Differences Among Normal, Fakie, Switch, and Nollie Skateboarding Stances Explained
Differences Among Normal, Fakie, Switch, and Nollie Skateboarding Stances Explained

Hi, my name is Justin Lauria, and today I’m
going to explain to you the differences among the four most common skateboarding stances:
Normal, Fakie, Switch, and Nollie. Before we get started, you need to know which
foot you prefer in front while riding a skateboard. If you’re just getting into skateboarding
and you need help choosing which foot you should start out with, you can watch this
video. If it turns out that you don’t really have
a preference for which foot you ride with in front, you can just temporarily pretend
that you prefer to skate one way over the other so you can follow along. Ok, so now we’re ready to talk about the first
stance, called normal stance. This is going to be your most comfortable stance of the
four variants, and involves riding in the direction of your preferred front foot, having
your preferred back foot placed behind the back wheels, on the tail of the board. Fakie stance is similar, but it involves riding
in the direction of your preferred back foot and having your preferred back foot placed
in front of the front wheels, on the nose of the board. An easy way to think about it
is if you’re in your normal stance and you go up a ramp, when you come back down, you’ll
be in fakie stance. Switch stance is pretty much the complete
opposite of normal stance. You’re going to ride in the direction of your preferred back
foot, and have your preferred front foot placed on the tail of the board. The last stance on our list is nollie. Nollie
stance is riding in the direction that you’re used to, toward your preferred front foot,
but it involves you having your front foot on the nose of the board this time, rather
than having your back foot on the tail. Knowing which stance you’re in isn’t
really all that important when you’re just riding on flatground, or even up and down
ramps. “Hey man, was that switch?” But it becomes relevant when you start talking
about the way someone is performing a particular trick. Let’s take the flatground ollie as an example. When a trick is performed out of normal stance,
you don’t have to say the stance modifier before you say the name of the trick, so you
can just call this trick an ollie, rather than a “normal ollie.” Tricks performed out of fakie and switch stances
are referred to with the stance modifier in front. So when you do an ollie while you’re
riding fakie, it’s called a fakie ollie, and if you do one while you’re riding switch,
you’d call it a switch ollie. Nollie stance tricks are also referred to
with the stance modifier out front, with the exception of the ollie, which is just referred
to as a nollie. There are some tricks where it’s a little
harder to tell which stance the skater is in. For instance, when you do a nose stall
on a quarter pipe, you are moving toward your preferred front foot and you have your front
foot on the nose, so you would think this would be a nollie trick, but it’s just referred
to as a normal stance nose stall. Stuff like this doesn’t happen too often,
but just be aware that there are a few exceptions to the guidelines I told you before. If you have any questions about a particular
trick, you can ask them in the comments section below, be sure to subscribe for more skate
tutorial videos, and as always, remember to have fun.

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  1. NSI Skateboarding [Justin Lauria] says:

    Never get these stance modifiers mixed up again!

  2. The Fifth Fret says:

    These videos are great. I haven't skated in years and my kids are wanting to get into it and I'm thinking I'll join them.

  3. Salman Athar says:

    so fakie is just riding your board with the tail in front?

  4. NSI Skateboarding [Justin Lauria] says:

    +Salman Athar The board's orientation has nothing to do with it. Fakie stance would be riding with your usual back foot traveling forward AHEAD of your usual front foot; so pretty much imagine standing on your board like you usually would to go forward, but someone pushing you so you roll backwards.

  5. Christian Gutierrez says:

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  9. filippongo says:

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  10. Gavin Lloyd says:

    I'm Goofy footed, what foot would be in front for (I already know for Switch and Regular)

  11. Matthew Thomas says:

    Thank you so much, you explained this very well

  12. ShakerGER says:

    What I really liked that you didn't show so many switch examples becasue switch isn't really a different stance in it of it self. It's just regular or goofy. Way less confusing thanks!

  13. nyiela hayes says:

    I'm more confused now then wen I started the video

  14. Samir Oucherfi says:

    Really good video man – thanks !!

  15. Rithvik K says:


  16. Tj English says:

    Thank you for this

  17. MAX AUX says:

    i ride with my right foot in front that is regular right?

  18. Morgan Zwicker says:

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  19. Jason B says:

    Best video explanation I've seen. Thank you.

  20. DanielRVargas says:

    So Fakie is when your back foot is on the nose ? Plz answer I need help

  21. simonfilm says:

    Hi! Great video! I'm a beginner, how can I go fakie and feel confident? is a matter of practice and hours? any tip? once I failed to the ground and hit my back really painfully… so I'm still a bit scared

  22. DEZI says:

    Other than goofy and regular, they all look the same

  23. Ikarus says:

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    Where'd you get the shorts? Pretty dope. When you drop your board switch the label switches too!

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    Love that park, shout out to my roundrock TX skaters.

  34. Urban Sushi says:

    So would a fakie nollie hardflip just be a switch hardflip?

  35. J ConCrazee says:

    I'm a natural lefty. but was made to write words with my right hand. so…I write right. bat lefty. golf right, hockey lefty, board regular, but am more comfortable with mongo pushing a board.
    when it comes to skating, my left foot is my control foot. my right foot is my power foot.

    believe me, it makes skating tough, but snowboarding is smooth.hockey is a cakewalk against either wing. and golf? well….who actually gives a fuck.

  36. Steven Gissubel says:

    I am not new to skating… been doing it on and off for years… but really getting into it lately, yet I ALWAYS get these confused. This cleared it up so so so much. THANKS!

  37. DetroitShadows says:

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  38. Mátyás Gyöngyösi says:

    I'v been skating for a few years now and I have a rare issue.
    To me doing tricks in nollie or switch are much easier to do than in normal or fakie stance.
    So I ride regular, but prefer to pop with my left foot. (Riding in goofy is still unconfortable to me.)
    I got used to it, but when I play a game of skate it gets very confusing.
    I do most tricks in nollie or switch which are often hard for my opponent and when they do tricks in normal or fakie it is hard for me.
    So my question is, am I really a regular skater or should I consider myself a goofy skater when I play game of skates to make it less awkward?

  39. Maxon Mendel says:

    So basically fakie is just switch Nollie?

  40. Dave Culture & games says:

    If You can ollie, you know how to switch nollie.

  41. Ghofran Dinar says:

    I am goofy.. So if i ride regular its called fakie stance?

  42. Yung Slumber says:

    Just put –
    Fakie = Rolling backwards
    Switch = Opposite of your regular stance
    Nollie = Riding normally but standing on your nose
    Normal = Natural stance

  43. Dolandoyle says:

    Love the split screen Ive also been skating off and off but now im skating as much as i can i didnt really think about fakie and switch but now i know the difference thanks!

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  45. circuswannabe says:

    Thank for making the goofy side as well. I skate goofy. I probably could’ve understood it either way but this definitely helps.

  46. Flavio Lujan says:

    normal ollie
    fakie ollie is ALSO switch nollie
    fakie nollie is AlSO switch ollie.

  47. Makhwax says:

    Fakie, switch, nollie, regular(/goofy): the exhaustive set of stances that are possible, by varying your tail feet and direction of motion of board , which are basically independent of each other.

  48. Lynda Gruen says:

    Hi Justin! Thank you. That was very informative. I am a new skateboarder with a background in inline skating. I took up skateboarding to cross-train.

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that what you mean as a front foot, would be what we inline skaters would call a support leg – the one carrying most or all of our body weight – as opposed to the back foot, which we inline skaters would call the action leg – the one doing the pushing. Am I right?

    If this is the case, then my background as an inline skater will help me learn basic skateboarding stances fairly quickly. = )

  49. MamaMielke says:

    Holy shit it's house park

  50. Lynda Gruen says:

    Ok, been trying these now and reading the comments. Justin, for your depiction of fakie stance, correct me if I'm wrong, but are you kinda pushing mongo? Because, uh, wouldn't it be easier just to explain fakie as a switch nollie stance – as in, switch, but toward the front of the board, such that it would be the mirror image of nollie, like normal and switch will be mirror images of each other? I think the notion of symmetry / counterparts would help.

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  52. Jen Mackenzie says:

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  58. Rad Skater says:

    simplified version

    normal: perfered stance on tail
    switch: opposite stance on tail
    nollie: perfered stance on nose
    fakie: opposite stance on nose

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