Does Weight Bearing Exercise Increase Bone Density
Does Weight Bearing Exercise Increase Bone Density

Hi. I’m Margaret at MelioGuide. And today, I am sharing with you a few older
studies looking at exercise and the effect on bone. And, these studies slipped right by me, but
I’m really excited to bring them back to share them with you because there aren’t many studies
on exercise that are done over such a long-term. And so, the second study I’ll talk about was
a continuation of the first one and went on for five years. So the very first study, they incorporated
exercises using the weighted vest. So, the exercises incorporated were squats,
forward lunges, lateral lunges, step ups, and modifications of the squat. Later through the study, they started incorporating
jumps, jumping on the spot, and then gradually jumping down from 4, 6, and 8-inch heights. In the preliminary study that lasted nine
months, there was not a lot of change shown in the bones of the women that were in the
exercise group versus the control group. Now, let me just put a little, you know, clearer
light on this in that because the woman that entered the study were deconditioned, these
researchers wisely, gradually brought the women’s conditioning up over the nine months. So the weighted vests that were used would’ve
started low as we know the progression of just you know, a pound, and two pounds, and
three pounds. The number of repetitions and the number of
sets was gradually increased over the nine months. As a clinician, knowing how bones respond
to exercise I wouldn’t expect a huge change to happen because there wasn’t a great enough
stimulus throughout the nine months. We know the bone turnover is really slow,
but what I was really excited to see is that the researchers then said, “Okay, now we have
a group of women that are in better condition. And now, they can actually work at a higher
load that we know is needed to stimulate bone.” So they asked the woman who had finished the
first study and said, “How many of you, or who amongst you would like to continue on
because we’re going to continue the study for the another four and a half years?”  So, there was nine of the exercise…so it
was from the first study that continued, the average age was 64 years old. And, the control group were matched in terms
of age, height, weight, years post menopause as well as, the bone mineral density entirely
at the hip in terms of total hip, femoral neck, and trochanteric. And so, the control group continued to be
active, and have a good life, the exercisers continued to meet three times a week. So when the first group they were meeting
three times a week, they continued to meet three times a week still doing all the weighted
vests exercises I’d mentioned. But, they started increasing the number of
jumps. Over time, they gradually built to doing 50
jumps per session. So that was spread out throughout the session,
and after the five-year time period, A, there was no injuries which was really great. B, they found that the women in the control
group had lost those who weren’t part of the study, but had just continued an active lifestyle
had lost an average 4% bone in the hip. The women in the exercise group had gained
almost 2%. So really, they gained 6% because they had
staved off the loss plus they added what they had gained in this significant time of life
when, you know, in your late 60s, you’re technically losing bone. So here is a great study that if you’re consistent,
and you are persistent, and you continue to increase and challenge yourself in regards
to your conditioning, that you can build bone. And just a last word is the average weight
that the weighted vest participants used was 11 pounds, so it wasn’t arduous. They built up to that, and I know that you
can too. I’m Margaret from MelioGuide.

3 thoughts on “Does Weight Bearing Exercise Increase Bone Density”

  1. Laurel McBrine Art says:

    How much did the participants wear the 11 pound vest? Was it just during the exercise session? Or was it more time than that?

  2. Paulette Barrentine says:

    Sorry,but I'm a little confused. Are you saying the weighted vest was an increse if bone density?I have Osteoporosis and in need of doing what really works! Thank you!

  3. anonymous says:

    Is there a link to the study that describes the exercises the women did? Thank you for your videos and information.

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