Dana 60 Axle: Spindle and Axle Shaft Removal How-To
Dana 60 Axle: Spindle and Axle Shaft Removal How-To

This is the front Dana 60 axle on my 1982
GMC 3500. In the last video I did I showed you how to
take the hubs off and discs. So now we’ve got the spindle here and the
axle shaft in the middle. We need to take out these six nuts around
here. That will allow us to pull the spindle off.
There’s a bearing inside here and some seals so I’m going to access those and replace them.
Here I’ve got all of them off, all of the nuts off except this one.
It’s a 3/4″ socket is what you need and there are some washers behind here.
They aren’t super tight. Not to hard to get off.
After that you should be able to take this ring and dust shield off.
Mine are not in very good shape. Little bit rusty…
From that point, the spindle and the caliper mount should be able to come off.
You might have to do some tapping with a hammer. It’s starting to separate, you can see here.
And there it is. The spindle attached to the bracket.
It’s tough to see but the spindle is a separate piece from this bracket.
Here’s the spindle off the truck. It’s still attached to the caliper mount.
I think this has probably been on the truck for a long time so it’s not coming off easily.
You just tap on this point right here and here and eventually it starts working it’s
way down. It will come apart.
And there we go. I do want to mention that you need to be real
careful about the threads on the spindle. You don’t want to pound and mess up those
threads because you won’t be able to get your spindle nuts back on when you put it back
together. You can see in here the bearing that the axle
shaft rides on. That’s what I’m going to replace.
Here’s the axle shaft after we pulled the spindle off.
You can see that there are some seals in here still.
Take a little screw driver and pry the first little seal off.
It just slides right off. Take note of how they are oriented.
The hollow side goes to the inside of the truck.
From there, you’ve got this larger seal on the outside.
It kind of prys off like this. The thin lip goes to the outside.
And then there’s a metal…. In this case it’s metal….ring in here that
can be a little bit difficult to get off. Kind of pry it out….
It’s slippery. And it has kind of a relief cut on the back
side. It goes towards the inside of the truck. And that’s that…
You can see that this ring right here is actually attached to the outer axle shaft.
All of these three seals came in a kit that includes the spindle bearing.
So it’s a four piece set with the bearing and the parts of the seal.
From here if you want to go further in your disassembly you can out the axle shaft.
It might not be a bad idea since you’re already this far in, you can inspect your U-joints. This is what it looks like when you get the
axle shaft out. From this point you’re pretty far disassembled.
So if you want to do the kingpins it would be a good time to do it.
There’s a bearing and seal in the bottom here, in the bottom kingpin.
Of course in the top you’ve got the kingpin and a spring and spacer and cap.
So if you think you need to do it, now might be a good time.
But, that’s basically what it looks like. Thanks for watching and let me know if you’ve
got any questions!

13 thoughts on “Dana 60 Axle: Spindle and Axle Shaft Removal How-To”

  1. oldford71 says:

    great video.. thanks and take care..

  2. Luke st. john says:

    Can you do a video on kind pin break down?

  3. john smith says:

    Thoes are not king pins, they are trunnion bearings, king pins are on 2 wheel drives.

  4. Chuckles says:

    Really great vid I understand how it works finnally

  5. Ed Wihler says:

    It's beginning to look like a 3 wheeler!  Congrats!

  6. Andrzej Conner says:

    Thank you so much for making this video.

  7. yash shukla says:

    its helpful..

  8. Jeremy Hawkins says:

    Thanks! I watched both the hub and spindle removal vids and it made taking mine apart very easy.

  9. Christopher McKenna says:

    Thanks to this video, I wouldn't have known that the seals on my Spyntec hubs were installed backwards. I phoned the company who manufactured the hubs and sure enough, the seals were installed by some hack mechanic in backwards and not only that, he didn't installed them into the bore thus, it rolled and deformed thus, burned up the seal into FOD. I am rebuilding them myself properly. Thanks for taking the time to make this video.

  10. rranger1014 says:

    What about changing that spindle bearing?

  11. Jordan McGhee says:

    How do I remove the front passenger spindle on a RWD 94 3500 dodge? There’s no video that shows anywhere. It doesn’t come out like this one as there is no U-joint behind the spindle? I’ve got it all taken apart but can’t seem to get any further. Keep in mind the spindle also snapped off right before the threads start for the axle nut. Thanks in advance and any input would be greatly appreciated

  12. irzoro says:

    Dude, you are a life saver! I committed the cardinal sin of dismantling a Chevy Dana 60 front and like a bone head I did not take pics of the order of assembly. Your video is like the only clear pictures and explanations of said order of assembly. Thank you!

  13. John Pullman says:

    Great explanation and video

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