Dana 60 Kingpin Knuckles – Crane Axle
Dana 60 Kingpin Knuckles – Crane Axle

Hey guys, here to talk to you about Crane
today. We’ve got a new product that we’re launching it’s actually the old original
knuckle that Crane had in production back in the late 90s early 2000s. We
revamped the pattern box to put the key on top but it has a stock steering
provision. What we found is guys with jeeps when you’re dealing with a
stock frame is you run into a lot of clearance when you’re trying to run just
a high steer arm. So in order to do this we’ve put down the stock steering where
you can run a tie rod down low, you can run a y link type setup, or you can
run a crossover setup with a high steer arm here and with the tie rod
down low. Still built 8620 chromoly steel here in the US, cast here in the
US, machined here in our shop. We’re offering this knuckle kit in three
different configurations. It’s the normal way we’ve always done our knuckles with
knuckles two high steer arms, two caps, and hardware. We’re going to offer it in a
crossover type setup where you’ve got a knuckle on the driver side where there’s
just an aluminum cap that replaces the high steer arm. Just interlocks, goes into
place and we put our stock aluminum cap on top. And you would put a high steer
arm on the passenger side to run a crossover steering. We’re also offering
it with no high steer arms you will just have aluminum caps to take the place of
the high steer arm so it can always be gone back and put a high steer arm in
place later down the road, but that creates a lot of clearance for
guys. Do them in GM pattern which these are or we also do Ford. Everything is
ready to go it’s on the site. Priced accordingly with whatever you need.

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