Doing This Will Destroy Your Car’s Wheel Bearings
Doing This Will Destroy Your Car’s Wheel Bearings

rev up your engines, mark Biltz says does
bad ground driving over potholes cause wheel bearing wear, it sure does,
you hit potholes and you hit bad ground all the time, the wheel bearings are
gonna get jolted and yeah they’re made out of solid tempered steel but still,
they’re gonna wear when I hit bumps and jumps, and then of course what happens is
if your front end alignment gets knocked off and it’s going to the side, then that
wears the tires and when they’re wearing at an edge then there’s more strain on
the bearings inside and they’re gonna wear out fast, so yes you want to stay
away from bad roads and potholes whenever possible, tech guy gaming says, I
have a 2000 Ford explorer with one hundred seventy eight thousand miles, when it’s
cold I hear a belt squeaking, when it’s warm I don’t hear anything any ideas,
when they get old they make noises, make sure that they’re tight enough, if they are
tight those serpentine belts wear and the grooves actually get deeper, which is a
bad thing, because they’re supposed to sit where the grooves are in the pullies
and they’re perfectly set, as the grooves get deeper, then they kind of bottom out
and they don’t grip right, just change it now if it still makes a noise after you
change the belt, then if you have automatic tensioners, it can be an
automatic tensioner, or it could be like the alternator pulley is making a noise
only when it’s cold and when it warms up and quiets down, but most of the time it
just means you need a new belt, start with that because that fixes it almost
all the time, works not for me asks Scotty what are your thoughts on a 2011
Chevrolet HHR, my opinion is stay away from one if you’re thinking about
buying a used one, that was one of the worst vehicles that Chevrolet ever made, I
don’t know what they were thinking when they made those things, I mean what is it
supposed to be, and the customers of mine that had them, they had head gasket
problems, they had electronic problems if they had automatic transmissions, a lot
of them had automatic transmission problems stay away from the Chevy HHR, I don’t
know I guess they were trying to compete with PT Cruiser type stuff I don’t know,
I don’t know what chevy was thinking with that vehicle but it was a
massive failure, junior Linares Scotty I got a 05 BMW 330xi, it just hit one
hundred and one thousand miles, is it safe to drain and fill the automatic
transmission fluid, I bought it with ninety eight thousand miles, you
do want to change the fluid because very high-tech transmissions the problem is,
you got to use the correct BMW fluid now do a little research on yours and
see what kind of fluid it has, some of those you got to go to the BMW dealer,
because you can’t buy the fluid, one BMW last year,a customer want me to change
the fluid, I saw well it’s got to have this special BMW fluid, so I go to the BMW
dealer and they said well sorry Scotty we can’t
sell you that fluid, I said what do you mean, they said we buy it in these like 50
gallon drums for thousands of dollars, we can’t sell it a quart at a time to you
because we’re not licensed to resell the stuff, you gotta use the right fluid and if
you can’t buy that fluid, you’re gonna have to pay a BMW dealer to do it cuz they
wouldn’t sell me the fluid they said you’d have to buy 50 gallon drums, so
find out which one you have to have, Josh you Navarro 84 says Scotty what are your
thoughts on a 2012 Maserati Quattroporte, thanks
their called quattro because they have four doors, and they’re the only
like exotic sports car that has four doors on it that’s Italian manufacturers
they’re Maseratis okay they’re fast cars there’s no arguing that, but they’re also
endless money pits, now if you don’t mind forking out one hundred and twenty seven
thousand dollars for a car that gets twelve miles a gallon, its value drops
faster than the water going over Niagara Falls, go ahead and get it, they go like
scalded apes, but they also fall apart like Rodney Dangerfield used to say, like
a Chinese motorcycle as they age so, it’s your money if you would have a
unique vehicle that no one else has, and you don’t mind throwing money away go ahead
and get one bluffington tiger
says what’s your opinions on a ten-speed automatic tranny designed by Ford and GM,
I have one of my 18 Ford f-150 platinum
I loved them, I thought they shifted fine, I’m not an automatic fan I
like standards myself, but I have to admit that it shifts better than any
human being can, I had one it was in a Ford Expedition, that thing got 25 miles
a gallon on the highway and that’s something for some big heavy giant thing
I’m impressed by them and my costumers that have them in their f150’s they all like
them the only problem that I saw
was, they had to reprogram the software on the early ones, and after they did
that I haven’t seen any real problems with them, I think it’s a very
interesting technology, like I say the ones that my customers have had haven’t
had any serious problems yet, you’re not gonna know until years go on in terms of
time and longevity of course, but they seemed pretty rugged from what I’ve seen,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell!

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  2. Vasiliy Nechepurenko says:

    a 2012 Maserati might actually be a good car. It lost most of its value already, so compared to competition they are cheap. in 2012 they had a usual ZF automatic transmission instead of a single clutch robot which is somewhat reliable. And since the market doesnt like newer maserati's older ones will probably keep their value well.

  3. Steven Camacho says:

    Hey Scotty! What are you thoughts on electric water pumps, for a daily driver as well as an off-road toy

  4. Matthew Cross says:

    🏆Fantastic Scotty! Haven’t enjoyed a program on cars this much since Car Talk—your enthusiasm is contagious, production fantastic & love your selection of pictures to illustrate your points‼️ Q: Your opinion on SAAB 900 series, last prod. yrs. 1990-94? Thanks a million + keep up your awesome work.

  5. Ben Greene says:

    Whenever I cold start my 2010 vw gti, my engine idles high(like 1100rpm) and uneven. While its doing this, I can hear my turbo spooling up and then releasing pressure. What's up with that?

  6. Sou Illuminat says:

    My car is extremely lazy when cold, it runs fine when it warms up. And also the RPM bounces on idle after I stay still for a minute or so. What could it be Scotty?

  7. The Brown RAT says:

    1. Driving

  8. The Brown RAT says:

    My abs light came on after a pothole, had to change a 150$ sensor

  9. Patrickvegas says:

    If you own a suspension/alignment shop in Wisconsin you make bank bro.

  10. Shawn Miller says:

    Here goes the long: The problem with serpentine belt systems (complete garbage all) is that the teeth in the middle (usually 5 or 6) eventually come up into the backbone of the belt repeatedly cutting said belt. This happens because over very high miles the belts rubber teeth wear the sides of the metal teeth on the sepentine pullies and therefore sharpen the teeth while increasing the depth in the pulley gullies. Solution: Dremel tool – carefully remove some material from each pulley belt tooth/rib while spinning the pulley. Make smooth and carefully polish the roughness away when finished. You don't want to remove much material, just a slight amount to stop the pulley from cutting. How do you know a pulley is cutting? They usually paint them and the paint on the tip of the tooth/rib will be gone or the tip will be polished by the belt or both. Now you see one of the reasons I'm stuck on my old '77 Ford. I will never have that problem. Lol

  11. Shawn Miller says:

    As far as wheel bearings – look out for the new ones with plastic outer rings they were trying to throw into market – weak crap.

  12. ristyvids says:

    Wat een gelul BULLSHIT

  13. Ye Pp says:

    The Chevy Ford BMW aren't Toyota Corolla; therefore unsuperior

  14. Erusean Lt. Colonel says:

    Michigan Roads>Baltimore Roads.

  15. ForeverStokes says:

    0:35 so… just move out of my city then??

  16. wickedeagans says:

    I liked the hhr. If u take care of it it’s a great small suv. It has the cobalt motor and drivetrain. Then it came in a very nice sexy burnt orange. Deff better looking than pt cruiser

  17. Michael Walters says:

    I had a Mercedes e320 that went up in a ball of fire a couple days ago. Any opinion on how or why? Started under the hood while warming the engine. Looking at a used 2015 Sorento now any advice?

  18. Doug Antelman says:

    Rev up your wheel bearings

  19. Doug Antelman says:

    Proof that Boston roads will destroy your car

  20. David Lawrence says:

    Scotty you’re right I had a friend who had an HHR and it was a total modern day pinto!!! Love your videos they are super informative and fun. Thanks for all that you do…

  21. Troy says:

    Great lesson

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    "ring that bell"! *Dinggggggg

  23. J Gillespie says:

    That's bullshit definitely Clueless

  24. Shawn says:

    Scotty, love your channel! I have a 1997 Toyota Tacoma DLX (V6). Roads in my area are bad. Wheel bearings went bad and had them replaced last last year along with ball joints. Considering the year of the truck (nearly 200k miles) do you think it is worth getting replacement shocks or anything else that can help?

    If so, what type do you suggest (money is tight)?

  25. Robert Davis says:

    Scotty ….You're ATE up. lol. Love your honesty. I think that is why I watch all of your video. Keep em' coming son.

  26. Quintin May says:

    hey scotty i am 6’4” and small coops just don’t do it for me anymore, i have a 1998 automatic bmw and a 1997 manual. both cars are the 528i model and i love them but it’s uncomfortable for me to go on long car rides even with the seats back and down. I want to upgrade to an suv but on the smaller size, (not looking for a huge tank) just something very sporty and slightly good on gas as well as reliable since i’m still in college. any ideas?

  27. andrija andrija says:

    managed to press K right after the word BELL

  28. Jeff Burton says:

    With the cheap steel used in foreign made parts, it doesn't take much to warp/bend/mar or scuff bearings and pretty soon they're grinding and wobbling.

  29. Lance Armor says:

    God bless scotty! Gaining face evry day⛪🗿💒🚐🚗🚘🚙🚚🚛🚃🚌🚍🚆🚍🐎🏁🏆

  30. Lee Churchill says:

    From the thumbnail I thought that keeping my hands at 11 and 2 would destroy my bearings .

  31. Fun With Guns says:

    If your belt is squeaking, check the pulleys for wobble and noise when the belt is off. Could have a bad pulley too.

  32. 1notgilty says:

    Scotty – You have over 1.8 MILLION subscribers! WOW – You go guy!

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    Scotty: A simple question. How long should NEW front wheel bearings last?? Let alone the OEM factory ones??? But newly replaced OEM ones SHOULD last how long in a small front wheel drive car, that is driven VERY little and cared for VERY well?

  35. Naxta Islam says:

    On my 2012 Camry 93k mile, then go to reverse after star it just bangs (make a loud noice or shake just one time). Car drives fine. Also when I am in high speed I here a smooth grinding noise(like a humm comes up and goes back all the time) not steady noise, it comes up and goes back for 2 sec and come back again when I am in 50 or 60. I changed my torq converter from Toyota due to and recall. Also, from 0 to 40 accelerating a bit off some time feels like the car doesn't want to go and rpm spick but sometimes it goes smooth and fast.

  36. shea lu says:

    Scott my c5 vette has a 130k on it and I'm always running her FAST FAST is it OK too hot rod fast cars?

  37. Beer400C says:

    BMW dealer won't change the fluid in my F23 2 Series. Had to go to an independant shop.

  38. Keith Bond says:

    I love the subtle little digs like the one at 4:35 🤣

  39. heavymechanic2 says:

    Stupid A$$ wheels at 0:41 on the Ford Explorer, the owner can waste money and not fix stuff that is important.

  40. zyskman78 says:

    Scotty’s always true! I Loved this episode.

  41. Oren Morton says:

    I got an hhr as a rental. I couldn't see out the top of the windshield. I only drove it 30 minutes before i took it back to Hertz.

  42. Chad Kirsch says:

    Scotty’s a ford guy. Seems like everything they make is great. That’s fine. I’ve owned all of the American manufactured brands. Had luck with them all. I noticed ford parts are more expensive. My old Buick lasabre was the best. Over 250,000 miles on that, when I sold it.

  43. Da C. says:

    Don't drive on Houston roads then.

  44. Jamie Eisenhower says:

    Hey Scotty I have a car it's a Chevy never had to replace anything on it except for tires and oil and gas with a hundred and some thousand miles

  45. JAC 073 says:

    I owned an HHR. The only good thing about it was the gas mileage. The suspension was crap, the frame was crap and after three or four years if it rained my speakers would go out for a day or two, was definitely having problems with the automatic transmission with a slow first shift every time you came from a stop. Best thing I ever did was let my horrible brother driver borrow and proceed to total it. Got way more money from insurance than I ever would've trying to sell or trade.

  46. Nicholas Smith says:

    Hey Scotty I just bought a used 2015 Nissan Altima with 46,000 miles on it. When get on the highway and speed up there's an odd sound until I get to my cruising speed. What could be the problem?

  47. michael york says:

    The worst mechanic task is using a hydraulic press to "Try" and remove bearings from wheel hubs, goodbye wheel hub.

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    I've gotta rewatch I got distracted by the cat in the background

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    Scotty what's your thoughts on a 1990 Honda Accord

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    Vega was the worst car chevy ever made!!!!!!!

  51. Kristy Moore says:

    Don't just say that the Chevy HHR had transmission issues. It's a common occurrence with Chevy's nowadays. I've got a 2014 Silverado LTZ w/ a 6.2l V8 & the transmission had to be rebuilt before 90,000 miles, plus dropped the same #4 valve on the engine twice. When it had the transmission rebuilt there were 6 other Chevy's & GMC's getting the transmission rebuilds at my dealership. Thank God we bought extended warranty bc if we hadn't purchased that then we'd been out over $10,000 in repairs I can't count how many times we've had it at the dealership for electrical work, heated seats going out & etc. Chevy ain't what it used to be for sure!! 2nd time the valve dropped after the 100,000 mile warranty went out so that's the only thing we've had to pay for out of pocket! I don't expect this thing to last without having to buy a new engine which we've already looked into & you know what the most messed up thing is is that if you want to keep the old engine Chevolet charges you a core charge of about $2000 or $2500… On an engine you've already paid for!!!! They want the engine back so they can fix it up & resell it & make more money off of you but doesn't want you doing the same thing bc they'll make their money if you keep it or if you let them have it!!! It's complete BS!!

  52. Ansar Ali says:

    Hi scotty…my question is..It’s normal to hear water sound from Bonnet when I cold start the engine if not then what is the problem no how to fix it..Thanks

  53. Brian Legore says:

    I try to stay away but I deliver news papers… goin on 3 years i think either the sway bar or arm bars are goin. Shakes when I turn and I can feel the road more. Also sometimes turning is tight while others lose. I drive an 07 Prius. Goin strong 2 years daily, 4 hours driving each day 400 papers

  54. Muh Shekels says:

    3:48 Scotty doesn't like Lambos

  55. IG_Bugz says:

    Nice 40 second video 👍

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    Where can I live free? I make money I'm taxed. I spend money I'm taxed. I inherit money I'm taxed. I make 1/1000th of my boss yet am more qualified than him. I guess I die.

  57. Paul Hetherton says:

    Scotty a few years back I had a 1967 VW Split Screen camper, one day I was driving and all of a sudden had a loss of power on 1 of the cylinders so I stopped and had a look, one of the spark plugs came out it was a 1500cc aircooled single port. I was told that was a problem due to a mechanic not screwing the spark plug back into the threading correctly when refitting or replacing them?

    P.S it had an aftermarket altenator from China instead of the genuine Bosch from Germany which was going bad for a long time and burned up some electrics including battery due to over charging.

  58. Coiled Steel says:

    Trucks, even my 2002 Mazda B3000 Dual Sport, with heavy duty components, is better able to handle potholes, rough roads, and obstacles in the road you can't avoid hitting, than a small car.
    Here in Central California, south of Salinas, 101, and other roads have been crappy for 22 years – my 17 yr old truck HIT many potholes and obstacles that may have destroyed lesser cars, front end components.

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    What do you think about the 2016 Ford Focus hatchback Titanium?

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    Mr Kilmer, I know youre a mechanic and not a car detailer, but do you know if using products like Armour All cause damage to tires and plastic parts? I heard once that Armour All is the worst thing you can put on tires.

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    You want a Chevy HHR? Whaaa?!

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    I could not bear the smell of a pot.

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    Right on Scotty,most people either drive too fast over/through bumps for one thing and how many drivers slam on brakes just in time to stop wheel from ROLLING through obstruction for another thing?As you say"you can't fix stupid"Whatcha think?

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  77. Rick H says:

    Scotty, what cars/trucks/SUVs are good or bad for potholes. I assume that SUVs and trucks are better. I have a Prius and the alignment is always getting off. I’m tired of paying $100 every time for alignments. Thanks

  78. AR76 says:

    I was drifting my 2003 Nissan Murano AWD on ICE. It kept drifting fine until I lost a bit of control and I was near the sidewalk. The front right tire hit the side walk and that is how I messed up my wheel bearing 🙂

  79. Ko-wing wong says:

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    We have an hhr for a work vehicle and its been beaten to hell and still all factory

  81. Matt says:

    Wait.. I thought the Maserati got its name from having 4 valve per cylinder.. huh

  82. Eric Scaillet says:

    So are dirt road negative for wheel bearings?

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    Tony The Tiger says "Save the planet: Eat yourself for breakfast". That has some snap, crackle, and pop to it.

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    By the thumbnail, it looked like holding the wheel at 10 and 2 would destroy your wheel bearings.

  86. Burkinater 48 says:

    Had to change my wheel bearing on my Honda accord, other than that and a tensioner pulley less than $1k in things that broke for 80k miles, pretty good 👍

  87. Robert Spencer says:

    Stay away from Chevy, period.

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    What does Scotty think of 98 jeep grand Cherokees? Worth putting money into when its only got 81000 miles?

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    Love my old HHR. Very reliable and great gas mileage. Repairs are super cheap. So far rolling at 240k miles!

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    Had same bad "Squeak" on my 2005 Ford Explorer . Thought it was serpentine belt. Wasn't belt. Was Harmonic Balancer Unit. Changed it and belt also. Runs great now.

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    I used to love the HHR….but seeing the endless reports of unreliability, I switched focus to the earlier Lexus RX….also, I think I read about the designer from Chrysler going to GM and therefore designed both the PT Cruiser and the HHR… me, the HHR is definitely more stylish

  98. Harry. B. Renner. jr. says:


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