DIY FIDGET SPINNER WITHOUT A BEARING | How To Make A Fidget Spinner Using Duct Tape
DIY FIDGET SPINNER WITHOUT A BEARING | How To Make A Fidget Spinner Using Duct Tape

How to Make A Fidget Spinner Without A Bearing Using Duct Tape. VEGETABLE OIL

91 thoughts on “DIY FIDGET SPINNER WITHOUT A BEARING | How To Make A Fidget Spinner Using Duct Tape”

  1. Siobhan Burgess says:

    it didnt work for me 🙁

  2. Akward says:

    Gotta subcribe for that!

  3. Viper Gaming says:

    how long does it last when it spins

  4. Caillou Shippuden says:

    just buy some u poor

  5. Unsubscribe Me says:

    Buy a fidget spinner instead of making buy it so it stays long spin

  6. Sotiris Tsitsionis says:

    cmon mean you can buy with 1$ what is this bullshit

  7. MunchKin says:

    he was post to add more weight to one side

  8. Billaras GamingandMore says:

    1+ if you diddnt have that many cents :*(

  9. Olivia Lyles says:

    I love fidget spinner

  10. Elskrat88 says:

    how do I get kids at skool from laughing at me for having this I even made it out of zebra print tape but it's still not cool enough for me to hang with the real fidget crew

  11. Social Psychos says:

    My diy video is better

  12. Atheris says:

    What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

  13. Ace of Spades says:

    What a waste of duct tape , money, money, tooth picks and vegetable oil

  14. renata rodriguez says:

    El mejor tutorial que e visto

  15. Mercanerie :3 says:

    aki no brasil vao achar que e maconha ou crack enrolado assim kkkkk

  16. KENIEL EL DURO says:

    reali y Sony have money pleas hice me one like and y sólo buy a 💱 pleas😔😔😔😔

  17. EvanLeGaming says:

    Next time bro, Dont put vegetable oil but put vaseline. I tried and it worked!!!

  18. Bar Dabush says:


  19. Rhoda Sears says:

    hi f6f

  20. Bryän Hërrërä says:

    Esta Bueno Pero No Gira Mucho :/

  21. Wildan Yuzha says:

    reupload karya orang aja.gk bermodal

  22. jonas uribe says:

    ni gira jajajaja

  23. Vaped says:

    isn't the best but still can work

  24. RCmies says:

    my mouse scroll wheel spins longer than this shit

  25. IMPOSTER says:

    i cut my finger open trying this

  26. Keller says:

    al final parecian condones 😂😂😂

  27. Alexandra Vergara says:

    does it matter if you use super glue? please someone reply

  28. Elias Medina says:


  29. Muhammed Asif Dileep says:

    super….can you say which song is this

  30. AgusBudyVEVO says:

    orang barat yg komentarin hahaha

  31. Nauval Rizqi says:

    feels the spinner sucks

  32. RenOx 01 says:

    This worked out great for me! Thanks! Subbed

  33. Mr. Hacker says:

    i want my 5:26 min back

  34. Richelle Soriano says:

    what that its that a coins

  35. Bleeding Edge Prime says:

    Does cooking oil work?

  36. Viper Gaming says:


  37. Insane Biker says:

    Nice video THANKS

  38. NLtuber 00 says:

    Met dit idea word je arm je bent 40 cent kwijt

  39. ELEVATE 死 says:

    it cool

  40. Emeraldgamer 2301 says:

    1like = good luck
    1sub = the whole world has God like luck
    sorry if u don't like me posting this😐

  41. RUBENS CLASHER says:

    pobre é foda 🙏🙏

    parabéns mano

  42. Italo Lima says:

    Legal !! Gostei do canal ,já me inscrevi.

    Pessoal ,vejam meu canal ,também mostro novas ideias ,se inscrevam lá.

  43. Jereboog says:

    Now everyone at school will call you a cheao arse your welcome 😉

  44. • KingDallison • says:

    3:20 song?

  45. Asgard1an says:


  46. Scot Destasio says:

    it does not work don't try it

  47. Stupid Pleb says:

    I don't have any pennies

  48. Stupid Pleb says:

    it lasts for 2 seconds, what a shit video

  49. edumano says:

    q bosta Kkk esse spinner

  50. ༫༺ཊZ says:

    Only spins for 4 seconds

  51. Yannis Guénard says:

    thank for the vidéo

  52. vitor hugo says:

    que lixo o meu de madeira é melhor

  53. Rylee Thompson says:

    this is cool

  54. Martell Family says:

    How long do the pieces of duct tape have be??

  55. Hector Alfaro says:

    that's slow that's why I don't make them

  56. Juan Monroy says:

    Tanto demoras en poner las monedas? ._. lento man

  57. でござろうるりま says:


  58. Kej Msns says:

    you guys put coins at the end of it covered with duct tape to make it spin longer

  59. BRAIN IDEAS says:

    I made a powered fidget spinner car. Check it out here:

  60. just random says:

    I have one at home it cost 50 and I have 12 of them it spin for 1hour and 15s☺🙂☺🙂☺🙂🙂☺🙂☺🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  61. Dejan Kovacevic says:

    To ti se zove spiner

  62. Sophia Larson says:

    It is illegal to deface money. i would use washers

  63. 登録お願いしますチャンネル登録者500人行きたいので says:


  64. matematika g says:

    ang galing hindi ko kaya gumawa

  65. Brechas says:

    Not bad!

  66. 23 app says:

    This does not make any SENTS

  67. Demarion Turman says:


  68. Lupe Bernal says:


  69. k r says:

    Well….wasnt spinning GREAT, but it'll serve its purpose until my real one comes. Not for beginners is all I can say!

  70. マイキー says:


  71. kaira Rivero says:

    todo iba bien pero sacaron la pistola de silicon , y se derunbaron las cosas

  72. BlueNinja6605 says:

    Instead of using pennies cut cardboard the size of pennies so you don't have to use your money

  73. Thled C says:

    your fidget spinner worked good

  74. Aya Achuela says:

    It not spin that long because of the duct tape but if you a lot of times it will spin longer

  75. GodIy_XIM says:


  76. Michael Sims says:

    No't good

  77. mehmet yildirim says:


  78. GrandSlammer 28 says:

    when you make it yourself it barely even works

  79. Carlos Salazar says:

    nadien habla español

  80. Superflag 3322 says:

    Real one spins for 1min+ and home made spins for 3 seconds

  81. BG Gamer says:

    Това BG канал ли е или ENG

  82. Johnson Abraham says:

    i made it it spins very good

  83. willy olivenses says:


  84. Black。 says:


  85. Gamer Joe says:

    Figet spiner

  86. diy with simran says:

    that is a smart idea and you're only using 2 things

  87. KII- KUN says:


  88. xsoulxsnatch3r x says:


  89. Cryogen says:

    Fidgets are ded

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