DIY Garage Makeover
DIY Garage Makeover

(sad guitar music) Your garage looks so
organized and amazing. I was inspired. Nicely organized E and K! Love your garage set-up. So nice. I’m always impressed
on how organized and how many tools you have. (record scratch) (classical piano music)
(blows raspberry) (laughs) (beeping) Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn, and today we are
gonna share a literal dirty secret with you, hmm. I mean it’s not really
a secret anymore, ’cause you saw the
intro, but our garage is an absolute disgrace. (screeching horror music) We’ve just been living in it, we’ve just been managing
it, and we no longer want to just make do,
we wanna make it right. Managing is also a very
generous word to use. We’ve been just
like slowly bearing ourselves in our workshop. Oh, that’s very true. And to really show you
how bad things are, we’re gonna give you a
little behind the scenes tour of our garage workshop. Yeah. No one’s asked for
it, but you’re gonna get to see it anyways. (laughs) Everyone wants to
see a house tour, but you know what, you’re
gonna see a crappy garage tour. (Evan laughs)
Let’s go. EVAN: All right, we’re
gonna start off the tour with the one clean
part of our garage, and then there’s the
rest, things sure– Welcome to my nightmare. EVAN: (laughs) Things
sure have gotten a little more crowded
since the last garage reorganization
that we did. You know, here’s the thing, the storage hasn’t been
able to keep up with us, things don’t have a
place, we produce projects really, really
quickly, yes would you like to see some
of the old ones? We have a zombie weapon. Two, one. (loud smashing)
(screams) We have a wonderful
spin art machine. (funky music) EVAN: Whoa! KATELYN: Whoa! EVAN: Whoa, whoa! And there’s the, there’s
just not enough space for the things
that we are making. I think part of it also is like the variety of projects we do, that we have to be set up for. EVAN: Yeah, I mean, we have
just in this area alone, welding, woodworking,
CNC, we have some home improvement
stuff right there. We have all of our resin
supplies right there. It’s a lot. Look at the CNC, there’s a whole bunch of tools under
this, we cannot get them. Yeah, I can get back
here, it’s really easy, you just, you climb
past this table that we have stored back here, you go under this
cable, and then, no, nevermind I
can’t reach that. Yeah, I’m sure that
there’s stuff in here that we don’t need.
(soft pinging) And then I think
once that is gone, we can optimize the space
(soft pinging) so that we can use
it more efficiently, and, what’s our third goal? EVAN: (laughs)
You wrote it down? And give everything a place. (soft pinging)
EVAN: Yes. So that when we, we can (laughs) put everything in its
place, I don’t know. EVAN: Words are hard, baby. It should be simple. EVAN: All right let’s
start with the great garage purge of 2019. Let’s do it. (wind whooshing)
(camera shutter snap) KATELYN: Okay so
before we get into it, let’s finish off what
we want the garage to actually look like. What we’re thinking
is a back drop of gray Gladiator cabinets,
which may not sound too exciting, but when you
think about the before, it looks really nice, okay. We might at some point
do maybe some fun colors in the front of the cabinets,
maybe some vinyl stripes, but for now let’s see
how this is looking with our current workbench,
and us in there for scale. (Evan laughs) EVAN: It’s so accurate, Katelyn. KATELYN: (laughs) I
think it’d be fun to add some decorative stuff,
we left some space here for our E and K marquee letters, lights, some of our art,
this is the plan at least. Now we just have to
get rid of everything to make this happen. (relaxed instrumental music)
All right, so right as we’re preparing to
get rid of everything, which is something we’ve
been looking forward to for so long, we actually
got something instead. Our Gladiator shelves,
or cabinets from Lowe’s, thank you Lowe’s,
they are the sponsor of today’s video by the way. (wind rushing) The thing we are
struggling with as like, I’m trying to process
like what do we even say? How do I, how do I start? There’s so much stuff,
so I don’t know how we’re gonna film this,
but I think that like we just have to start somewhere. So we’re just gonna start
like picking things up, breaking things down, and
just like begin the purge! (soft crashing)
(gasps) (Katelyn laughs) KATELYN: I feel like we’re
descending into madness, and we haven’t even started yet We’re just at the beginning! (classical piano music) We’re gonna make a recycle
category, a trash category. KATELYN: Give away category. And a burn category. (Katelyn laughs) burrrrrn Why do we keep all this– KATELYN: Yeah like
so many tiny scraps, and we were like, “oh,
we gotta keep that!” (classical piano music) Still haven’t found
the mystery goop. EVAN: Concerning. I know. Did she make the goop? (classical piano music) Supurrvisor’s supurrvising. SUPURRVISOR: Oh, hi. KATELYN: This is
where she hangs out when we’re in the shop, hello! Oh, you’re sweet,
baby, oh my gosh. Look what I found
from our wedding. (camera shutter snap) KATELYN: Aw. Such beautiful construction. So I attached this top
board to this two-by-four, this two-by-four to
this two-by-four, with an inner panel of
plywood right there. KATELYN: I think
they call that a– EVAN: Jank joint. (laughing) KATELYN: Yeah. Kinda sad. It’s kinda sad, but
at the same time not. I mean. (laughs) Trash pile. (Katelyn cries) (beeping)
The outside world. (classical piano music) (Evan groans) KATELYN: You okay? Oh, did you touch the goop? EVAN: This has some goop on it. KATELYN: Wonder
if we should tell the story of the goop. (Evan laughs) EVAN: Hi, goopy girl. Got more goop to get in? I’ll just tell the story
of the goop real quick. So one time the
Supurrvisor, so we used to let her out on the shop until this happened,
the incident. But she came out to
the shop, and she found a really good hiding
place, and when she finally came out she was covered,
like, her whole belly in a brown mystery
goop, that we had then struggle to get off of her. And we–
Yeah she does not like taking a bath, at all.
And we’ve been, we’ve been trying to find
that goop for months, and I think we might have
found like a hint of it. Look, there’s a
little bit of it. EVAN: There’s some of the goop. There’s some goop. Where’s the source? Tell me! But we’ll keep you posted,
on the mystery goop. Our neighbors are like,
“these people again.” (loud crashing) KATELYN: I’m tryna not
make too much noise. (loud crashing) (Evan laughs) EVAN: Sorry! Watch that front corner. Just another light. EVAN: How are we gonna
fit it under the garage? Here, we’ll rotate it. (Evan groans) Oh no, it doesn’t fit, oh no. (Evan laughs) (screaming) EVAN: Okay, okay,
catch it, catch it, catch it, no get out of the way, get out the way,
get out the way. But you said catch it! (laughing) (Katelyn softly screaming) EVAN: Oh man, moving
these color panels out is kinda sad. (soft popping)
I know. EVAN: We’ll bring her
back in some other way. Yeah. Shall we end it for tonight? Yeah. (crashing) Let’s end it for tonight. (laughing) Bye. (soft relaxing music) Hi guys, so it’s
day two out here. We’re making some good progress. We have wood over
here, and things are so clean over here. We moved things from
one area to another! EVAN: (laughs) Yeah! But I have an
update for you guys, I think I found the
source of the goo. (record scratch)
KATELYN: What? EVAN: I always
want, I always hoped it would make me feel better, but I think that’s
it, right there. KATELYN: That? EVAN: That or this,
but I think it’s that. KATELYN: There was
so much on her. What is that, like
a congealed bug? EVAN: I think it’s
a congealed bug. (Katelyn groans) We were pulling that out of her belly fluff with our hands. EVAN: I know, I
was hoping it would be less gross than it was. How was there so much on her? She must’ve just like rubbed back and forth on
it or something. Like twenty bugs? They all die in a pile,
and then congealed, and then they got on
her belly. (groans) (slow horn music) EVAN: Day three. Yeah day two wasn’t
very eventful, it was mainly just
finding the goop. But today we’ve kind
of gotten to the point where we’ve taken care
of a lot of the big low hanging fruit items, we’ve
mostly piled them over there. (Evan laughs) But so now it’s
time to go through all of the jam-packed
areas that we thought we were using in
an organized way, and we clearly are not. Insert shots here. (screeching horror music) (slow horn music)
So, let’s keep going. I don’t know, I don’t
know how to end it, what do you think? Not that, okay. (upbeat electronic music) All right, good morning
everyone, it is day four. How are you feeling Katelyn? I feel like we should’ve done a lot more work
in four days, but, it’s, it’s just slow work, a
lot of decisions to be made. EVAN: Yeah, but I mean
like, a lot has changed. Look at this, we can walk
around our workbench. (children cheering) KATELYN: Haven’t been
able to do that in months. EVAN: (laughs) No, and honestly a lot of this stuff, we’re
like categorizing it, a lot of it’s in the
pile of stuff outside that we need to get rid of. KATELYN: Oh, hi,
you want to help? Thank you, what a good helper. SUPURRVISOR: Am helping. Yeah, a lot of it is inside, the stuff we’ve gone
through that we know we wanna keep, we’ve
just had to get it out of the garage, ’cause otherwise there’d be no walking space. EVAN: Yeah. So like, it is progress,
it’s just slow progress. I’m ready to like
get in to it today. EVAN: Today so far we’ve
been two or three hours, but I think that’s
like, no actually– We didn’t really make
a difference today. EVAN: Let’s not set in
the expectation though. ‘Cause that’s how you
lead to disappointment. (upbeat electronic music) (record scratch) KATELYN: So I think
we’re realizing that this is a little bit tougher
than we expected. Mainly ’cause, you
know, a lot of stuff that we have, it was,
it was not cheap, we bought it with good intent, with good intentions. (laughs) Like this, like this
clamp right here, I bought it intending to
use it for a drill press, but it’s too heavy, and
we’ve never used it. KATELYN: Literally
never used it. And it’s like, guilt
just staring at us, right in the face, or more like, half finished
engineering projects like this slider, it’s
like, they’re just like these reminders
everywhere that I’ve been kind of like dreading,
like, dealing with. ‘Cause like if you
ignore it, you’re like “it’s fine, it’s fine!” KATELYN: I might finish
that camera slider one day! One day, except it’s
rusty, and it doesn’t… KATELYN: Work. (laughing) Yeah, but I don’t know,
I think it’s healthy confronting your past,
and like dealing with it, like making a
decision, do I keep it, do I finish it, or do I move on? KATELYN: Yeah. And it’s cathartic,
in a painful way. (laughing)
(sad guitar music) KATELYN: Emotions! (laughing) (Katelyn vocalizing) (Evan vocalizing) It is day five, we’re
gonna do things. (laughing)
(upbeat electronic music) KATELYN: At this
point you’re probably wondering if this entire video is just time-lapses
of us removing stuff, we were wondering that too. But then, we got
to the cabinets. (jazzy music) EVAN: All right, day six! Yeah, look at the progress! EVAN: There’s so much… KATELYN: Less. EVAN: Less! It looks so clean over here. And then there’s this.
(laughing) KATELYN: You know, we
knew a big portion of this would just be like moving things to temporary places,
but the exciting thing today is we get to remove
these old cabinets, and install our new cabinets. EVAN: I think we
should probably move that old shelf, before we
get rid of this though. But, so here’s my
worry with this, is like, there’s only two of us, how do we take this off the wall without it like falling,
because if one of us is unscrewing, and
tryna hold it up, that’s gonna be hard to like… EVAN: The good thing
is this is installed with a board under
here, so you can unscrew the cabinets first,
and one of us just needs to hold
it against the wall, and then it’ll all–
Oh, just like. EVAN: Lift off of that. I mean, I still feel
like it might topple. We have our steel
toed boots on though. EVAN: Now, what may or
may not be a good idea. KATELYN: Okay. (metal clashing)
(Evan laughing) Oh yeah, this is gonna be bad. We gotta move this. How did we get this in here? (loud scraping) Sorry, that was
a horrible noise. Beep, beep. (laughs) You’re stuck–
Beep, beep. (shouting) KATELYN: Hey we’re free. Beep, beep. Watch out, watch out. Beep, beep. Do your noise again? (high pitched beeping) (Evan laughs) (high pitched beeping) (clashing) KATELYN: Yeah! This ‘gon go now! Slowly giving up on ever using this garage door for cars. Nope, I mean yep, I mean– (beeping) KATELYN: Yes. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. KATELYN: What do
you mean, no, no? Aw, it’s held up with nails! KATELYN: What?
It’s all held up with nails, no screws! We’re gonna have to like extract every single one of those. KATELYN: Oh, no, no, no, no. Who would do that? EVAN: I hate nails! KATELYN: Who are you,
and where do you live? (Evan laughing) EVAN: They used to
live here. (laughs) KATELYN: Dang it,
that’s gonna be– That’s gonna suck. KATELYN: That’s
gonna suck a lot. EVAN: This is gonna
suck so much, like– KATELYN: Well, and also, like holding it steady so
it doesn’t fall off as we’re doing that. Can we like screw
some in, to hold it while we like jangle
it around with a… Yeah, we can screw two in. KATELYN: Yeah we can screw
two in, remove all the nails. There’s not enough room to swing your hammer in here either. (loud hammering) Nope, that doesn’t work (angry screaming) KATELYN: How many
nails do we have? (loud hammering) (soft whirring) (loud hammering) KATELYN: Come on! (Evan laughing) I’ll be here for like an hour. Oh no, it’s doing
good, doing the thing. EVAN: Move your headlamp down. (Evan laughs) Can you see now, is this,
is this good for you. EVAN: That’s great! KATELYN: One nail! Will she prevail? (laughing) (Katelyn screams) (laughing) (soft guitar music) Yes? I think they just,
like, added screws in random places, I
think that this screw goes down into here, so I think we need to remove this screw, before we can remove the top. Also, they like
painted these together, so there’s gonna be
like a paint seal. KATELYN: Well we can,
we can ch, ch, ch, ch. EVAN: I know, I’m just annoyed. KATELYN: Just
annoyed at everything that’s wrong with
these cabinets. Wait, wait, wait, wait. We painted these cabinets. (screaming) (laughing) Who would do that? Who would do such a thing? Okay, so what is the
game plan exactly? Unscrew it, and let
it fall to the floor. That actually might be okay. Or we can try to lift
it, shall we try to like carefully–
Feel we should try to carefully lift it. Be prepared to jump out
of the way, just in case. All right, now I think
this side is free. Okay, oh God. (soft whirring) EVAN: Okay. Oh yeah, oh yeah,
it’s free, it’s free. Shall we just try to lift
it off and then set it down? It’s not free. It’s not free is there–
This one has the screw too. EVAN: All right. KATELYN: If it starts to fall, we should both scream,
so the other one know to get out of the way. EVAN: (laughs) We
screw it back in. KATELYN: Yeah. (Evan laughs) (whirring) EVAN: You should
be good, let go. All right. (laughs) Oh. (laughing) (loud hammering) (loud clanging) (Evan laughing) (whirring) KATELYN: Oh yeah, I feel it. I’ll keep it pushed
in, so you rotate, so that you’re lifting
it from the side. You got it?
I’m gonna use my head. Okay. Now lift straight up. It’s not lifting. Okay, okay, oh gosh, okay. EVAN: Lemme know if you have it. KATELYN: I have it. EVAN: You sure?
KATELYN: Yeah. Oh my god.
Careful, careful. Knees, knees, knees. I’m using my knees. Okay.
(Katelyn sighs) EVAN: Shall we get
the sledgehammer now? We got it in one piece,
there’s no point in– (Evan screams) (loud clap) Like shake out the arms. It’s a good dance. (laughs) That’s a good dance. (electronic beat)
(Katelyn rapping) You don’t know how
attractive I am to you. Wait no, you don’t
know how attracted I am to you, right now. Baby! (shouts) We did it! We got–
EVAN: We did it. KATELYN: The dang cabinet off. (upbeat electronic music) I don’t know what
day it is today, but I know it’s the
day that we finally install the new cabinets. It’s day seven. (upbeat electronic music) EVAN: Bread to bread, I got the bread.
Watch out for those. Yeah! KATELYN: How can I help you? EVAN: Oh yeah! KATELYN: Ow! EVAN: Oh no! KATELYN: I’m okay. I was scared it was an eye! Yeah, me too. One Gladiator is in place. All right, and no
one wants to watch us assemble all the rest, so… (loud claps) Evan bumped the camera
on that last one, but look, didn’t
expect this did you? Something different! And that’s because we messed up. (thumping) KATELYN: Okay so– Evidently, we can’t measure, because the upper cabinets
are 28 inches tall, and we have, not 28 inches. KATELYN: And so (laughs) unless we wanna cut
into the ceiling. Hey, I’ll just climb up
into the attic again. KATELYN: (laughing)
Yeah, and walk? Then we’ll have a hole. (beeping)
Okay, plan B. So we looked all over
the place for another wall to put these
upper cabinets on, and it just didn’t seem to work, and then we realized,
we can just scooch over the right big cabinet,
and turn these uppers into a set of uppers and lowers, and we actually really
like how it looked. I mean we had to rework
some decorative items, but I think this is gonna work. (beeping)
Ready for the last one? Yeah. (clapping) (Evan groans) (Katelyn laughing) Okay, it’s been a
really long day seven. But look at our
freaking cabinet. EVAN: We’re gonna be able
to store so much in here, and it’s unified, so
it’s gonna look good, ’cause we, we film in here.
The nice backdrop. Yeah!
EVAN: Yeah! I wanna put some
cut stuff in here. Well maybe like a
little countertop, right there, and some lights. Yeah, like some fun
stuff, which I know sounds kinda silly
for a workshop, but like, it’s where we film, and where we spend
lots of our time. So we want it to look nice.
(laughing) EVAN: All right,
but I think that is a quest for day
eight. (laughs) Bye! What was that? Most awkward wave. (laughing) EVAN: It’s day eight, of
the garage renovation. I was gonna do, I was
gonna do like a thing. Hey everyone, I’m gonna
be a countertop very soon, for this space over here,
Katelyn’s gonna cut me down. (laughs) Are we descending
even more into madness? KATELYN: Your so silly! (loud chuckling) (crashing) EVAN: (laughs) Okay. Let’s operate some power tools. (upbeat instrumental music)
(loud whirring) KATELYN: We have a counter. Hey! EVAN: You can count on us! (rhythmic drumming) (loud whirring) EVAN: Think it’s
written somewhere that you just like
aren’t allowed to skip this part of the
video in any project. KATELYN: No, you
have to show it. EVAN: You have to show it all. KATELYN: Oh yeah! (“Oh Yeah”) (laughing) (upbeat instrumental music) KATELYN: While we let this
dry, it’s organizing time. EVAN: Katelyn, are you
excited for this next part? I am, I’m so excited,
like to my core. EVAN: We get to reorganize
all of this junk into the properly
sorted workshop. (upbeat electronic music) So moving things
into the cabinet has probably been
my favorite part of this whole process. KATELYN: It’s like
moving into a new house, and you get to pick
like, oh the coffee mugs are gonna go here. Yeah.
And this is where my cutting boards will go. It’s never fun to move out
of a house, but moving in. KATELYN: It’s like
kinda fun, yeah. EVAN: Kinda fun, kinda exciting. KATELYN: We just like moved out and back into our
garage. (laughs) (beeping)
Oh my God, Jimmy Diresta got kittens? EVAN: I don’t know if
that’s true or not, there are just
kittens at his house. KATELYN: I see kittens! Aw! Okay, anyways, we’re
getting distracted. We just kinda got to a
stopping point on the cabinets. I think there’s still
more that can go in there, there’s still empty
ones, but I think before we keep going,
we have to deal with the elephant in the room, which is the entire other side of the room.
The elephants. (laughing) I think before we know
what goes down here, and where all this fits,
I think we just need to start putting
it all into place. KATELYN: Yeah, a
giant game of Tetris. Gonna probably
head over to Lowe’s to like get the last
little bits of storage. and little decor, and
organizers Katelyn. (Katelyn moans)
Organizers! (Katelyn screams) I mean I think the work bench first.
Work bench first, yeah? (laughing) Aw man, it’s looking
official now. Oh, so official! Like we need to move the things to get to the things. We’re just using the
garage door as a wall. KATELYN: As a wall. Hey you’re not supposed
to be in here yet, you gotta wait for
the final reveal. SUPURRVISOR: am supurrvising. KATELYN: Back
inside, there you go. I think it’s the
general layout I want, big open space,
as much as we can, and all of the stuff we
don’t use over there. We can start doing
that yoga out here. Is this the opening morning? It’s the opening workshop. (loud thump) (sad guitar music)
It’s our first casualty of the garage ‘reno. It’s my cup! I’m so sad. EVAN: You’ve had
that cup for so long. How long have you had that cup? KATELYN: Really, really
long time. (laughs) Years! Oh. (Evan chuckling) (sniffling and laughing) All right, so Katelyn was
organizing the wood storage, and she had a really good idea for how to keep all of these
long miscellaneous things. We’ve, we were, this,
this pipe was in our throwaway pile outside,
but if you put it in there instead, you
can store all the stuff, it’s like we’ve literally
had this problem and the solution in our
garage the whole time, and it just took like… We just couldn’t get to either. Night and day! (giggling) EVAN: Katelyn is not crazy! No, I’m just really happy. This is looking so
good, look at that shop, look at that, look at that shop! KATELYN: Seeing things now, and seeing all
the space we have, I’m honestly really surprised, I know we got rid of
a lot, but there’s so much space that’s open. Most of these central cabinets
aren’t even filled yet. I don’t understand fully. Also another really,
really cool thing is this like, feels
like a set, you know. We’re getting there guys. Next day here we come. Okay, day nine,
we’re gonna go get stuff from Lowe’s to finish
off this garage project. EVAN: Woo! (funky upbeat music) KATELYN: I’m ‘gon
get me some lights. I’m ‘gon get me some lights. We’re gonna use some
kitchen organizers to organize our cabinet. (funky upbeat music) Oh my God. I want this. KATELYN: You want that? (laughs) He zoomin’! (funky upbeat music) Look at all the stuff we got! Some very necessary
items, but I’m excited to finish this up. Yeah, montage mode? KATELYN: Montage mode. (upbeat electronic music) Please fit, please
fit, please fit. Oh look at that! Oh, it’s so nice! (Evan laughs) (upbeat electronic music) This is so ridiculous,
and yet so right. Oh! KATELYN: Whoa, that
thing is bright. ISO down! It’s like a glowing
orb on camera, it looks really cool in person. Oh, you can’t even see it? KATELYN: I can if I
go to like ISO 200. Maybe we need to
put a dimmer on it. Dununa-nuna-nuna-nuna-nuna-nuna. Duh, dah, dah, dah! (laughs) I was waiting for you to.
(laughing) Got a dimmer! (upbeat electronic music) Okay so, everything
done, but before we show you guys, we
need to get approval from the Supurrvisor. EVAN: You can come in now. KATELYN: You can come in now. EVAN: Oh, the grand
lady makes her entrance. KATELYN: It looks
different, huh? SUPURRVISOR: Where is goop? KATELYN: Where
‘ya gonna go hide? Going to the ugliest corner. EVAN: Thanks Joob, oh
you just wanna give the sponsor some more airtime. SUPURRVISOR: Am sponsored. KATELYN: I know
right, you like it? It looks so different now. SUPURRVISOR: I escape. KATELYN: Yeah! EVAN: Do you approve? (Evan laughing) Just got the
headbutt of approval. KATELYN: And she’s gone now. She’s in the cat dimension. (“The X-Files” music) I guess we can give
you guys a tour now. (laughs) All right so
this side over here, you’ve seen all this
stuff, there’s nothing super interesting,
there’s nothing like new, it’s just like
efficiently organized. But let’s show you the
side you do wanna see. I’m assuming that you’re playing like heavenly choir
music, right now. KATELYN: Oh yeah, definitely. (heavenly choir music)
Because this is so nice. This turned out better
than I even thought. KATELYN: Yeah, it
really looks super cute, like it’s like our little set. I know, that was Evan’s idea. This is how I feel about
this whole side over here. I love it so much. And I like think about
the before and after, like I don’t even understand
how this happened, and also there’s like so
much more space up here. KATELYN: Yeah.
There isn’t all the things in the way, it just like, feels, I just like can’t wait to
make our next video here. (upbeat electronic music) KATELYN: It really
is crazy though, I mean looking back
at these before shots, it came a really long way. EVAN: Yeah, I just
forgot how bad it was. And it just like
gives me anxiety looking at the before,
and joy looking at after. KATELYN: You like our cabinets? Okay tour done. SUPURRVISOR: Am bored. KATELYN: There ‘ya go. (upbeat electronic music) EVAN: I just wanna
wake up in the morning, and just head to our
garage and just sit there. KATELYN: And have breakfast. EVAN: (laughs)
Soak in the glory! (upbeat electronic music) All right everybody,
thank you for watching, and if you didn’t know,
we have a gaming channel, Evan and Katelyn Gaming. And we’ll see you
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100 thoughts on “DIY Garage Makeover”

  1. EvanAndKatelyn says:

    Did y'all know we have 4 channels now? This main one, plus:

    ๐ŸŽฎ Evan and Katelyn Gaming

    (us playing games and chatting, enhanced by epic editing and a heavy dose of memes)

    ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ Evan and Katelyn Podcast

    (chatting about life, YouTube stuff, and playing games you can play along with)

    ๐Ÿ˜น Evan and Katelyn Too

    (still figuring this one out ๐Ÿ˜‚)

  2. Cody Cryder says:

    you only re did half of the garage not even the whole thing

  3. billybike57 says:

    Entertaining but not very helpful ๐Ÿ™

  4. Skwerwl says:

    Omg, I just noticed the giant googly eyes on the air conditioner(?) Lmao

    Also, RIP Starbucks mug. I can't use ceramic tumblers anymore bc this has also happened to me ๐Ÿ™

  5. Zavoly says:

    im actually fakking in love with your videos

  6. Josh T says:

    @13:43 I was waiting for Katelyn to say "You stopped Beeping!" when they almost ran into each other. Regardless of finding someone who shares the same interest with you – these 2 are on another level.

  7. Victoria McG says:

    at 26:15 y'all went bobby dukes on us lol

  8. xXMaymay_ is _WeirdXx says:

    Nobody :
    Me : OMG is that simply nailogical oh damn… 12:07 Nevermind… (Awkward silence)

  9. Kevin Reems says:

    I fuckin love you guys <3

  10. Mihai Asaftei says:

    you could have gotten something for the floor as well, something easy to clean-up and safe to step onto, like eva foam floor mat or there's some kinda sheet that goes onto the garage floor and its easy to clean-up, like linoleum but better.

  11. Cameron Commons says:

    if you close your eyes and listen from 17:24 its hilarious.

  12. danisnotonchairs says:

    26:15 Nice Bobby Duke reference ๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. Kenneth Yeung says:

    30minutes of quality content

  14. Jay Stokes says:

    7:21 I saw Katelyn's life flash before my eyes ๐Ÿ˜‚

  15. The Occasional Snickerdoodle says:

    William Osman needs your help

  16. Kelsey Smith says:

    I watch your videos so often my husband recognizes you now. His favorite video was the xbox remote video. This is a great honor. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. Jeffrey400 says:

    You don't know how attractive I am to you guys right now! Particularly the "garage organization" dance at 1:40, Katelyns adorable slipper crocks or whatevers at 1:49, Katelyns rubber armed dance at 18:03 (which prompted Evan to speak like Yoda) and of course Evans grab wave (what?) at 20:40. What I am getting at is you two need a greatest hits video SOON! So many hilarious antics. Oh and a thumbs up for the Yellow "Oh Yea" clip. Love that song.

  18. Sunny shah says:

    Damn, you guys just having fun and making stuff together really does put a smile on my face.

  19. NighteyesWolf says:

    Me thinks it's well time you both got yourselves a rented workshop! the linustechtips of woodworking!

  20. Shounak Dasgupta says:

    You should get a rubberized floor mats for your "organized" garage. 12"ร—12" ones..

  21. Kane The Unsettled says:

    I'm convinced you guys live in your garage

  22. Gabriela Izaguirre says:

    the bobby duke reference!!! you guys need to work together! you're all goofy, artsy and un-apologetically yourselves! i'm sure it would be mayhem but i would watch it happily!

  23. Maricarmen Fernandez says:

    Do you sell everithing you make or do you keep some stuff

  24. Lux says:

    With the "EK" sign it would have been cool to make a clear resin with some color as a cap

  25. cpu939 says:

    I would replace the ceiling lights, looks good but the light let it down IMO

  26. Sadie Foster says:

    You never found the goop ๐Ÿ˜”

  27. Sadie Foster says:

    Get another cat a co preduser

  28. Richard Petron says:

    You guys got Lowe's to pay you to clean your garage do you realize this. It is difficult to overstate how impressed I am by this

  29. Mahmoud Khaled says:

    Love you guys ๐Ÿ’–

  30. Lauren S says:

    why don't you just destroy the cabinets with a giant hammer and then worry about where it's stuck to the wall later

  31. Joe Kram says:

    yall need a new house with a bigger garage our detached garage/custom shed-workshop

  32. L u n a Y a t e s says:

    Wait, can somebody tell me what a congealed bug is?

  33. humdrumpunkin says:

    The goop could be from an area of your floor that had not sealed correctly and where moisture was seeping up into the garage. I've had that happen before and it is brown, sticky and gross. If you wipe down the area and the goop reappears then you know that's the problem!

  34. Monique Gonzalez says:

    Can we just take a second to appreciate how cute they are :')

  35. Mayonnaise Boy says:

    how does the supervisor know to stay out of the garage???

  36. Melgar Tan says:

    I'm so proud of you guys, I love it…๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜… u r so inspiring…

  37. Cmatt1605 says:

    I genuinely love watching your guys videos! You two always give me a good laugh and so many good ideas. I'd love to get a few of those cabinets, but they are pretty pricey :/

  38. Hey itโ€™s me AGAIN says:

    Homework the Bain of kids existence lowes is like the the Americans Bunnings warehouse lol

  39. Loga Anpalagan says:

    I think you forget to fix the lights on top of the cupboards

  40. Da Mc-eighty-one says:

    Wait!!!! Your plan (basically) is… POO???
    #1 Plan
    #2 Optimize
    #3 Organize
    That's right!! Get your POO together!!!

  41. Da Mc-eighty-one says:

    Okay. I keep having to urge to pause and go to my keyboard. Don't! Make! A! Camera Slider!!! Put your camera on a short tripod. Put that tripod on top of a soft, fluffy towel. And finally, grab the corners of the towel and slide it across the surface of a table or something smooth in order to create the camera slide/ rolling effect. There you go! Special effects on a ๐Ÿ•›&$$$ budget.

  42. StardustDNA says:

    So will there be a house tour featuring all your projects at some point?

  43. Yuki- San says:

    Katelyn: โ€œWe are trying to find this brown mystery goopโ€
    Me: Poop?

  44. Gideon Zagoto says:

    Katelyn's smile.. oh god

  45. Yui Yuetzing Artz says:

    21:44 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Deisy Silva says:


  47. Blaze Wolf says:

    The Austin powers clip when he's moving the shelf ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

  48. We Are J&J says:

    We just moved in to our new house so I've been looking at home idea videos and I ran into your channel! def earned a sub! look forward to more videos!

  49. Tapio Salminen says:

    all I see is comical eyes cabinets make, one on the top right has even it's mouth open… how do you deal with all that staring ?

  50. Myheart2yours says:

    New subscriber! You guys are so joyful I love it!

  51. Sarah Boudousquie says:

    Where'd the pretty string lights go??

  52. Animal_Gal _Adventures says:

    26:15 Omg they turned in to bobby dukes! They are definitely losing their minds.

  53. MO Rain says:

    7:20 the trash tho

  54. Nivia Lima says:

    Guess you could say her cup SPILLED THE TEA

  55. Keniki's World says:


  56. Danielle Knox says:

    24:30 The tee… has been spilt


  57. Augustus Leo says:


  58. A little bit of Tech says:

    The amount of spiders they saw in the process

  59. Dustin Lill says:

    play @ .25 speed! Lmao!

  60. banga8080 says:

    Why y'all didn't put the cabinets on casters๐Ÿ‘

  61. Big Al says:

    This video really made my Sunday evening! I canโ€™t wait to have a garage of my own! Thank you

  62. Keasia Davis says:

    I wonder if they sold some of the stuff they didnโ€™t want that would be lots of cash

  63. rob says:

    But where do you park cars?

  64. Candy says:

    20:50 sean hogan is that u

  65. Shadow Dremuur says:

    does some one watch bobby duke?

  66. Stephanie Charbonneau says:

    Marie Kondo vibes

  67. Itz HannahBanana says:

    Do they get a sponsor for like every video?

  68. Christopher says:

    it sounds like you just throw out things you have bought. Selling them is less painful

  69. archaic chaotic says:

    a h w a w n t t h a y t

  70. Gian Louis says:

    She reminds me of Kira Kosarin

  71. -Missy- says:

    What do you call the tools (the saw and ruler) that you used at 21:22, to cut the counter straight? I need something like that!! Love you guys and your videos!

  72. Kimberly Shum says:

    Who else turns into a flailing seal gasping for air when watching their videos??? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  73. Reagan Stevenson says:

    26:15 reminded me of Bobby duke arts

  74. Funny Dukes17 says:

    I think I know what the goop is I think that the supervisor killed a lot of bugs and the rolled in it lol

  75. A slice of the Moon says:

    They are such a cute couple
    : )

  76. GalaxyGirlGrace says:

    I LOVE your new garage. Please dont mess it up again ๐Ÿ˜…

  77. Xaris Martin says:

    21:12 im crying laughing

  78. Timothy Brown says:

    @23:40 ugh, I broke one of my gf's Peanuts mugs one day, just stretching out and it hit the corner of our metal bed frame ๐Ÿ˜ Also I mean, spilled tea!? That's sadness alone. Do you drink black tea with milk because if so that's cool in my book.

    This video made me realize I really need to sort out my garage. I need to build a station for my compound miter saw so I can have stop blocks. Also need to build a movable bench. And a dust collection system. I don't know how you guys pulled off organizing all that stuff. It took me a year just to put things on a pegboard on the wall.

  79. Brandon Branch says:

    Love the video. Love the cabinets. But WOW they are expensive!!!

  80. Cloudy Mao says:

    19:27 now that's a beautiful twitch emote right there.

  81. Jason Driscoll says:

    Sledge hammer to those old cabinets

  82. Aiden Habib says:

    I was really hoping you guys would say screw it with the cabinets

  83. Grumpy Pentagon says:

    Adding baskets or boxes in the gladiator shelves will probably make them more well organized and look less crowded

  84. Monkey Luke says:


  85. Doge_Boi YEET! says:

    how did you not see the copper thing

  86. Joshua Slate says:

    That brown goop looks like tree sap.

  87. C4chicken168 PS4 is life says:

    1) Purge
    2) Optimise
    3) Redecorate
    4) New garage

  88. bluishberii says:

    Katelyn at the goop: "WHO DO YOU WORK FOR??"

  89. James Phelps says:

    When you get sponsored by super big brands because your one of the last family friendly and actually interesting channels

  90. Gill Needs a chill pill says:

    It went from fire hazard to not a fire hazard

  91. Pikadumpling # 27391 says:

    22:45 KITTENS

  92. maximum potassium says:

    25:57 those are the lights we have hanging in our back patio

  93. Moon_gacha says:

    Yessssss u watch Bobby duke!! Two of my favorite YouTubers!๐Ÿ˜ธ

  94. Shin Yoo says:

    Could you imagine Evan and Kate collabing with Rob and Corinne?
    If Rob feels good enough ofc.
    would love to ser them all nail some DIYs, sponsored by Lowes ofc ^^

  95. le Fire foxx says:

    Was is sap

  96. Sydnee Bannister says:

    16:20 when everything tht day goes wrong

  97. AnxiousAndAnnoyed says:

    I freaking love organization videos. The ocd is happy. But now I have the urge to organize and its 8pm and my mother is sleeping in the next room for work and my closet is where I want to organize but a thin wall separates it and my moms room ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  98. Sturrlin says:

    27:57 only my siri that reacted to the robot voice?

    Yes? ..ok

  99. Lorinamae Gaming says:

    They referenced Bobby duke!!

  100. Space girl Pantoja says:

    Fix the cup with glue

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