Deuter ACT Trail 32 Day Pack
Deuter ACT Trail 32 Day Pack

We’re going to talk about the Deuter ACT
Trail 32 which is a streamlined, mid-sized day pack with excellent organizational features,
a good carry and able to work for lightweight overnights as well as any and all day hikes.
ACT Trail 32 is a pack that you’re not going to carry more than 25 pounds in as it is a
fast and light design. The suspension system reflects this as you have these two, thickly
padded columns with strategic placement that leaves room in the center for airflow to keep
you cooler while wearing it. That padding it mirrored here in the hipbelt. You can see
the wrap here and the zippered hipbelt pocket. There is also padding up through the contoured
shoulder straps with an adjustable sternum strap that runs across the chest and load
lifter straps that allow you to really dial in the fit on the ACT Trail. I’ve turned
the ACT trail around and we’re going to look at some of the organizational features.
It is a top loading pack with a fixed lid. The lid has a zippered pocket on top
as well as one beneath and Deuter’s signature
SOS instructions printed there as well. Drawstring closure on the top of the pack body, stretch
pockets on the front and these straps to cinch it down and keep the load in place. I’ve
just got a lightweight shell thrown in there. On one side of the pack you’ve got a stretch
pocket and I’ve got a water bottle in it with room for other gear as well. A zippered
pocket on the other side for storing any and all kinds of gear. You could get another water
bottle in there as well if you needed to. On the face of the pack is access that I really
like a lot and you’ll see Deuter using this feature more and more in there line and I
think it really makes their packs stand out. There is a large U-shaped zipper that allows
this face to peel back almost entirely and you can get right into the interior of this
pack. This sort of mirrors luggage as much as it does backpacks and allows you to get
to whatever it is you need quickly. At the very bottom of the pack is a dedicated pocket
and Deuter includes a rain cover with the ACT trail 32 which means more protection and
versatility and makes this pack a real stand out option for fast and light day hiking.

7 thoughts on “Deuter ACT Trail 32 Day Pack”

  1. 223rocks says:

    Thanks again for the review. Have you ever done a review of Osprey day packs?

  2. Enwild says:

    Thanks for watching! Yes, we have done videos on the Flare, Verve and Raptor 6 packs from Osprey. You can find them on our channel page by searching for "osprey" in our video library. I would link it for you if I could, but YouTube doesn't allow links in comments.

  3. Bryan M says:

    Nice review man! I love this pack every feature you need.

  4. Enwild says:

    Thanks! Glad you're enjoying the pack!

  5. Vincent Osburg says:

    nice mustages

  6. Out in the green says:

    Good Review. I use the ACT 32 also for daytrips and I am very satisfied.
    Thanks for sharing and best Regards from Germany.

  7. Jammy_Lius says:

     Is it possible to use this pack for alpinism or climbing?

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