DKL Rubber Skateboard Griptape – First Impression
DKL Rubber Skateboard Griptape – First Impression

Little Backstory here probably about I don’t know 20 [years] ago When I would have started skating My mom bought me my first skate shoes And I was pumped [like] I had him for maybe like a month or two I skated every day in the driveway and went to the local park and they started tearing And my mom was furious and so I’m like oh, let’s just get some shoe goo. We’ll be fine You know all the other kids at the park that’s how they handle it. Whatever. I was ten years old at the time and She was just livid. [I] mean she bought a purpose-built shoe for skateboarding [for] me. I was on Kickstarter I think their ad might have popped up on my Facebook or something with ours company called DKL and they promoted that they had made a essentially non-abrasive grip tape for skateboards And that intrigued me because it instantly made me think of how [much] my mom despised My shoes getting destroyed. They essentially made a grip tape. That’s made out of rubber That somewhat mimics like what you would see on a ping-pong paddle, so I got the board and I got the grip tape Now we’re going to go put it on put a deck together and skate it and compare it to the old faithful Griptape my township really loves [our] parks [and] for the big money they spend on them keeping them nice and Building up new ones. It’s sad that they can’t put a little more effort into their skatepark for For the community [great] anyways. I’m here. I’ll show you around and We’ll get this deck set up We’re here how beautiful this is and then escape on One Ramp One rail one box, and then a little bench like that you can grind on in the ground well It’s roughly that you don’t fall on that. This is the seams between all of them. I mean Come on. Come on Township [Neil] DKL skateboard Kickstarter 2016 Edition was it going to skate it but for the video Their own grip tape on and see what it does three helpful tips Do apply decal drip tape with a sharp razor? Not already dulled by a sandpaper do not sand down the edges to prevent peeling Decal [Crip] tape works best with shoes that [aren’t] already torn up. I’ve had these for a year Dang do these things laughs Take a look at the drip tape. What we’re here it’s all about It’s from the back looks like a normal [roll] Turn this bad boy around here We have it decal [not] abrasive grip tape Okay, good. Look at that. So it’s rubber [feels] rubber has a nice grip when I run my finger on it there Just a bunch of little bumpy squares. I’m excited to try this out All right, I’m gonna put it on just like normal grip day for them. I really want this to be good [I] Think it would save a lot of eggs for a lot of parents say in the Lava [I] want to say a lot of kids, but really anyone that skates So we’ll see Alright, so you can see not too bad there it is on top Would open up a little bit here Why would you? Not make this poke holes come on pop Sing a little push our pen on that Poke holes right hardware is a little harder to put in Here it is on a deck DKL non-abrasive Griptape let’s see if this is a revolutionary game-changing skateboard technology here or fighters back to [Kickstarter] for Rubber Grip [I] don’t know sleep [comparison] sake around my normal board just Regular shoe eating grip tape shooting grip tape. Let’s all assess old classic grip tape Alright, here’s our Maiden voyage Feels kind of like softest almost a little squishy shoe definitely grips on [I] Feel too bad Definitely like it almost it almost might be nice for big like [spare] sets and stuff because it has like a little [cushion] to it [I] Don’t know let’s set up and Do a couple tricks looks like the Circus tricks Get in a little bit for that when I’m flicking straight off. It was all good, but uh Oh casper fluffy on it All right So decal non-abrasive griptape Shoes are still intact all right Landed a couple tricks, okay? Mind you I’m [not] like some Flow locals feet rider dude. I’m thirty years old two kids husband yada yada purse impression of the DKL not abrasive grip tape It seems pretty high-quality You really need to be careful. I think when you Install the grip tape I suck at putting grip tape on normally So with this you have to be extra careful that you don’t have bubbles and that you get the sides of it just right and you grind it down sandpaper [it] into the board because You’ll notice on certain tricks It was kind of peeling up on the edges, so I think Had I installed it a little better It might have stick better on that Like things with the casper flip where it wraps around your foot on the edge it peeled up a little bit But it might not have been bigger painful like I I’m not the best at putting it on Anyways, how did it feel [ah] it was grippy. I had no problems [Ollie] Kickflips. Whatever everything felt normal As far as the grip was concerned I didn’t feel like I was going to slip off or anything like that I don’t know how I would act in the wet. [I] bet if you’re born got wet. It would be a really slippery, so I’ll give wet skateboarding. She really should be doing to the [old-style] grip tape One thing I noticed that was really surprising when I first got on the skateboard There was like although. It’s super [thin] I mean It’s not much thicker than the whole grip tape there was like a cushion. You feel like um At first it was a very comforting because you kind of felt a [little] disconnected from the skateboard kind of like What are you going to do pair of shoes with thicker soles not learning yet? You don’t feel quite connected kind of felt like that on the grip tape, but what I think that’ll actually do for drops and like stairs Coming off big ledges, whatever. I feel like it might absorb a little impact which they didn’t sell that at all as a point Of the grip tape, but I mean just logically you have Little clumps of rubber under your foot. It’s going to help take impact, so I think that’s like a neat side effect to it Although you you you lose a little Connection to the State Board like feeling wise you get that nice cushion feeling when you land which is pretty cool after I the initial ride around And did a couple Ollie’s and stuff it started to feel Pretty connected and that like weird sensation kind of went away alright when I got back on my old skateboard. I I could feel the Sandpaper feeling more better with my shoes reliability and show anywhere Just skating around for 20 minutes Which I didn’t expect [it] [to] but I didn’t know if maybe some of the rubber would wear away or anything but it looks good, but I do feel like the Grip tapes a good grip tape [I] don’t [know] what it’s going to be priced at yet And that [is] going to be very important to whether I think this thing takes off not if it’s comparable price to Standard grip tape. I think it’s got a shot if it’s double the price it’s going [to] be a tough sell because grip takes grip tape but if if my shoes don’t show where and maybe I’m saving 80 bucks a year because I Don’t have to buy two pairs of shoes That’d be pretty sweet. That’s the goal so hopefully hopefully they can get it at a good price point and save bunch of shoes and keep skater skating overall I if I had to give a Five-star review I’d give it a [four] out of [five] right now. Just because It did it was a little more work to put on a normal grip tape [it] was kind of peeling up on the sides like I said might have been my fault, but I’m not incompetent I put a lot together a lot of [morons], so Yeah, anyways That’s why reveal the detail skateboarding non-abrasive group Tape if you get a chance, and you see it another site detail skateboarding comm check out what they’ve got Seems like a really rad company. They pulled through with a kickstarter. Which is huge huge. They kept their promise they delivered on time That means a lot to me in a company, so I appreciate all that And who knows I mean they could the product could even come even further [I]? Think there’s a lot of options for them out there. I’m excited florrum. Hope I do well and that’s it, so Pictures of [decal] skateboarding not risk [group] tape try it out for yourselves. Let me know we think got questions comments in the bottom And we will lab see you later oh

10 thoughts on “DKL Rubber Skateboard Griptape – First Impression”

  1. Duckle Grip & Co. says:

    Awesome review and backstory Ian! Thank you for the support and sharing! For sanding down the edges of the griptape, we recommend using "medium grit" drywall sandpaper screens. This stuff is magic, and you can reuse a small piece on multiple grips. This will prevent any peeling as well as the adhesive growing in strength after 24 hrs.

    Here's the drywall sandpaper screen:

    Thank you again for backing and helping us get this far! We're launching the griptape on GO Skateboarding Day.
    -DKL Skateboarding Team

  2. Lucius Fucius says:

    I've been waiting for a video review of this stuff

  3. Sahil K says:

    I genuinely feel bad for your skatepark. Makes me thankful for mine.

  4. IRogue Slyr says:

    When I skated everyday I would destroy shoes in 2 weeks to a month so this would save me a lot of money

  5. Ronald C says:

    vid starts at 7:55

  6. Aiden Urbine says:

    Awesome video bro!

  7. Ed Vilchez says:

    am I the only one who didn't pay atention to what Ian said for listening the evo's engine?

  8. Léon Noël says:

    Mmm… dat lancer evolution tho.

  9. whmozart says:

    I switched to DKL griptape ad am not going back. The only reason I would switch to regular griptape at some point would be darkslides.
    I found the perfect way to apply the DKL and it ends up looking perfect with no peeling, also no sanding required.

  10. Erich Foster says:

    Cut from underneath the grip not from the top!

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