Doing This Will Make Your Wheel Bearings Last Forever
Doing This Will Make Your Wheel Bearings Last Forever

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna show
you how to make your wheel bearings last twice as long, now in the olden days and
I was a young mechanic, wheel bearings were part of maintenance, you would take
the cover off, you would take the wheel bearings out, you would regrease them with
wheel bearing grease, then put them all back together again, now I was going to
show you some wheel bearing grease that we used to use, but it’s been so long
since I had to do one, I couldn’t find any in my garage, I know there’s some
back there somewhere, but it’s so old and dried out it’s probably not even good
anymore, and if somebody brought me a really old car, I’d have to go buy a new can of
the stuff, because modern-day wheel bearings most of them are like this hub
assembly, the wheel bearing is built inside, you can’t take it apart, you have
to replace the whole unit, and it’s sealed unit with seals on both sides to
keep dirt out, now in the old days when we had to repack them if you were bad
and you didn’t and they wore out, you could get a set of front wheel bearings
for like twelve dollars they didn’t cost much, well with these
modern systems, something like the front bearings on this Celica which isn’t that
modern it’s 94, there pressed on you can’t lubricate them, but you need a
machine press to take it apart and put it back together again it’s a real
expensive job, the newer ones they’re a whole assembly and some of these
assemblies not only do they cost a small fortune, but on kind of oddball cars like
European ones, just replacing them can cost thousands of dollars, so of course
you want to make it last as long as they possibly can, and here’s tips on how to
do that, now since they’re all sealed units there’s no greasing for you to do,
but seals what I do, they break down over time, my advice is you want to stay away
from both deep water and especially from saltwater in the ocean, driving on the
beach by the ocean may seem cool, but you get that sea mist water and it gets
inside there, it’ll start eating up your bearings, and the next one as nutty as it
sounds is, take care your tires, if you have the wrong air pressure, don’t have
enough air, they ride more squashed that strains the bearings more, the
more you strain the bearings, the faster they’re gonna wear out, even worn out
struts or shocks, making it bounce a lot more, there will be more damage done from
the friction and bumping, and it can wear them out faster, and of course be careful
where you’re driving, say you hit curbs maybe your wife hits curbs all the time, that
little bump might not seem like much but if it knocks the alignment off or
slightly bend something, then it’s not on the wheel bearings sitting right it’s
got more pressure on one side or the other, and over time it’ll wear out, over
the years I seen this literally hundreds of times,
a customer will come in, I can hear the wheel bearing roaring away, I’ll say well your
wheel bearing is bad just on the one side I’ll say, now has this car ever been
wrecked, and they’ll say yeah last year it got wrecked on that side, the car got
wrecked on that side obviously a little bit damage was done to the suspension, it
can take thousands and thousands of thousands of miles to wear out these
wheel bearings, because their steel ball bearings and some of the older ones
were roller bearings, but if they’re off a little bit you think how many millions
of times that thing is spinning while you’re driving down the road, eventually
that little bit off is gonna wear the metal and then the wheel bearings will
start making noises, so you if you see any of those
big potholes coming up, hey slow down or try to go around them or over them if
your cars wider than the pothole, because every time you hit those potholes that’s
damaging the suspension, and the wheel bearings can wear out, and conversely
even if you haven’t hit anything, if you’re going down the highway and your car
is starting to get the shakes and your
alignment is off, something’s going on with anything in suspension, you want to
get that fixed cuz over time all that shaking is eventually gonna make the
wheel bearings wear out faster, now if your wheel bearings do wear out, here is
a tip if you want the new ones to last as long as possible, get OEM wheel
bearings, do not buy the cheapest ones you can find that are made in China, over
the years I even tried a long time ago with my
customers cars to save money that way and always bit me in the rear end, and I
see more guys they’ll buy the cheap Chinese wheel bearings and then a year
year and a half later, guess what they start roaring again and they’re worn out,
and since a lot of modern cars now have ABS sensors built into the hub assembly
with the wheel bearing inside, I’ve seen guys buy the Chinese once and they either
don’t have the right sensor or they don’t have any sensor at all, and as soon
as they bolt it up and start driving along, their abs light starts flashing at
them, and that’s because that cheap wheel bearing isn’t made right to fit the
computer software of your car and it doesn’t read the speed right, so the
computer thinks there’s something wrong with the ABS system and it turns the
light on, if you’re going through all the trouble taking all the suspension apart
to get that hub off, use a quality OEM wheel bearing assembly, don’t go cheap on
that, now realize most manufacturers don’t even make their own wheel bearings,
they buy them from all their companies like to Europeans often use these F a g
wheel bearings, wheel bearings are kind of interesting because wheel bearings
are universal size, there’s not English there’s not metric, so I’ve had in the
past where somebody brought me an expensive BMW that when a wheel bearing
went out on it, I actually bought a Ford oem wheel bearing because it was the same
exact size, it costs a tons less than what they want at the BMW dealer of
course, and it worked perfectly fine but that was in the older days when we would
take them apart and put new ones in today they’re all hub assemblies and the
Ford hub assembly isn’t gonna fit on a BMW assembly even if the wheel bearings
inside are the same size, the hub will be different, now another tip to make your
wheel bearings last a long time is, if you are changing them, when you finally
put that nut back on that holds a drive shaft to it, make sure you use a torque
wrench, because when you’re tightening this nut when you’re putting it in, you
have to have the perfect amount of torque so the wheel bearing isn’t either
too loose or too tight I see more guys put on wheel bearings,
and then a few months later the new ones start making noise because they’re
wearing out, because they didn’t torque it right, torque wrenches are easy to use, in
this case the numbers are here and you just turn the handle until you’re at the
right reading 50 foot-pounds, you go to 50 foot-pounds and stop,
they have the little part here that when it does get to the right torque, it makes
a loud click, then you know it’s at the right setting of foot pounds, so it’s
torqued down just right, and there’s a zillion sources of information for the
right torque for the right parts, you can use alldata .com you can get a book, you
can go lots of ways, but you want to make sure it’s right because, if it’s torqued too
tight it’ll overstress the bearing, the bearings squeezed in and guess what, it’s
gonna wear out faster, and conversely if it’s too loose, that’s actually even
worse, because it’s too loose then the stupid thing is bouncing all over the
place, and it’s gonna wear out even faster when it’s loose, cuz there’s a lot
more friction, anything that’s bouncing around and moving it’s going to create
heat and friction and that’ll where the bearings out faster, plus it’ll make an
awful lot of noise and drive you crazy now I’ll tell you one thing not to do if
you want them to last longer, I’ve seen guys where they can hear noise in the
wheel bearings, and even though they’re sealed, they’ll get a little hypodermic
syringe and hook it up to a grease gun and they’ll pump grease back in, well
that’s not really a good thing to do and that’s for two reasons, first if the
seals gone dirt got in there, the dirt is still gonna stay in there and it’s gonna
still be friction, it’s still gonna wear the bearings out, and if they’re making
noises they’re worn already anyway and two, wheel bearing grease is a very
specialized grease, each manufacturer often uses a different type of grease
than the other manufacturers, and even the same manufacturer over years changes
the type of grease they put in a wheel bearing, and if you mix two different
kinds of wheel bearing grease, I’ve seen that wear them out even faster, because
they’re not compatible, you got to have the correct grease and only that type
inside a clean environment, so don’t try to just pump some in after the grease
seal, not a smart idea, because on the modern cars, when they’re worn out if
you’re getting a hub assembly that has new seals, all the parts are new they’re
pre-greased, the grease is all inside and done correctly, and all you gotta do is
bolt the old one off and bolt the new one on
and do it with the right torque settings, so now you know all about wheel bearing
hey your entire car is spinning around on these things one on each wheel and
even though they have no actual maintenance in modern cars, now you know
how to make them last as long as possible, and since this is mechanic
Monday I’m give it away a nice torque wrench, to have a chance to win this
torque wrench so your wheel bearings will be tightened up correctly, just
place a clean non-offensive comment on youtube comments below, and a winner will
be chosen randomly by computer to get a nice torque wrench
so they put things together the right way, so if you never want to miss another
one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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