DIY Spiky Gallium Fidget Spinner – Sunshine!
DIY Spiky Gallium Fidget Spinner – Sunshine!

(Upbeat Theme) Today I’m gonna show you how to make this really cool spiky fidget spinner out of gallium in the same manner of my last few videos We are going to be making a mould out of plasticine so place it on a tray and push it out flat Next we need to take something cylindrical I’m using this ground black pepper pot and push it down into the center of the mould if you need to you can use your finger to mould the plasticine around the pot to make the spikes I’m going to use this pen top and I’m gonna snap this part off so it doesn’t get in the way then start indenting the mould all the way around like this as you make new spikes it deforms the one next to it so you may have to go round a few times I also removed some plasticine from the center and re used the pepper pot to smooth out the base and I smoothed out the tips of the spikes try to make it all as neat and symmetrical as you can when your done take a skate-board wheel bearing and place it in the center I melted down some tubes of gallium metal in some warm water you can see this is half melted and half still solid so I left it in the water to completely melt then used a syringe to suck it up off the bottom of the bowl squeeze out the water and it’s ready for injecting into the mould you need to go nice and slow to make sure you don’t spill any when your done you can suck some back out and squirt it back in to make it all nice and smooth they you just need to leave it to cool down (set) and solidify once its hardened carefully remove it from the mould and that’s our spiky fidget spinner Pretty cool huh? the spikes are smooth and rounded off so its not at all sharp and it spins really well and looks really cool I’m going to take off these bearing caps from this yellow spinner and fix them too mine and now it looks like a sunshine spinner when we watch it back on film it almost looks like it’s spinning in the opposite direction as it slows down this is due to the changing speed of the spinner and the frame rate of the camera that’s recording its the same effect that you sometimes notice with car wheels on film I have hoped you have enjoyed watching this video if you want to find out more information about gallium you can take a look at some of my other videos stay safe, have fun and as always Thanks For Watching!

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