Do Fidget Spinner’s Help with ADHD? | The Doctors
Do Fidget Spinner’s Help with ADHD? | The Doctors

17 thoughts on “Do Fidget Spinner’s Help with ADHD? | The Doctors”

  1. Aya says:

    Y'all are 3 months late

  2. Pinkyhotwheels says:

    Hahha “I use breast implants”…..I can’t believe he went there haha

  3. Timmy says:

    Jerking off…

  4. Amanda Marie says:

    I have ADHD and it's bs… ADHD has enough visual distractions without adding one more.

  5. Durga Thunder says:

    I love fidgeting

  6. reborns_and_reptiles Webster says:

    i have ADHD, ADD and ODD and the fidget seems to work wonders for me

  7. Morgan Bennett says:

    I had autism and I had a fidget spinner

  8. The Placeebo Affekt says:

    The fidget spinners from back in the day are ….. the people walking around with pens in their pockets. Clicking those pens over and over… then we get a story about how they walked to school ten miles in the snow with no shoes..uphill lol

  9. Melissa Wolbrette says:

    I'm a teacher and I hate these things. I'd like the inventor to have to teach a classful of kids who have these things.

  10. Danielle Williams says:

    Figit spinners help with my ocd

  11. C.E Bailey says:

    My son has ADHD and he hates them. As do the others that I know.

  12. Javier Antequera says:

    what the fuck am I the only one who was using the arrow keys to slide the video and suddenly I see a fidget spinner on the screen

  13. Chase Me Down the street says:

    Psychiatry and psychology is largely BS IMO..Kids are kids..They're naturally energetic…especially little ones..fidgety..don't listen without repetitive direction/day dreamers..silly hearts..spill things constantly..loud..They make you wanna pull your hair out sometimes..Same with puppies or most things that are youthful..they eventually grow and mellow a bit..They have a diagnosis and a drug for everything mentally..

  14. Kayla Pearl CP Ninja says:

    I have ADHD, but playing with a fidget spinner actually helps me more than things like putty and even stress balls. There’s a whole variety of things that help people with ADHD with their fidgety habits, not one thing works for them that is the same, meaning no one has the same coping mechanism to handle being fidgety.

  15. Jenna Kaufman says:

    People make dangerous tricks from this too

  16. my littlepony says:

    ADHD is real I'm not harrasing anyone but I have ADHD and my school is banning fidget spinner and so I was wondering if anyone know how to tell your school that you need a fidget spinner because you need it for your adhd

  17. Herofreddy says:

    Are you stupid? The problem with ADHD is that we're already too calm. I NEED to be stressed out to function normally.

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