Darjeeling How to change motorcycle front bearing at home
Darjeeling How to change motorcycle front bearing at home

Hats off to all my subscribers kapil
Subba once again welcome back to my channel okay in this video I’m going to
teach you how you can replace your front bearing of your motorcycle without
paying any money to any kind of garage just you have to need few tools and
nothing much want that just follow me up let’s go for a work my friend here you can
see this bearing works perfectly but on the side I’m gonna show you the defects
and here you can see it’s not working properly see here okay you just have to
replace this bearing and your motorcycle gonna work fine okay just follow my
simple tips and tricks and also I have open the axle from here we just
have to untied the SCREW it’s just easier as you think for this u need or you
require hammer and screwdriver just that much okay and see how I’m doing
right now put inside and hammer it here you can see it has been like this
and you can also check on the bearing or defect it and now another side okay for that you also need hammer now I’m
using this kind of tools you can also use your screwdriver and here you can
see the condition have been worse enough to my bearing and now I’m going
to put new set ok here you can see the two bearing which is very very
brand-new now I’m going to show you how to install it properly okay you just
have to put this first and after that you have to put your bearing properly okay we just have to hammer it
from all sides ok now you have to put this for safety and its another
side bearing and you can put it as I’m doing right now now you can see both the bearing
works perfectly and now you just have to install axle and move on with your flow
and I’m gonna show you how you can put in your axle – thank you my friends and
followers hope I can’t help you – to put this okay slowly now you have
to tighten up just you have to tighten up screw hope I can help you my friends
HATS off to put this screw in your front axle you can also put in this way Oh

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