up the good work!

  9. OBServe Garage says:

    I'm guessing you can do a pretty good Christopher Walkin imitation. Your voice has a similar intonation style.

  10. PJ L says:

    Thanks for this great video. I just acquired a 1984 CUCV M1008. The left hub wouldn't lock and now I see why. It's missing the snap ring and the lock ring that was hard to remove. Mine fell right apart. I did get it working but the stub axle is loose.

  11. mark sweesy says:

    great video,very informative,like your vehicle lift also.

  12. Jake Coxer says:

    great video! im doing u joints on my dana 60. any trick for spindle bearing removal?

  13. Victor L. Fazio III says:

    Nice video man. Did my Dodge 60. Takes time but worth it.

  14. Robert whitney says:

    your a life saver… I had my bearings go out and the wheel fell off while driving. it completely shredded Everything​ and the parts were unrecognizable. it's my first time messing with the hubs on my truck so I didn't know what parts I needed…

  15. BlownNitroPontiacFan says:

    Home Cheapo for replacement allen head bolts?


    Chinese junk.

    Try Sears Hardware for grade 5 stainless.

  16. Eian Wahgener says:

    9/64 = 3.5mm it's a 3.5mm hex…

  17. MartyGramRC says:

    An absolute perfect video. Thank you!

  18. PeaceCountryBoy says:

    Thanks for posting this video. I just finished a complete suspension/drivetrain rebuild on my 1992 F250HD front end and when I took my warn hub bolts off, I found all sorts of fun pieces and broken parts in there. I haven't driven it for a year…. I couldn't remember how they went together after taking them apart because they were in pieces and although I have had the premium hubs apart many times I was drawing a blank.(embarassing, I know) so I was searching the service manual and got tired of looking when I found your video. I couldn't remember where the darned snap ring went but your video showed me everything I needed help with. Thanks again

    – Dave

  19. Mark Narducci says:

    Thanks for your help here! We figured out our "wheel hop of death" was the rt. ft. bearing on my '84 CUCV. Thanks for the clear, concise video! I might actually be able to take this on myself…lol Glad I found your channel, so subbed up!

  20. harry walker says:

    its a dana,,there all the same.not chev,ford inter.

  21. Cali Love says:

    Very informative wish all YouTube videos were like this one. Thanks !!

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    I wish I could find a 2wd version of this for my 1987 GMC 3500, I know there's no front axle but does anyone have a video removing the rotors on a 2 wheel drive version of these trucks??

  23. John Pullman says:

    1st best Dana 60 disassembly video.

    I have the exact same truck only I still have the automatic hubs on it. One of the best videos I have seen on taking the Dana 60 front hub and spindle on and off the truck. I came back to it several times to refresh my memory of the assembly sequence. You covered every step very thoroughly. Not to be redundant but, thanks again.

  24. John Pullman says:

    Perhaps I missed it but when did you remove the snap ring on the axle that rides against the end of the spindle which keeps it from riding back toward the differential? I watched your video quite a few times trying to figure out where I had screwed up because I ended up with an extra snap ring and washer. Then it dawned on me that I had seen another video where the guy took the snap ring off as he was taking the hub off. I guess it’s a testament to the quality of your instructions that I would literally depend on them as THE way to do it.

    This is not a criticism just an observation. Thanks again for taking the time to post these videos.

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