that was awesome dude 1000 degree gummy fidget spinner hey what’s going on guys opportunity from stupidly and we are back and today we’re doing another crazy challenge what are you doing well Logan’s cleaning you look at that that’s some fresh cleaning guys Logan mine show more the toy boxes that’s not the toy box do not check that box that’s the ammo box all right we need some spinach bro let’s get some spinners out because we are making a gummy spinner Logan that’s right oh wow this actually looks fun maybe we display this today we’ve seen a lot of crazy spinner mods online but we’re like yo can we not make a dummy spinner and that is exactly what we’re going to do this the world’s first gummy spinner and I think Logan I think I don’t want to toot our own horn but I think you might be d-pad spinner mate it’s gonna make a sonic boom go oh look and make it cool sonic boom sound whoever to do is rehab some molding like rubber or silicon I don’t really know what it is I would self mold putty but basically this is the stuff that you use when you’re with Jimmy Lee making wool and we’re going to use it to make an exact mold of digits video so let’s see what you got here guys alright so we have base don’t know what that is this is amazing mold rubber do we read instructions now we reach adult for it but we don’t need this let’s put that inside and let’s jump right into this guy’s basically how this is going to work is we’re going to use this silicon mold to actually create like a negative impression of the business page so once it’s all done we should be able to break this open and there will literally be like a perfect hollowed-out version of the fidgets spinner we’re going to go take our gummy mix we’re going to pour it into the mold let it harden and then we should have a real working gummy fish spin that was really goopy so it’s going to be kind of hard to do oh my god oh dude check that out oh it’s like glue man bro it’s really really messy man it’s like superglue I don’t know one supposed to be touching it it’s like glue on steroids oh no all y’all revision bro it’s all on my fingers this was not thought out very well from whoever made this oh man I cannot imagine I’m going to get this off my hands it is like next-level sticky dude because apparently I just read we have 20 minutes for the starts to harden so I got to pick up the pace because we don’t want this to harden before we actually get to doing this guys is basically arts and crafts on top J yeah welcome to arts and crafts a sausage ate or we don’t read instructions and everything goes wrong and you’re going to get messy no matter what awesome and you let’s just pour the pulp things happen I feel like sitting here measuring out this measuring cup and I’m starting to realize like what are we going to do save like literally an inch of this rubber stuff for another video we’ll just get another one let’s just pour the full thing alright guys now that we have the mold in the actual pan itself we have to add the catalyst which is basically going to turn it into the rubber that we wanted to and then we’re going to have a little bit of time before it starts to harden to actually get a vision spinner inside it so that I can mold so I’m going to shake this up real good give it a good shake now you gotta make sure this thing is shaking to the max there we go it’s looking good and now we’re going to add this and we’re going to mix it with our knife so I’m going to cut it like this and then we’re just going to pour it in here so now that it’s been you guys I’m just going to mix it up it says to make sure that you get it very thoroughly mixed if you want it to work so it starting to mix up pretty well I’m guessing you just want to have like a nice pink consistency throughout the whole mold if you want to try some of this guys let me know in the comment section down what it looks so good it’s like we’re making like a cake it almost looks like icing guys but this is starting to look really really cool guys and certainly gets thicker so I think it’s almost time for us to actually put the mold in alright guys so we’ve got the mold it is mixed up is ready to go and we are ready now to make a mold of our business banner so we can make the first ever dummy fidgets spinner but guys get this not only can we use this mold to make a dummy fidgets better but we are going to keep this mold so that we can make literally any version of the budgetary can fill it with I don’t know candy we can fill it with molten metal we’ve got the overnight the upper a type of positioner we should make let me know down below and we can make it because this up is so cool we can literally make anything with it it’s that awesome alright guys here we go we’re closing business going in now we’re going to let it sit in here for the next two hours and we should have a perfect vision spinner mold oh that’s it would be really satisfying alright there we go we’re going to push it in Nice and slowly don’t get any air bubbles here guys oh there you go sigh little midget spinner I’m gonna use the night so I can get it like just perfect like dude perfect like do perfect does there we go life isn’t spin art you do us well you make a good mold little bit better alright guys business better is in there and set in the mold so now we’re gonna wait about two hours and then once you stop you can break it out and then we can get molding together oh there goes our life oh is it going crap well we broke the light so if you want to help us buy a new light like the video let’s get 5,000 likes to buy a new version of mr. lady because mr. light is dead can we get an RIT mr. lady else with the chair look at his body pieces are everywhere we just bought that light this would be funny he was so young he was so young like that like button guys helplessly push mr. life okay alright guys who’ve been through ours and we’ve let them all set and now it is completely rubber yo check this out guys it’s like a rubber bouncy ball you can contractions anything yeah exactly so what we’re going to do is I’m going to very carefully take it out of the mold Jake be care I know I gotta be very careful here guys and once mm well it should just be a solid chunk of rubber which will be really awesome all right oh I can see the spinner Oh all right so they’re gonna need it I still even still worked on so late my god dude that is crazy now we have a solid piece of rubber so what we’re going to do guys is we’re going to cut out exactly where the spinner in and then we’ll have two sides of the spinner we’ll put it back together and then we’ll be ready to pour some gelatin in this so now what I’m going to do is I’m going to cut along here and basically I want to cut it so that we have two different sides of it so that the spinner can come out and then once we pull the spinner out we will basically have the perfect hollowed-out version of the spinner and I can see part of it problem is getting it out of here okay so basically we have two different sides of this we have the one side of the center spinner down here and we have the top side up here mold is done and it is all kind of taped off so it’s nice and tight so now what we’re going to do is we’re gonna take our gelatin I think we definitely got way too much gelatin but we’re going to pour it into here where we can actually mix it all together so I’m going to put a bunch of gelatin in here it should be good there we go let’s get it over here we’re going to pour in the boiling water I definitely don’t want to put too much water because I want this to be very very hard to be more like a hard gummy jelly you know like the old dumb using fine in the back of a candy store we’re going to add some blue food coloring to make this business better look really cool I’m going to put a bunch of this in here because I want it to be nice and bright blue well you’re now going to attempt to somehow funnel this all into the mold it is definitely going to be tricky but it should work starting to see a bit of an outline right okay that’s just all coming up Oh perfect alright so now that we know that it’s coming over both sides that’s definitely showing us that this is filled up the entire spinner mold we should be able to remove the mold and then we’ll have a solid gummy fidgets spinner which we can kind of like take off a little bit of excess pieces and then use it as our very first gummies fidgets spinner it is finally ready we have the molds here and we also have the jelly flash gummy it’s important there and now it is perfectly hard you can see here like this so I’m going to remove the tape we are going to remove them old and we should have a perfect outline all this business very cool ok so can’t be careful oh dude oh dude oh dude check that out got or we got a little bit extra on the side which I knew was gonna happen so we have to cut that off definitely love the blue guys I chose the Bluebird that was awesome dude aren’t so cool do take the ball bearing and I’m going to put it in here and that will give us the actual like bearing that a little spin on so there we go alright I pushed it through alright we’re going to use the red fidget spinner connector is it gonna work the gummy fidget spinner oh you know what I don’t know man dude I’m like really upset you just fell apart and broke yo this looks really cool guys alright now let’s give it a good spin dude rope damn that out man and you think this is awesome let us know down below and if you also think that we should do more with the fidgets spinner mold maybe make a soul in metal fizzy spinner I don’t know a hard candy vision spinner I’m sure you guys will be pretty crazy ideas let us know down below every we’ll definitely try to do it if you also some other ideas for what we should make out of gummy let us know to the gel to do some crazy stuff like don’t you essence tell me like David I don’t know there are so many different arms in mom y’all I’m Duty ready ready ready ready oh 1000 degree gummy fidget spinner dude that was way too fast big dummy could not handle it yo check this up they look like a little gummy candies not renewing up what guys hope you enjoyed this video if you guys like Jimmy Choo smash that like button down below and guys if you want to do me 1000 degree pigeon spin your business object smack that like one let’s go for five thousand likes on this video I know we can do it but this isn’t Papa Jake and I’ll see you guys make that freedom I’m video

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